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      GTXGaming Forums are back!   09/22/2017

      After a long time, we decided to re-launch the GTXGaming forums! It's a fresh start, new platform, new sections, a new community to share. Feel free to register and start to participate, don't forget to follow our important guidelines first! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum Rules and Guidelines
    • Rui Pedro

      7 Days to Die (A16) Starvation Mod Available!   10/20/2017

      Starvation Mod for 7 Days to Die A16 just released and we have it available on our servers!
      Just get the Starvation Mod from your client area (10£ monthly fee*) and open a support ticket requesting our staff to install it on your server.
      * The 10£ monthly fee it's to cover the costs of the extra resources (till 16GB RAM) the mod takes.  
    • Rui Pedro

      GTA V - FiveM Product Changelog   11/04/2017

      We just pushed a new update on our GTA V - FiveM update! [NEW] Added vRP Dunko Edition to Mod Manager 1 click install [NEW] Added Live Map to Mod Manager 1 click install Re-organized Mod Manager categories to a more friendly view All vRP versions now work after 1 click install not requiring any extra coding Web Console now supports FiveM console commands Updated server.cfg to included new playernames resource Background fix's to attempt fixed phpmyadmin broken link in certain cases - Each vRP version now generates it's own server.cfg inside Configuration Files, use the server.cfg inside the vRP section and not the normal one.
      - FiveM added a new resource (playernames), just stop your server, edit server.cfg with EASY EDITOR and save it to update the new resource list (don't forget to update FiveM first).
      - In some random cases, phpmyadmin link it's broken, we applied a possible fix, if you still have a broken link, just open a support ticket.
    • Rui Pedro

      New product! GTA V - MultiMod dedicated servers!   11/29/2017

      Why we had to delete our FiveM product and build a new one ? Read more about it and discuss it in here:   


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    Yo, Just want to give creds to Rui, hes such a legend. He basically fixes everything! If you ever submit a ticket and Rui responds, bruh your in luck. Thanks Rui LokiiApex
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    So, I don’t know where to start. I began my journey with servers around about a year ago, and of course I chose GTX. They worked for me as they had a London server location. The first server I rented was an Unturned server, I throughly enjoyed it and then rented 5 more over the course of approx 7 months. Then I bought a Rust server. Again, it was brilliant. Then I moved on to FiveM. This is where I really experienced the talent of the support team. I was a noob at setting up a FiveM server, as I’d never done it previously. But with a few tickets I was on my way. If you are thinking of buying server s from GTX, you will regret choosing another host. Heres some things I love about them; Fast support times Amazing mods ready for installations with a click of a button Their servers are up 99.9% of the time You can switch game servers whenever Heres some things I don’t like about them Nothing...I love them too much Thanks GTX for everything youve done for me over the past year or two. - LokiiApex
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    I was having problems adding mods. below is something to save you the headache i had. Example: want to add ZaupShop Use plugin downloader and type ZaupShop' Failure with an error the actual repository name is zaup-shop see image below for better understanding
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    so i was adding jobs permissions to my server and i turned my server on and no commands were wearking at all. please tell me whats wrong?? This is the permissions file, please help: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RocketPermissions xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <DefaultGroup>default</DefaultGroup> <Groups> <Group> <Id>default</Id> <DisplayName>Guest</DisplayName> <Prefix /> <Suffix /> <Color>white</Color> <Members /> <Permissions> <Permission Cooldown="0">p</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">compass</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">discord</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">jobs</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">joinjob</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">leavejob</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">raid</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">raidfinish</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">rob</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">robfinish</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">buy</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">cost</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">sell</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="0">shop</Permission> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Taxi</Id> <DisplayName>Taxi</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Taxi]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Taxi]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>GunS</Id> <DisplayName>Gun Seller</DisplayName> <Prefix>[GunS]</Prefix> <Suffix>[GunS]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Cook</Id> <DisplayName>Cook</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Cook]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Cook]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Trader</Id> <DisplayName>Trader</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Trader]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Trader]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Farmer</Id> <DisplayName>Farmer</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Farmer]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Farmer]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Hitman</Id> <DisplayName>Hitman</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Hitman]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Hitman]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Lumberjack</Id> <DisplayName>Lumberjack</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Lumberjack]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Lumberjack]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>Miner</Id> <DisplayName>Miner</DisplayName> <Prefix>[Miner]</Prefix> <Suffix>[Miner]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Group> <Id>ClothsD</Id> <DisplayName>ClothsD</DisplayName> <Prefix>[ClothsD]</Prefix> <Suffix>[ClothsD]</Suffix> <Color>white</Color> <Members> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> </Permissions> </Group> <Id>vip</Id> <DisplayName>VIP</DisplayName> <Prefix>[VIP]</Prefix> <Suffix>[VIP</Suffix> <Color>FF9900</Color> <Members> <Member>76561198016438091</Member> </Members> <ParentGroup>default</ParentGroup> <Permissions> <Permission Cooldown="0">effect</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="120">heal</Permission> <Permission Cooldown="30">v</Permission> </Permissions> </Group>
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    Installing ESX If EssentialMode isn't set up yet please follow this tutorial - 1. Downloading ESX Make a new folder in your resources called '[esx]' (Without the ' ' marks) (Include the brackets) Download ESX from here and place it in your [essential] folder (This should've been created from the ES guide) - https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended (Make sure you rename it to es_extended) Install these 3 things and place it in your [esx] folder - https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_menu_default/releases/latest https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_menu_dialog/releases/latest https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_menu_list/releases/latest Install this and place it in your resources folder - https://github.com/esx-org/async/releases/latest Edit your server.cfg. These MUST be started below essentialmode and es_admin2. It should look like this - start async start es_extended start esx_menu_default start esx_menu_list start esx_menu_dialog 2. Adding ESX to your database Open HeidiSQL or whatever database manager you are using and find your 'essentialmode' database Click on it and make sure it is highlighted. Go up to file and click Run SQL file. Go to resources\[essential]\es_extended\localization and find en_es_extended. Once you find it run it. Right-click where all your databases are and then refresh it. You are all done installing ESX. Restart your server and you should be good to go.
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    @Nuclear you need to go in the PERMISSIONS file and get .kit and .kits there @cornishgamesnight YT you need to make a new PERMISSION group and add the .kit [name of kit] permission to it [add me on discord and send the permission file to me and ill modify it] LizardSwag#9289

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