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  2. defused

    Need help with Snap Build Pro w/ Vectors install

    Hey! That guide link it's dead because it's for our really really old epoch 150. Our file structure it's a pure default structure that comes exactly from EpochMod guys, we don't have any custom structure, so any guide you find on EpochMod forums will do just great for us
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  4. PatPgtips

    Need guidance on server setup

    also add the same mods to server mods as well mod line : @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Desolation.chernarusredux; server mod line : @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Desolation.chernarusredux; you also have to get the keys from within the mods folder and add them to the keys folder on the arma 3 server so you can join the server im sure @Desolation.chernarusredux is its own terrain and you should not need to use @CUP_Terrains_Maps it does require @CUP_Terrains_Core you would still require a desolation mission file to play it i assume you will have it hope this helps
  5. Hello Community, I am trying to get my server up (Desolation Redux) and am running into issues. I have only installed both CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Map. I put "@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps" in the Mod Settings -mod= as requested after install. I selected Desolation.chernarusredux from the dropdown in the Configuration Files section. Question, do I need to put an "@Desolation.chernarusredux" in the Mod Settings field? Am I missing something? I fire up the server and I see it in A3 and also in the Arma app itself, but it usually shows a setting up message or I get a cannot play/edit error message. Pleas help Obi-Wan, you're my only hope!
  6. Morning everyone, Please forgive my newbness, I'm trying to learn. I have been trying for the past two weeks to get "Snap Build Pro with vectors" to work on my OverPoch server and to be honest...its kicking my (Insert expletive here)! Im doing my best to follow the tutorials but each one is a little different than the other. As well, I've notice that the GTX Servers file structure is a little different as well. but I digress. Can anyone / would anyone be willing to help me out....get on TS and walk me through it...reference me to a CURRENT and CORRECT install instructions...PLEASE... I did manage to find a tutorial in the GTX forums but....its a dead link. Im at my witts end here. I know it can be done... http://gtxgaming.co.uk/forum/forum/learning-center-tutorials/video-tutorials/18950-video-tutorial-installing-the-snap-build-pro-addon
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  8. SuperA1ex

    Looking for a Partner

    Hey! Looking for a partner who can help me start a server. Unturned Servers. I have done this before and we both profit about 200$ by donations. We could do this? Someone pays 9.60$ a month then someone else next month , Until we get donations. My old got shutdown due to ddos.
  9. defused

    Hosting gives wrong Port.

    Hey Damon, This kind of situation need to be handled by support staff, always open a ticket with them in your client area > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/
  10. defused

    [SUP] PVE Rust server

    Hey Lil, We have sent a message to the owner, but why you don't get your own server ? You will have full control on it
  11. Some say that setting signatures to 2 can reduce performance and break some mods, could be a myth but take that into consideration.
  12. defused

    3DEN Editor loot problem

    Everytime you update, custom modifications are replaced with original files and you need to redo them.
  13. defused

    [GUIDE] How to install zombies on your Exile server

    Not sure if regular chernarus triggers work for redux one, but give it a try, check over exilez2 git how to change the map triggers.
  14. defused

    Help me set up my server I'm so lost will pay you

    Hey! List the mods you want to run on your server and a bit more of information so others know what you trying to do
  15. Hey! Be sure you are waiting time enough for your server to start, servers take some minutes to fully boot, or you querying the correct IP:PORT (query info). If you need assistance in your server, always open a support ticket, tickets are replied in less than 10 minutes > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/
  16. With oxide you can run plugins to "pimp" your server features, but i believe doesn't exist any plugins for the forest, so it's basically useless, you can take advantage of some oxide features, but nothing more > https://oxidemod.org/plugins/categories/the-forest.51/ In rust, for example, you have hundreds of plugins, the forest, nobody never made anything to it.
  17. Rui Pedro

