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  3. Larkins

    question about workshop mods

    Thanks very much. I was on my phone and couldn't find the info. Once I got home I was able to get the right pages with info to load.
  4. Eddie

    question about workshop mods

    yes its just a matter of removing the mod id number from the server ini file should try to make this a little more clear, its very easy to add any mods, its simply a case of starting the steam worshop mod icon adding the mod id which you can get from the mod discription from steam workshop, when the mod installs on the server its just a matter of adding the id to the ini file and the server will load the mod on startup,
  5. Are the steam workshop mods easy to add/remove from a game server?
  6. CSwords

    NVMe over SSD performance.

    This question is mainly for server owners. I have a Rust server on the go that is being hosted with the standard SSD option. There is an option for me to upgrade this to a NVMe SSD, but I'm curious. Will there be any performance increase for players in-game. I have asked this question via a ticket and got the response I thought I would, that there would be an improvement to loading times. With this though, does that mean I could run more plugins if the server was on a NVMe or is that all down to the CPU? That would then lead to a separate question of would I see any improvement in server performance if I was to buy more slots or would that make no difference. Basically I'm looking for a lag free experience for my server and want to know what I can upgrade to get this. Thanks in advance for your help on this one.
  7. Patrickpawn

    [Guide] Exile Server Setup/Management

    I looked through your guide and I still can't figure out why my server doesn't show up on the a3 launcher. Is there any way to figure this out?
  8. James Knott

    Help me set up my server I'm so lost will pay you

    Check your servers RPT log for any errors and if everything looks ok and you are able to join it with no issues, submit your server here, https://a3.launcher.eu/check
  9. Patrickpawn

    Help me set up my server I'm so lost will pay you

    Defused, can you help me set up my arma 3 server? I've tried everything but it doesn't show up on the a3 launcher
  10. Rui Pedro

    Product Changelog

    Hi everyone! We just pushed a new update on our Unturned product, check below what we added! Changelog (v2) Added our brand new dynamic 7 days automatic cloning system Will do a clone of your server files every day, and save the last 7 days, now with our new dynamic 64 bits system Added dynamic backup server feature You can create dynamic backups of your server (3 backups max) by pressing the backup server button Added selective restore server feature Select what you want to restore from a dynamic backup, full, world, tribes, players, settings, you choose Added selective wipe server feature Select what you want to wipe on your server, full, world, tribes, players, settings, you choose Added server details button Have access to all your server details easily in just one button Added schedule restart messages Create schedule restart messages to warn your users a few minutes before restart Added schedule rcon commands Run any custom rcon command on the predefined time you want Added schedule dynamic wipe server Create a schedule to wipe your server at a determined hour, full, world, tribes, players, settings, you choose Added schedule rocket mod update Create a schedule to update rocket mod any time of the day Added schedule rocket plugins update Create a scheduled task to update rocket plugins at any time of the day Added schedule backup server Set a task to backup your server automatically at any time of the day Added schedule selective wipe server Set a task to wipe your server selectively automatically any time of the day Built-in XML Validator Validate your xml files easily with a few clicks with our integrated xml validator Built-in RCon / Web Console Manage your server rcon and use admin commands directly from our control panel Built-in Rocket Plugins Manager Install, delete and update rocket plugins with a few clicks on our new plugin manager system Online Backup Manager Delete, download and manage your server backups from our online Added steam update warnings If server files update on steam, you will see a badge on top of your steam update button warning about it Added all latest settings on our easy configurator Setup your server settings easily without messing with any code with our easy configurators Added new workshop mods system Just list your mods and maps on the workshop, start your server and they will be downloaded/updated automatically Added new links We added all important links directly to your control for easy access to predefined features Tons of background improvements We basically redid everything on background, updates, backups, mods, everything its faster, better and more stable than ever All new servers from 29 AUG 2018 will have this features included and enabled by default, servers before 29 AUG 2018 can request an update with the following restrictions: Since this is a brand new control panel product, most of the features, config files, file paths are different, you can submit a ticket to be migrated over to this new control panel, but be aware that you will have to backup your server, restore it back on the new control panel and reconfigure the settings back and some settings could not be compatible and you will have to start fresh, only request migration if you don't have world to save, or you aware of the risks. If you have any questions related to this new update or anything else feel free to leave a comment or open a support ticket with us.
  11. Welcome to the HappyNnaked Gaming community thread. We currently run 2 Rust servers Server 1 [HNn]HappyNnaked:2xC+G+S:REMOVE:NODECAY:BETTERVANILLA Simple and clean Rust with a sprig of Mint and a slice of lemon, No plugins that effect game-play too much, other than 2Xcraft gather and smelt, remove tool and no decay. So no day vote/Tp's/kits/auto doors etc Server 2 [HNn]HAPPYNNAKED|23/08|3X|NODECAY|LOOT+|TOWN Key features and plugins are:- *3X gather and double rates on a friday *3X smelt and quick craft *No decay *Kits - stater and daily *Player challenges - lumberjack/public enemy#1 and many more *Friendly ACTIVE admins. 100% abuse free. *Teleportation - Home/TPR. 7 of each per day. *Remover tool *large but reasonable size stacks *Stores/Town *Friends You can follow us on our website or social media Facebook/Twitter and our YouTube for playthroughs, reviews and general gaming laughs from retro to the latest titles. Fancy a chat about gaming? Our discord here and our teampseak - eurots1.gameservers.com:9194 A little about HappyNnaked *HNn started in 2013 playing Battlefield and Rust legacy. After dealing with abusive, absent admins or just badly maintained server's we decided to buy our own server, and HappyNnaked was born. *HappyNnaked gaming community is for all gamers to come together to share their love of gaming and gaming hardware and have fun while doing it.. *HappyNnaked is about having fun with no cares and a little distraction from the real world when you need it, its about friends and gamers alike playing games together! *Why are we called happy and naked? We think that's just how we feel about games and playing with friends, happy and carefree, no drama, no stress! ITS A GAME AFTER-ALL!! Lets have FUN!!! So all grab your HNn box, dance and come be Happy 'N' naked!
  12. [HNn]VikingVirus

