ARK: Survival Evolved TEK Tier, Dinosaurs and Lasers

Nowadays Studio Wildcard just seem to make a habit of releasing new patches with heaps of awesome content as fast as they possibly can, and this looks like the coolest update yet. Players will soon be able to make use of the new TEK tier of armour and equipment, which will have you doing everything from shooting lasers to flying around the map.  Cool photo of the new mech suits follows:


ARK: Survival Evolved TEK Tier coming soon.

All jokes aside, this looks like a very substantial update for the game, with the addition of underwater bases sometime early 2017. This is something that players have wanted for quite some time, but it looks like this will also be part of the TEK Tier. Now as well as looking cool, TEK tier armour and equipment will come with some awesome abilities such as flying and super strength. However, players will need to gather a material known as Element, which can only be gathered through endgame challenges. The official post for this one can actually be found on the PC Gamer website here. It will also be featured in the latest issue of the magazine. I’ll finish this post off with the official trailer for TEK tier, i’m sure you’ll love it, the first 5 seconds with the visor sold it for me:

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