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    • Rui Pedro

      7 Days to Die (A16) Starvation Mod Available!   10/20/2017

      Starvation Mod for 7 Days to Die A16 just released and we have it available on our servers!
      Just get the Starvation Mod from your client area (10£ monthly fee*) and open a support ticket requesting our staff to install it on your server.
      * The 10£ monthly fee it's to cover the costs of the extra resources (till 16GB RAM) the mod takes.  
    • Rui Pedro

      PixARK product changelog!   04/13/2018

      Hey guys! We just pushed a big update on our PixARK product with a lot of new cool features, have a look!  


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  1. Hosting gives wrong Port.

    Hey Damon, This kind of situation need to be handled by support staff, always open a ticket with them in your client area > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/
  2. [SUP] PVE Rust server

    Hey Lil, We have sent a message to the owner, but why you don't get your own server ? You will have full control on it
  3. Some say that setting signatures to 2 can reduce performance and break some mods, could be a myth but take that into consideration.
  4. 3DEN Editor loot problem

    Everytime you update, custom modifications are replaced with original files and you need to redo them.
  5. [GUIDE] How to install zombies on your Exile server

    Not sure if regular chernarus triggers work for redux one, but give it a try, check over exilez2 git how to change the map triggers.
  6. Help me set up my server I'm so lost will pay you

    Hey! List the mods you want to run on your server and a bit more of information so others know what you trying to do
  7. Hey! Be sure you are waiting time enough for your server to start, servers take some minutes to fully boot, or you querying the correct IP:PORT (query info). If you need assistance in your server, always open a support ticket, tickets are replied in less than 10 minutes > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/
  8. With oxide you can run plugins to "pimp" your server features, but i believe doesn't exist any plugins for the forest, so it's basically useless, you can take advantage of some oxide features, but nothing more > https://oxidemod.org/plugins/categories/the-forest.51/ In rust, for example, you have hundreds of plugins, the forest, nobody never made anything to it.
  9. Life is Feudal ?

    If you want to do a pre-sale question use their Live Chat or send them an email / ticket, they have 24/7 support This is the community forums, don't expect and instant reply here my friend, forums are not mean to pre sales questions or direct server support.
  10. Sign Artist plugin new dependancy OS level

    GTX servers are hosted on Windows not linux.
  11. [Help Required] Empyrion Admin Helper

    This is the community forums, if you require support on your server, you SHOULD ALWAYS open a support ticket, don't post on forums, because can take some time to get a reply, if you want instant replies, open a support ticket, they have 24/7 support Admin helper comes already integrated with Empyrion servers by default by Empyrion dev's, you just need to open a ticket and request support to install it on your server like has been said above, it's FREE, you don't need to pay anything, and the version that comes i believe it's the full version.

    Seems very simple, basically just stop the server and upload the mod files, just be sure doesn't contain any DLL files and they are getting blocked, in that case could be why mod not working. Just open a support ticket they will unblock DLL for you, or upload the mod for you.
  13. Empyrion's updated status

    What update are we talking about ?
  14. Adjusting Hunger and Thirst

    Not sure what you mean with "BTW, the "Knowledgebase" should be renamed "How Do I Click Buttons In The Control Panel", can you elaborate please ?
  15. Be sure your server it's online and you can connect to it, then add it here > http://dz.launcher.eu/check You can change server name under Configuration Files button.

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