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Don’t whinge – there’s lots to be grateful for

The moaning and hand-wringing has reached deafening levels. The internet memes are out of control. If you spend more than 10 minutes on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll be overwhelmed with the sense that 2016 was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. According to received wisdom, 2017 will be even worse. Well, there’s a few problems…

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The Future of VR and Games (Steamworks Development)

Leading-edge directions in VR including digital humans, social interaction, user-created content, photorealistic graphics, and breaking down the barriers between genres – and how these trends are contributing towards a new medium resembling the Metaverse from science fiction.

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Crazy brit climbs Eiffel tower takes amazing selfie

Climber James Kingston, 26, from Southampton, scaled the iconic Paris landmark with a friend in 2014.  He managed to hide from CCTV cameras in the dark of night before climbing down the next morning James said reaching top of the tower ‘felt like pure freedom’ and was stuff of ‘pure dreams’ for a climber Videos…

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