Dayz Server Hosting

Our Dayz all in one package is a highly polished product with all mods catered for. Our customers are able to switch to any mod they want in one click. Our support is fast, reliable and effective and always available. We pride ourselves on delivering the best Dayz service available worldwide. We have all the locations covered. We continue to innovate on a daily basis and release new and exciting tools.

Check out this screenshot showing all of the mod and map combos available in the mod manager.

With our 24 hour money back guarantee you can always test our services. Buy a server now for instant setup. Mods supported are. Dayz Epoch All maps. Dayz Epoch Origins all maps. Dayz Overpoch all maps, Dayz Overpoch Origins all maps.

    Dayz Hosting Features

    Daily Offsite Backups

    2 months of Backups Archived Offsite For Maximum Redundency, files and database.

    All Mods Supported

    Check out this screenshot showing all of the mods we offer in the mod manager

    24 Hour Support

    We are always here if you need any assistance at all.

    SSD Hosted

    All servers are hosted on SSD hard drives and mostly in Raid-0 for faster loading times.

    Full FTP Access

    With us you get full ftp so you can download/upload

    infistar installation service.

    We can install infistar for you if you dont have the advanced skills needed.

    Our Hosting

    Our servers are hosted on 1GB ports in a 10GB fibre network. DDOS protection in all locations. Those locations are London UK, New York USA, Dallas Texas, Paris France, Los Angeles California, Stockholm Sweden, Montreal Canada, Sydney Australia.
    Simply click control panel in the menu and login as demo/demo to test our control panel.
    We have two 10GB fibres in different locations. Giving us unparalleled redundancy.
    Redundant power, in-case of power outage, advanced generators which switch on as soon as they detect a power outage. But with a direct connection to the electrical grid, power cuts are almost impossible.

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