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Procedural Generator + All Maps
Procedural Generator Fully Supported
Cross Travel Supported
Cross Travel Fully Supported
All Steam Workshop Mods
All Mods Fully Supported

Our ARK Survival Evolved server hosting is the most feature rich hosting you can get online, with every single feature integrated into our hosting control panel so you can easily change settings with drop down menus and click to enable radio buttons. You will not find a more easy to use control panel. Check out the video at the top of the page to get a showcase of what is available. With instant support and brand new Dell machines replaced every 2 years we will always be at the cutting edge of the hosting industry. We do not scrimp on server specs, so we can give our ARK game servers unlimited memory, and dedicated cores so your server uses whatever it needs, even if that runs up to 15GB of memory usage. We deliver on our promises year after year since 2007 when GTXGaming was formed. We are consistently and regularly updating the our ARK configuration templates, adding new functionality requested by our users and keeping up with all the new features the amazing developers at PlayArk release. We keep you fully up to date via our blog and Official Facebook page with any changes and new features we add to our control panel and ARK server hosting.

ARK Survival Evolved was released on August 1st 2015 and has been extremely popular. As a game server host we were shocked at the amount of orders we were getting and put 100% effort to make sure our hosting was the best out there. We have easy to use configuration editors. Just see our control panel video at the top of the page. If you ever have any suggestions for us or ammendments you think will make our hosting even better then please tell us via the contact us form. If you are thinking about installing a mod on your ARK server there is a good article here in PCGamer Magazine about the best mods for ark.

Game Sypnopsis. Ark Survival Evolved is part of the new generation of survival games. As a man or woman you are dropped butt naked onto a tropical island struggling to survive against the elements and the prehistoric creatures that enhabit it. The aim of the game is to craft weapons, Build bases, and tame dinosaurs to call your own. Most importantly of all, survive!

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Offsite Backup Manager

2 Months of Backups Archived Offsite For Maximum Redundency.

Cross Travel Cluster Supported

You can add cross travel and link two or more servers together.

ARK Mod Updater

Auto update all of your active server mods in just a few clicks.

Send Automatic Server Messages

You can configure automatic messages that send to the players on your server. The only hosting company with this.

All Steam Workshop Mods

Easily download and update all steam workshop mods.

Procedural Generator Built In

Exclusive to GTX you can easily generate a map with our procedural options built into our control panel.

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