About us at GTXGaming.co.uk

At GTXGaming.co.uk our key objectives are Support Performance Professionalism

Customer Support

We answer tickets within minutes and have a dedicated team of agents to assist you.

High End Servers

We use only the very best in hardware. No corners are cut.

Gaming Network

We use only the best data centres around the globe to deliver low pings and high bandwidth.

Control Panel

We use only the best, and that does not stop with our control panel. TCAdmin is the worlds leader.

Easy Configuration

Our control panel makes it so easy to configure your server. We have an intricately designed control panel which is great for novice users, but also has advanced customization tools for advanced gamers.


We have a strong philosophy. We went into this business to change it for the better. Quality, performance and Professionalism.

Our Staff

  • Matt

    Matt founded the company back in 2007 and has been working hard ever since to steer the ship in the right direction. Prioritizing price and support over profits has always been his key philosophy. Always open to constructive criticism and brain storming. His favorite movies is Groundhog Day and favorite game is FIFA16 and Mario Kart.

  • Steve

    Steve is from the south of England and is a keen Dayz player even now. He has been with us nearly a year and has made himself an indispensible member of the team already. Steve is the one most likely to answer your ticket first with his lightening fast reflexes, save some tickets for us steve.

  • Karl

    Karl the super geek, a keen and expert poker player started with GTX a long time ago, still young and thirsty for success he is the key research and development officer at GTX, always innovating and coming up with new concepts and ways of doing things. He optimizes what GTX is all about.

  • Rob

    Rob is from down under. So covers our night shift and keeps us on our toes in the Australian marketplace. He is very hard working, friendly, and the newest member of the team.

  • Joe

    Joe deals with the website and security. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and locked down to keep your information safe. As well as keeping our billing system and website updated, database backups, and anything maintenance related.

  • Rui

    Rui is 31, from Portugal. An indispensible member of the time, Rui spends his time making our control panel functionality better than everyone elses. When hes not working, he enjoys music, spending time with his girlfriend and watching movies.