Empyrion: Galactic Survival Server Hosting

Our Empyrion Server Hosting makes it as easy as possible to host your own server. We have easy to use configuration editors and 24 hour support incase that you do get stuck. Check out the video at the top of this page to get an example of what to expect from your Empyrion control panel. We always deliver on our promises.

Welcome to the 3D world of a space survival adventure. The Empyrion video game features the exploration of space and the planet, mining and resource gathering, building and construction, crafting, survival, as well as land and space combats. Empyrion uses the Unity 3D engine, to uniquely combine elements from building games, space simulations, ego-shooters and survival games. The game is presently under development by Eleon Studios.

Empyrion is all about building and surviving in a hostile environment. You can construct everything from blocks and make parts just as seen in Minecraft: small spaceships, large starships, planetary and space stations, as well as infrastructures such as solar panels and mining robots.