    My name is Steve and I'm a Rustaholic

    I also am addicted, 5k+ hours and counting. 2 servers currently. Damn i love grinding too.(in rust obviously ;)
  13. AKEjosh74

    No dammage and cant open boxes.

    Ok so both me and my friend are admins on my server and both of us cannot open boxes unless we are extremely close to them and it takes several clicks and movements to open them. I also cannot do any damage to any other player or npc with either guns or melee weapons. the server is often not showing up in the server listings . does anyone have any idea how I can fix this or if I have maybe clicked something by accident. I don't really want to open a support ticket as I already have 3 times In the past month and feel like I'm doing the technicians heads in. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Are looking for players for your GTX server? We've created great ARK game server list where players can find servers according to: - platform (PC servers, Xbox one ARK servers or PS4 ARK servers); - server location; - ARK map; and others. We constantly monitor the number of players on each server, its state (offline/online) and uptime. You can find this ARK servers list here: https://ark.goodgameservers.com/en/gameservers/all To add your ARK server there, just fill out several fields, it's free. You can make a great description of your server, add title, a colorful banner, and so on. All these things will let you attract more new players. We'll keep on improving our service and planning to add more new features.
  15. defused

    Need Help Installing FiveM to my VPS

    Just install this on your VPS: https://forum.fivem.net/t/aio-fxserver-aio-ez-installer/79693 Soon you install, select option 1 (automatic) and boom, you have a fivem server with 1 click.
  16. js25gaming

    Need Help Installing FiveM to my VPS

    I have made several attempts at trying to install FiveM but I have been very unsuccessful, is there anyone willing to install it for me because maybe I am doing something wrong!!!!
  17. Trippie

    Plugin Download Failed/Error

    That Would be because UEssentials is no longer on Rocket Mod Alternatively you can download it from https://github.com/uEssentials/uEssentials -Trippie
  18. Trippie

    Plugin Download Failed/Error

    That Would be because UEssentials is no longer on Rocket Mod Alternatively you can download it from https://github.com/uEssentials/uEssentials -Trippie
  19. Ted The Sharpie

    Plugin Download Failed/Error

    Everytime i am downloading a plugin i am getting a error When i am intalling the plugin: ::: Starting Plugins Downloader ::: 12% - Checking files ::: 32% - Querying Rocket Repository ERROR: C:\TCAFiles\Users\TheodorL\numberssencored\Downloads\uEssentials.zip Can not open the file as archive ::: 98% - Cleaning up temporary files ::: Plugin successfully downloaded. I have rocket downloaded but there is always that problem. I don't get the commands with the plugin and I can't even see the plugin. When my server loads.
  20. tklurker

    [GUIDE] How to install zombies on your Exile server

    Hey guys, I need some help. I am pretty sure I did everything you said, and my server crashes when I try to connect to it. If I read the console, it gets to 'reading mission file' as I am joining and then all of the sudden the console crashes and the connection times out. Am I missing something? Have I done something wrong? Please HELP!
  21. defused

    plugin help

    Click here: https://forum.rising-world.net/thread/5363-how-to-install-run-a-plugin/
  22. You can upload files using FTP, click on the HELP GUIDES button on your control panel and search for the "How to connect to your FTP" Guide, once you connect to your server FTP, search for the scenarios folder on your server, and drag the scenario from your computer to your server, then you just need to load the scenario name on the dedicated.yaml file.
  23. defused

    What is going on?!

    Hi! You probably using the wrong email to login or mistyping it, i can find your account and your server under the email you use here.
  24. corrosionhour

    10 Quick RUST Raiding Tips

    Our partner Malonik's back at it with 10 quick RUST raiding tips. Short and sweet, learn about some useful and important techniques when it comes to RUST raiding. Be sure to watch out for his special announcement, we'll also be giving away something ontop of his announcement.
  25. Hey folks, we're releasing an initial RUST Team Guide before the update. This guide was designed to be as friendly as possible to new and existing players. If you have any comments or questions, hit us up on twitter @corrosionhour. We'll be modifying this document and keeping it up to date as changes roll out.
  26. Thanos

    Looking for a Partner

    I am interested in your offer. Please contact me on Discord if you're looking to take this farther. My Discord: Thanos#2018 -Thanos
  27. I am new to running a dedicated server and been working on a scenario how do i up load the files and all to the server and make it default?
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