Introducing The New GTX Loyalty Program.

Here at GTXGaming, we appreciate everything that our customers do for us, and without you guys, there would be no GTX! So as a thank you, we have introduced a loyalty program that rewards our longstanding loyal customers. You can now earn points through a number of different methods such as paying invoices on time or ordering new services. These points can be exchanged for credit towards services, or even Steam games!


Once you get to 500 points you can convert them into credit on your account. Each point is worth 1 pence, so no fiddling around with calculators to find out how much you have unlike most other loyalty schemes. Remember that this is a beta service so is subject to change and modification at any time, in order to create a fair balance for our customers. You can check out the full page here. We’re sure you guys will love this system, tell us what you think by commenting below or on our Twitter!

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– Sibby