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  1. PatPgtips

    Need guidance on server setup

    also add the same mods to server mods as well mod line : @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Desolation.chernarusredux; server mod line : @CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Desolation.chernarusredux; you also have to get the keys from within the mods folder and add them to the keys folder on the arma 3 server so you can join the server im sure @Desolation.chernarusredux is its own terrain and you should not need to use @CUP_Terrains_Maps it does require @CUP_Terrains_Core you would still require a desolation mission file to play it i assume you will have it hope this helps
  2. PatPgtips

    Stamina / Fatigue

    try adding it to initPlayerLocal.sqf instead works on our clans escape servers player enableFatigue false; player enableStamina false; player allowSprint true; might be different with exile mission

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