Arma 3 ViruZ Mod Game Server Hosting

Due to latest developments, we have suspended the sales of ViruZ Mod until further news.

We are proud to announce that we are the official hosting provider for Arma 3: ViruZ Mod, an Arma 3 mod based on the iconic Arma 2: DayZ Mod, in ViruZ Mod you will feel the nostalgia of those days playing the old DayZ, watch a video here: Arma 3: ViruZ Mod First Look

Our Arma 3 ViruZ Mod server hosting comes with 24 hour support and worldwide locations. You wont get a more easy to use control panel, instant support, and lag free experience. We use the very best in hardware to deliver cutting edge performance, for most hosts this is just a cliche but for we deliver on our promises.

Pick the best location, the best DDoS Protection and the fastest high-end machines with us and enjoy the pleasure and stability of GTXGaming.