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      GTXGaming Forums are back!   09/22/2017

      After a long time, we decided to re-launch the GTXGaming forums! It's a fresh start, new platform, new sections, a new community to share. Feel free to register and start to participate, don't forget to follow our important guidelines first! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum Rules and Guidelines
    • Rui Pedro

      7 Days to Die (A16) Starvation Mod Available!   10/20/2017

      Starvation Mod for 7 Days to Die A16 just released and we have it available on our servers!
      Just get the Starvation Mod from your client area (10£ monthly fee*) and open a support ticket requesting our staff to install it on your server.
      * The 10£ monthly fee it's to cover the costs of the extra resources (till 16GB RAM) the mod takes.  
    • Rui Pedro

      GTA V - FiveM Product Changelog   11/04/2017

      We just pushed a new update on our GTA V - FiveM update! [NEW] Added vRP Dunko Edition to Mod Manager 1 click install [NEW] Added Live Map to Mod Manager 1 click install Re-organized Mod Manager categories to a more friendly view All vRP versions now work after 1 click install not requiring any extra coding Web Console now supports FiveM console commands Updated server.cfg to included new playernames resource Background fix's to attempt fixed phpmyadmin broken link in certain cases - Each vRP version now generates it's own server.cfg inside Configuration Files, use the server.cfg inside the vRP section and not the normal one.
      - FiveM added a new resource (playernames), just stop your server, edit server.cfg with EASY EDITOR and save it to update the new resource list (don't forget to update FiveM first).
      - In some random cases, phpmyadmin link it's broken, we applied a possible fix, if you still have a broken link, just open a support ticket.
    • Rui Pedro

      New product! GTA V - MultiMod dedicated servers!   11/29/2017

      Why we had to delete our FiveM product and build a new one ? Read more about it and discuss it in here:   

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  1. Forced to come here from support

    Hi! This is not our support quality standards, and you are giving misleading information, that's not what happened, I was the last support member that attended you on your last ticket, and seems you got confused with our signature, nobody was sending you to forums, you where just reading our support signature! In case you don't know what is a signature, it's something we type in the last lines, to give some information / advertise every time we make a reply On my last reply I explained you exactly that, and also investigated your problem and gave you the solution to it, I'm attaching pictures of the ticket in question since you are misleading information to the entire community! Here is where you get confused, Georgie was asking you more details and not sending you to forums, if you look closer, it's our signature. Here it's me, explaining to you that you just reading our signature, and giving you the solution to your problem. I hope you realise now that nobody was sending you to the forums, we actually use to recommend forums when someone it's asking on how to install specific mod or addon, since guide for that specific mod can be found on forums, but this was not the case. If you need anything just open a support ticket with us and ask for Rui Pedro, ill be sure to help you!
  2. Hello everyone! As many of you know, we have been "forced" by CitizenFX Collective (FiveM Developers) to stop selling and remove our GTA V - FiveM product from our product list, due to a "violation" of their new and recent TOS rules, which also caused some "drama" in the community, specially around Dunko vRP where we had a partnership to distribute his mod free and easily with our 1 click system to all FiveM server owners. We at GTXGaming, started to host FiveM early this year, when we started to host it, there was nothing on their TOS rules that prohibited anyone / any host, to host it, but seems that recently they changed their TOS rules to accommodate new rules due the new partnership with Zap-Hosting, basically, they are prohibiting anyone to host it as a commercial product, besides Zap-Hosting, basically none of existing GSP's can't host FiveM, where the only host that can rent FiveM servers is Zap-Hosting, all others are hosting it "illegally". You can't also do any kind of monetization from your server, you can't ask any kind of donations, sell hats, or create a patreon page to help you pay the bills of your server at the end of the month, basically, only Zap-Hosting are allowed to get all kinds of money from FiveM, that's what I call a nice and clever monopoly Despite we don't really understand this kind of "monopolization" of the mod to one exclusive host, or not letting server owners ask for donations to help with the bills, besides the obvious money monopoly between FiveM and Zap Hosting, we are compliant with them and their TOS, so, we removed our FiveM product, and we are no longer hosting or "delivering" any kind of FiveM files to strictly follow their TOS and accept the C&D request sent to us a few days ago. Even we strongly think this kind of rules hurt more the mod itself and the gaming community, not only because Zap-hosting only sells in Germany location, not covering other parts of the world, and because not everyone has the skills or the patience to install FiveM manually from scratch since they force you to order a VPS or a Dedicated Server. But it's not our rules, and we just have to follow them, we at GTXGaming, know that dozens of other hosts still host FiveM illegally and nothing was done, they still sell it as we speaking, but we like to follow the rules for the good sake of the mod and especially the gaming community around it. I just want to make clear one last time, despite dozens of other hosts still hosting FiveM servers illegally, we don't host them anymore, all FiveM files are removed and will not be distributed anymore by us to our customers. But don't worry, we are not leaving you in the dark, we have built a new and better product that gives you the opportunity to run a legal FiveM server and this time, also a GT-MP server on same product, easily with a few clicks on our user-friendly control panel that you already used to, because we know, not everyone has the skills to setup a server from scratch or doesn't have the patience to mess with the files and just want to have some quick fun playing with their friends with just a few clicks, so, we got you covered! With this new product that we called GTA V - MultiMod (only supports FiveM and GT-MP in this first version, but we will expand it to other mods in the future), you can easily run a FiveM or a GT-MP server just by downloading the server files yourself, directly from the dev's page, upload them to your server through FTP, install the correspondent mod compatibility pack and press Start, sit back and relax, our automatic scripts will take care of the rest of you! Basically, just upload the mod files, press start button, sit back and relax, can't be easier than this! For everyone asking what really is this new product, and how legal can it be regarding their new TOS rules, I can assure you that it's perfectly legal and has nothing against their TOS rules, we are just renting you the CPU / RAM and HDD resources, and as a bonus we are attaching our control panel to it, so you can easily run and maintain your server without having to mess with any files or complicated tasks, no FiveM or GT-MP files are included or destribuited, think on this like a dedicated server space, but without having to go on complicated tasks on SSH or RDP, you have our easy control panel to manage it and maintain it with a few clicks of your mouse, you just need to upload the server files trought FTP and our control panel will deal with the rest. You can rest assured that you will be running a legal server with us, UNLESS, they came with new TOS rules to kill "the competition" and go forward with their FiveM > Zap-Hosting monopoly one more time, but we hope they play fair this time, and don't make up some new "special" TOS rules to take us down one more time! You can order a GTA V - MultiMod server here > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/server-hosting/gtav-fivem-server-hosting/ And you can read how easy is to install FiveM or GT-MP on it in here: How to install FiveM > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=555 How to install GT-MP > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=556 Anything, any questions, feel free to drop them below ill try to reply you fast as possible, or just open a support ticket with us! GGWP Rui Pedro
  3. REQUEST - Modding Guide

