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  1. dirtysnibs

    Setting up server for noobs ARMA 3 EXILE

    great to hear really look forward to it
  2. Hi We were wondering if GTX gaming do a complete package for people with new servers as with your knowledge it should be straight forward and help out a lot of people. Basically we have grasped a lot since having a server ie adding mods but finding it difficult to set up a status bar, missions, and roaming ai also XM8 these are the little things that's holding us back. do GTX gaming offer a sort of package to get you up and running help you along as it were as this shouldn't take to long for gtx gaming but taking huge amount of time for us be more than happy to compensate for work done on the server from gtx gaming again its only small things but make a huge difference to us and id say would make a huge difference to gtx gaming if provided that type of service. thanks

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