    Product Changelog

    Hello guys! We just released a new update on our PixARK product with a lot of new cool stuff, check below what we added! Changelog (v2) Added our brand new dynamic 7 days automatic cloning system Will do a clone of your server files every day, and save the last 7 days, now with our new dynamic 64 bits system Added dynamic backup server feature You can create dynamic backups of your server (3 backups max) by pressing the backup server button Added selective restore server feature Select what you want to restore from a dynamic backup, full, world, tribes, players, settings, you choose Added selective wipe server feature Select what you want to wipe on your server, full, world, tribes, players, settings, you choose Added rollback server feature Rollback your world map snapshot to a previous hour easily with the rollback server button Added in-house web rcon tool Easily execute predefined and custom rcon commands directly from the control panel Added server details button Have access to all your server details easily in just one button Added schedule restart messages Create schedule restart messages to warn your users few minutes before restart Added schedule broadcast messages Send schedule broadcast messages times to times to your server with the information you want to show to your players Added schedule rcon commands Run any rcon command on schedule, for example, change the time of the day every few hours to keep your server always in daytime Added schedule dynamic backup Run an schedule server backup at any time of the day, for example, 5 minutes before a scheduled restart Added schedule dynamic wipe server Create a schedule to wipe your server at a determined hour, full, world, tribes, players, settings, you choose Added steam update warnings If server files update on steam, you will see a badge on top of your steam update button warning about it Added backup server manager Easily delete and download to your computer your server clones and backups from our web platform Added easy configurators to all settings files Setup your server settings easily without messing with any code without easy configurators Added web console rcon support Press the web console button to check your server live logs and also use it as a rcon tool to execute your rcon commands Added game switching feature Bored of pixark and want to play something else, no worries, just switch to another game server using the game switcher button All servers will have this new features already live, and ready to use! If you have any questions related to this new update or anything else feel free to leave a comment or open a support ticket with us.
  18. PatPgtips

    Stamina / Fatigue

    try adding it to initPlayerLocal.sqf instead works on our clans escape servers player enableFatigue false; player enableStamina false; player allowSprint true; might be different with exile mission
  19. Griswold


    Some friends and I started a server a few weeks back. The server statistics offer 1x skill gain and 2x action timers. There are no priest restrictions to discourage players from creating alts. It's a roleplay server set at 2048x2048 to ensure players are never too far from one another. We have regular events not including player arranged events. We also have a variety of dungeons, some weekly missions that require teamwork with friends and reward unique items on completion. If you're at all interested you can find us in the server list, or to find out more visit our forum and website. https://vrystoria.wixsite.com/wurm/copy-of-history http://vrystoria.freeforums.net/ https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/5637/
  20. Weedle

    Enabling Ark Easter Event

    Finally figured it out!! Many New Items mod was interfering. Took it out, wiped dinos, 30 seconds later, bam! Easter Turtle!!
  21. For anyone with the same problem: Set verifySignatures = 2
  22. ProSnipe

    [EU] The Barren Land

    thanks alot , i already have some kits (still in progress) i made some ranks to so i'm working hard on the server.
  23. Downwithpeace

    Enabling Ark Easter Event

    Isn't Pimp My Dino just a saddle mod or does it actually change the in game dinos? If it changes the dinos then anyone using it would have the pre TLC dinos. And yes as Eddie pointed out, no quotes for the command line for anyone else that reads this.
  24. Eddie

    Enabling Ark Easter Event

    yeah that messes with the dinos so hopefully that should sort you out
  25. Weedle

    Enabling Ark Easter Event

    I just took out Pimp My Dinos mod that added in the Dodus. Hopefully, that was the problem? I really want to get some colored dinos.
  26. Eddie

    Enabling Ark Easter Event

    works fine, thank you, dont add the quotes at the start and end of the command
  27. Maracuja

    [EU] The Barren Land

    Kits are redeemable for players you set them up using the kit plugin. with plugins, it's a finite thing some love em some hate em I've tried all and to get the player base is a nightmare. I find majority like a vanilla server with an increased harvest rate tbh. Advertise your server on the voting sites can help but it is an uphill struggle, there are so many servers out there you can get lost in the trees so to speak. http://toprustservers.com/ https://rust-servers.info/ https://rust-servers.net/ https://rust.facepunch.com/f/rustsrvr and this guide is good https://corrosionhour.com/populate-your-rust-server-with-these-6-tips/ other plugin sites you may not know about https://www.chaoscode.io/ (they charge for plugins)i bought their admin panel works a treat if you don't mind splashing some dollars, https://umod.org/# well-updated plugins but I find the help section lacking in my humble opinion.
  28. Maracuja

    My name is Steve and I'm a Rustaholic

    i think my chair has welded it self to my ass. enough said
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