About us at GTXGaming.co.uk

At GTXGaming.co.uk our key objectives are
Support. Performance. Professionalism. Leadership. Innovation.

Customer Support

We answer tickets within minutes and have a dedicated team of agents to assist you.

High End Servers

We use only the very best in hardware. No corners are cut.

Gaming Network

We use only the best data centres around the globe to deliver low pings and high bandwidth.

Control Panel

We use only the best, and that does not stop with our control panel. TCAdmin is the worlds leader.

Easy Configuration

Our control panel makes it so easy to configure your server. We have an intricately designed control panel which is great for novice users, but also has advanced customization tools for advanced gamers.


We have a strong philosophy. We went into this business to change it for the better. Quality, performance and Professionalism.

Our Staff