Blackwake Server Hosting

We give you the full package for Blackwake, so you can choose any game mode you want up to 54 slots and Fleet mode. Any other hosting companies charging for 10 slots is a bit strange to us, as the game does not work like that. Here at GTXGaming we know what we are doing with our Blackwake hosting.

Blackwake server hosting. We already have our control panel ready for action as soon as the game is released on February 24th 2017. You need not look anywhere but GTXGaming for your Blackwake server hosting needs. Blackwake looks like a huge game and we have shifted all of our resources and staff hours in to making sure our Blackwake hosting is the best online. If you have any questions about it at all please do not hesitate to ask us.

Blackwake is an online naval first person shooter, built around teamwork and coop gameplaye. Fire cannons on your ship, sink enemies boats or board them and plunder their loot.