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  1. Remus

    i could really use some help with the data base

    Press the 'create' button. Then, at the left, choose the esx_policejob.sql tab -> Import -> Choose the database again -> Finish
  2. Remus

    Why we had to delete our FiveM product ? Take #2

    Thank you for this post!
  3. Remus

    i could really use some help with the data base

    In phpmyadmin create a database named esx_policejob.sql and then Import it there.
  4. Remus

    sever betreten

    This forum is in English language, please use it.
  5. Remus

    Uploading custom ped skins

    Can you give me the name of your ped skin name? Also, I need to know your platform: essentialmode, vrp or vrpex.
  6. Remus

    Dedicated Servers Stopping

    Probably your server crashes. Can you specify what server you have?
  7. Remus

    I need someone that can help me via Discord ! [ESX]

    Ticket is inactive, it can be closed.
  8. Remus

    Install ELS - Need help

    The topic is inactive, ticket can be closed.
  9. Remus

    Need help with jobs

    Problem solved, ticket can be closed.
  10. Remus

    New server issues with essentialmode

    Try to look at the lines from server/main.lua and see if you can fix the problem or post it here.
  11. Remus

    [GUIDE] Setting up EssentialMode4 with MySQL

    If you prefer to run the EssentialMode Server in your PC (localhost) at the password leave it blank. e.x: server=;database=essentialmode;userid=root;password=
  12. Remus

    Install ELS - Need help

    I used vRP Dunko's version and there is a drug system.
  13. Remus

    My name is Steve and I'm a Rustaholic

    I have like ~ 20 hours in Rust. It's good at the beggining but then it goes boring.
  14. Remus

    Minecraft Server Types

    I voted 'Towny/Survival', from all game modes from this list that I think it's the best one.
  15. Remus

    cannot reach new server or install any mods tool

    It's good that you made a topic right there on forum but there's a little problem. Try to be active on forum and tell the people that want to help you the details they need to solve your problem. In this case, you probably solved the problem and you have no interest in this topic or you probably forgot about it. Nothing personal, that's an advice to tell that you need to be active when you ask for help.

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