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  1. defused

    plugin help

    Click here: https://forum.rising-world.net/thread/5363-how-to-install-run-a-plugin/
  2. You can upload files using FTP, click on the HELP GUIDES button on your control panel and search for the "How to connect to your FTP" Guide, once you connect to your server FTP, search for the scenarios folder on your server, and drag the scenario from your computer to your server, then you just need to load the scenario name on the dedicated.yaml file.
  3. defused

    What is going on?!

    Hi! You probably using the wrong email to login or mistyping it, i can find your account and your server under the email you use here.
  4. defused

    How do I make myself an owner on my rust v3 server?

    You add your Steam64ID to Users.cfg file under Configuration Files button, then you can use the ingame admin console for admin commands.
  5. defused

    MOTD not working

    @8ody8ag was updating this topic exactly to report the same, for MOTD to work, just edit ServerSettings.ini and disable "Logged Out Characters Remain In World" setting. Not sure if Funcom did this on purpose or it's just a bug and they will fix it in the following update.
  6. defused

    Cross Ark Travel

    @Monster If you have questions, you can always open a support ticket.
  7. defused

    Arkaeology event

    You have now a quick switch to enable or disable events on Config.bat file.
  8. defused

    A noob needs help

    Use this automatic installer to create fivem servers automatically on your VPS: https://forum.fivem.net/t/aio-fxserver-aio-ez-installer/79693
  9. defused

    MOTD not working

    Are you stopping the server before editing it ?
  10. defused

    Arma 3 Server

    I think the antistasi server files are not public, some time ago there was some community edition, not sure if still going, have a search on google for antistasi server files, surely you will find a guide.
  11. defused

    [GUIDE] How to install zombies on your Exile server

    Its client mod, load them on -mod= field.
  12. defused

    Product Changelog

    Evening everyone! We just released a major update on our The Forest product, check out what we added! Changelog (v2) Added our brand new dynamic 7 days automatic cloning system Will do a clone of your server files every day, and save the last 7 days, now with our new dynamic 64 bits system Added backup server feature You can create backups of your server (3 backups max) by pressing the backup server button Added restore server feature Restore any backup or clone previously done easily with few clicks Added wipe server feature Wipe and start a new world easily with 1 click Added server details button Have access to all your server details easily in just one button Added schedule backup Run an schedule server backup at any time of the day Added schedule wipe server Create a schedule to wipe your server at a determined hour Added schedule oxide update Create a schedule to update the oxide version to keep it updated Added steam update warnings If server files update on steam, you will see a badge on top of your steam update button warning about it Added backup server manager Easily delete and download to your computer your server clones and backups from our web platform Added easy configurators to all settings files Setup your server settings easily without messing with any code without easy configurators World saves and settings available We managed to move world saves and settings from windows folder to your server game folder for you full access New and updated server settings Configure all server settings easily with our easy configurator Easy help guides We added new help guides to help you manage most of the features of your server All new servers from 06 MAY 2018 will have all these features available. All other servers before 06 MAY 2018 will have partial access to this new features, please open a support ticket and request full migration to the new product. If you have any questions related to this new update or anything else feel free to leave a comment or open a support ticket with us.
  13. defused

    cant admin

    Click Help Guides button on your control panel, you have guides on how to add yourself as owner, rocket admin, and to use putty console, it's very easy to follow.
  14. defused

    Need help with Snap Build Pro w/ Vectors install

    Hey! That guide link it's dead because it's for our really really old epoch 150. Our file structure it's a pure default structure that comes exactly from EpochMod guys, we don't have any custom structure, so any guide you find on EpochMod forums will do just great for us
  15. defused

    Hosting gives wrong Port.

    Hey Damon, This kind of situation need to be handled by support staff, always open a ticket with them in your client area > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/

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