Crazy brit climbs Eiffel tower takes amazing selfie

Climber James Kingston, 26, from Southampton, scaled the iconic Paris landmark with a friend in 2014. 

He managed to hide from CCTV cameras in the dark of night before climbing down the next morning

James said reaching top of the tower ‘felt like pure freedom’ and was stuff of ‘pure dreams’ for a climber

Videos of his climbs up cranes, bridges and buildings have attracted more than 11 million views on YouTube

When you get your highs from scaling tall structures, the Eiffel Tower is hard to top.
Just ask James Kingston, seen here enjoying the spectacular view – and somehow ignoring the terrifying drop below him – in a breath-taking photograph he took of himself as he balanced on part of its iron lattice work above Paris.
The British daredevil could not resist trying to climb the 984 feet tall (1,063 feet if you include the broadcast antennas at the top) tower during a trip to the French capital – even though he was all too aware he’d end up in trouble with the police if he was caught.