Star Citizen Internal Schedule Goes Public

For the first time ever, the internal development schedule at Cloud Imperium Games is going public. Fans of Star Citizen and its ongoing development will finally be fully in the loop and able to see the exact roadmap for the game. There were also several other announcements made by the developers at the Star Citizen 4th Anniversary live stream, which you can see below:

It is something that Chris Roberts himself has been again doing for some time, as internal schedule dates are often not set in stone and therefore can change at a moments notice. However, it seems like fans would prefer to see this schedule, as they are already invested into the game and would like to follow along closely to progress. According to Chris Roberts, “What if we didn’t give you just an estimated date, but instead shared our internal schedule? No filter, no hedging. You see what we see.” Even though they see it as a risk, it is a risk that Chris and the rest of Cloud Imperium Games think is worth taking. The worry is just how some of the more casual gamers will react, as they may not be fully informed as to the inner schedule at RSI. Regardless, Roberts writes “If this initiative is well received, then we will continue this process as we move onto the next milestone,”.

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– Sibby