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      GTXGaming Forums are back!   09/22/2017

      After a long time, we decided to re-launch the GTXGaming forums! It's a fresh start, new platform, new sections, a new community to share. Feel free to register and start to participate, don't forget to follow our important guidelines first! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Forum Rules and Guidelines
    • Rui Pedro

      7 Days to Die (A16) Starvation Mod Available!   10/20/2017

      Starvation Mod for 7 Days to Die A16 just released and we have it available on our servers!
      Just get the Starvation Mod from your client area (10£ monthly fee*) and open a support ticket requesting our staff to install it on your server.
      * The 10£ monthly fee it's to cover the costs of the extra resources (till 16GB RAM) the mod takes.  
    • Rui Pedro

      GTA V - FiveM Product Changelog   11/04/2017

      We just pushed a new update on our GTA V - FiveM update! [NEW] Added vRP Dunko Edition to Mod Manager 1 click install [NEW] Added Live Map to Mod Manager 1 click install Re-organized Mod Manager categories to a more friendly view All vRP versions now work after 1 click install not requiring any extra coding Web Console now supports FiveM console commands Updated server.cfg to included new playernames resource Background fix's to attempt fixed phpmyadmin broken link in certain cases - Each vRP version now generates it's own server.cfg inside Configuration Files, use the server.cfg inside the vRP section and not the normal one.
      - FiveM added a new resource (playernames), just stop your server, edit server.cfg with EASY EDITOR and save it to update the new resource list (don't forget to update FiveM first).
      - In some random cases, phpmyadmin link it's broken, we applied a possible fix, if you still have a broken link, just open a support ticket.
    • Rui Pedro

      New product! GTA V - MultiMod dedicated servers!   11/29/2017

      Why we had to delete our FiveM product and build a new one ? Read more about it and discuss it in here:   


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  1. Dedicated Servers Stopping

    You have a dedicated server machine ? Or you have a game server ? Can you be more specific cor at last create the topic in the correct location ?
  2. [Help Required] Empyrion Admin Helper

    Hey! I believe team it's working on integrating this on the control panel already, but holidays season was very busy, expect it in the next days!
  3. Putting a Invade & Annex Mission On Server

    Do you have them inside a .pbo ? Might be stupid, but don't forget the map name in the end of the mission name, example: MyMission.Altis.pbo You need to setup a dedicated server environment on your computer to test your missions after editing them, because inside editor everything works, problem is when you load them on dedicated server, things are a bit different, dependencies, etc.
  4. GTX did it again

    Well, this topic solves nothing, might be a better idea open a ticket with billing and try to solve the problem with them. Servers are suspended and terminated automatically by the billing system, they are not hand picked by staff to be suspended or terminated. If your server was terminated, I'm almost sure there was some reason behind it, and coming to forums swearing will not solve it for sure. I can't find your client account under the email you have on forums, so this topic will be locked until you provide us your client details, please send me an PM with your client account email, so i can confirm you are a legit customer, and ill re-open the topic again, thank you.
  5. RocketMod Plugin Advice

    We have a step by step guide on how to install plugins here > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=501
  6. oxide permission

    Not sure if you can adjust the permissions of the plugin itself for regular players, that might me what you need, correct permissions.
  7. i need help for my rust server

    Rust removed console logs temporarily, that's why you don't see it. You saying you can't see the server on modded that, and on other tabs ? And what about direct connecting to it ? I suspect you changed something on the server and server not starting at all, open a support ticket if you need further investigation.
  8. Esx_rpchat

    Not sure if you can change that without changing your name, i believe it fetches the data from the database, maybe doing so changes on the code.
  9. [GUIDE] How to install zombies on your Exile server

    You can rename it to @Ryanzombies but should not matter, you installing from Mod Manager ?
  10. Ark Map Change

    Just do a backup using the Backup Server button, download the backup to your computer using the Backup Manager button, save it, if you ever need to restore it back, even if it's after 2 years, you still have it saved on your computer
  11. Shoutout To Rui Pedro

    I agree!
  12. Im buy a server a dont give me the server

    Skrill payments may need to be confirmed first, please open a ticket on your client area so they can investigate it from there > https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea
  13. This is dead

    Nobody likes to play on GT-MP it seems, but we support it if you need
  14. Admin tools exile

    There was some free admin tools in exile forums, not sure if still working and updated, but have a look here > http://www.exilemod.com/topic/7690-admintoolkit-for-arma-3-v222-exile-edition/
  15. aberration

    Aberration option it's available on Config.bat file since the first minute the map was released, don't forget to stop the server first.

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