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Are you looking for a machine with great performance at a reasonable price and no extra hidden charges for Windows Server 2008 R2?
GTXGaming have designed a range of dedicated servers perfect for Small Clans and Large Communities who need power and adaptability. Choose between CentOS or Windows, Raid 0 or Raid 1 options.

Get a bespoke machine that's adapted to your needs and enables you to propel your project. The reliability of GTXGaming Servers is a decisive asset for your clan / business. 100% uptime.

New! TCAdmin Now With GTXGaming Game Templates

Now for £20 per month you can have TCAdmin installed on your dedicated server machine with all of the GTXGaming control panel configs, including our world renowned ARK Survival Evolved G2 template as well as Conan Exiles and all of the Arma mods (check list of available games on our game server hosting reseller page). Anything GTXGaming host you will be able to create a server with our configs and our scripts, so you know your game servers will be of the highest quality. This service does come with no RDP access but a full tcadmin control panel, theme-able so its unique to your company or community. If you have any questions please use the contact us page. You can choose it as an addon while purchasing a dedicated server.

2016 Paris Dedicated Servers

(BRAND NEW * 2017 *) United States and Australia Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Information

Accessibility, price, and familiarity of employees often determine the operating systems that are provided on dedicated servers. Variations of open source operating systems (Linux and Unix) are usually included at no cost to the clients. The commercial operating systems include Microsoft Windows Server which is provided via a unique program called Microsoft SPLA and the Red Hat Enterprise (a commercial version of Linux) which is offered to host providers on a monthly payment basis. The monthly fee structure provides OS updates through the Red Hat Network with the help of an application referred to as Yum. Other operating systems are also available from the open source community at no cost. These include Fedora Core, CentOS, Debian, and several other Linux distributions or BSD systems like NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

The support system for any of these operating systems depends on the level of management provided with a particular server plan that's dedicated to it. The operating system support may include the core system's updates as a means of acquiring patches, the latest security fixes, and system-wide resolutions for vulnerability. The core operating systems' updates include service packs, kernel upgrades, security patches and application updates that keep server safe and secure. Operating system support and updates help to relieve the burden of server management from the committed server owner.

Dedicated hosting services differ from managed hosting services in that the latter usually provides more support and other services. As such, it is targeted towards customers with little technical know-how, whereas the dedicated hosting services (unmanaged hosting services) are appropriate for web development and system administrator experts. To date, no industry standards have been set to define the management role of dedicated server providers clearly. This implies that each provider will make use of the industry standard terms, but will identify them separately. For some dedicated server vendors, fully managed hosting is described as having a web based control panel while other vendors regard it as having dedicated system engineers that are always available to attend to all server and network related issues of the dedicated server provider.

Server management can include some or all of the following:

The dedicated hosting server vendors define their management level based on their provision of services they provide. Similarly, a fully managed hosting could equal self-managed from vendor to vendor. The operating system's administrative maintenance usually includes security patches, upgrades and sometimes daemon updates could be incorporated. Different management levels may include adding users, unique domains, custom programming or even daemon configuration.

Dedicated server hosting vendors could provide the following types of server-managed support:

  • Fully managed support – Encompasses monitoring, reboots, software updates, security patches, and operating system upgrades and security patches. Clients are completely hands-off.

  • Managed support – Entails an average management level, updates, monitoring, and limited support. Customers can carry out specific tasks.

  • Self-managed support – Involves a regular monitoring and some level of maintenance. Customers provide most operations and functions on dedicated server.

  • Unmanaged support – There's little or no involvement from the service provider. The clients provide all maintenance, patches, upgrades, and security.