    Hey! Yes, if you don't see any Mods\ folder, just create it, but normally, mods that go inside Mods\ folder like alloc fixes, servertools, etc already come with the mods\ folder created, you just need to drop it on your server, just take care if it's .DLL files you might need to send a ticket first requesting DLL upload permission like i said in my previous reply if you already have been permission granted, just upload it and done. But for example, in the case of the mod you want, if this is the one you want > https://github.com/Devidian/OmegaXUI this mod goes in the category of the "other" mods that don't go inside the Mods\ folder like normally most of them, but this one it's also easy to install. Look at the installation instructions that come with the mod: Basically just download the files from github > https://github.com/Devidian/OmegaXUI/archive/master.zip , unzip them and upload them to the config\ folder in your server, so you will end up with a structure like this: config\XUi | config\assets | config\xui.xml | config\xui_manual.xml In this case of this mod doesn't go on Mods\ folder but goes on Config\ folder, basically the same steps, just different folder, you just need to look at the instructions that come with the mod, and remember that we host on Windows and also remember that mods need to be working on the 7 days version you running, some mods are abandoned and outdated and they stopped working many 7 days versions before. Also remember that if 7 days updates, you might have to update the mods also as some 7 updates breaks the mods. Try and tell me something.
  4. REQUEST - Modding Guide

    It's really simple, inside your server you have a Mods\ folder, just download the mods you want and drop them inside that folder, you can use File Manager or FTP for transferring the files. Most of the mods only require you that, some others they require you to copy the files to more one or two different folders, but they normally came with the same file structure as your server, so you can know where to upload what. If it's .DLL files, you might have to submit us a ticket first requesting permissions to upload .DLL files as we block them due to security reasons for everyone!
  5. Custom Map Edits

    Great sharing, maybe you can type some fast instructions for easy integration for the server owners that are new to this
  6. News forum?

    Hey @Loldielol ! The announcements are on top of forum, it's a dedicated category always visible from any part of the forums, look at top of forums, where the GTXGaming Forums are back! it's posted, all announcements and news will be posted there visible to everyone on any part of the forums
  7. O.o shiny

    Welcome Zero!
  8. Ooooh fancy new forum

    Nice to meet you too
  9. Nice looking forum

    Thank you guys
  10. Per Level Stats [ARK Server CP]

    Hi @HeRow Thank you for your feedback, we are preparing a new ARK (v4) product with a lot of new features to be released in the following month or so, and easy 1 click custom levels will be one of the features! Stay tuned.

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