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GTA V - FiveM Product Changelog

This announcement is no longer active

Rui Pedro

We just pushed a new update on our GTA V - FiveM update!

  • [NEW] Added vRP Dunko Edition to Mod Manager 1 click install
  • [NEW] Added Live Map to Mod Manager 1 click install
  • Re-organized Mod Manager categories to a more friendly view
  • All vRP versions now work after 1 click install not requiring any extra coding
  • Web Console now supports FiveM console commands
  • Updated server.cfg to included new playernames resource
  • Background fix's to attempt fixed phpmyadmin broken link in certain cases

- Each vRP version now generates it's own server.cfg inside Configuration Files, use the server.cfg inside the vRP section and not the normal one.
- FiveM added a new resource (playernames), just stop your server, edit server.cfg with EASY EDITOR and save it to update the new resource list (don't forget to update FiveM first).
- In some random cases, phpmyadmin link it's broken, we applied a possible fix, if you still have a broken link, just open a support ticket.

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