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Hurtworld is a hardcore survival Multiplayer FPS with its core game play involved deeply around survival progression. This progression is also not destined to become trivial once you establish your basic requirements. That horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, that feeling of defenceless when being chased by creatures with more natural weapons than you will ever have who consider their duty and right to turn you into their next meal, nothing personal it’s just where you are on the food chain.

To experience the numbness that spreads through your body as you slowly freeze to death all while trying to fumble a simple fire into life. These emotions are what a great survival game is all about. Get over one insurmountable challenge and feel good but line up the next one. You may have an average loot stash but Hurtworld will encourage you out with promises of richer treasures, more valuable loot and higher tech. This all comes at a cost, however, as there is never a free lunch. There will be nastier environments, more ferocious animals and new challenges which await you that will require improved gear and further refined skills. Will you stick with Bows and arrows or the head for the riskier but more valuable vehicle parts and more powerful weapons?

This has solid multiplayer features built into the game from the very start and is designed with fast skill based PVP and PVE. You will need to make many judgment calls. What is your most pressing danger, the player standing opposite and against you or the unenviable encounter that announcing your presence with a gunshot will bring to you.

Current Features Crafting Gear, Tools, Weapons and Machines - Bring together various items and join together to make hundreds of different tools and items.

Structure Building – You can take ownership of areas either on your own or with friends. Construct anything from a hut to a huge city utilising the attachment point based construction system.

Procedurally Generated, Customizable Vehicles – Locate quad bikes or cars in your world. You may scavenge for spares to get your broken vehicle moving again. You can even find yourself some rare paint colours and skin patterns to customise yur transport colour design to what you feel is right for you. Also upgrade your engine and gearbox and some advice – Always carry a spare tyre.

Mining Resources – There are vast amounts of resources that can be mined and each may require a different tool to with which to obtain your earthy harvest. There is an alternative in that you could always construct an automated drilling machine and get that to do the hard work in your stead.

Twitch based PVP – Being PVP of course some places in your area will be strongly fought over and if you are not the type who is willing to share then you will need to enforce your claim or leave. In order to discourage encroachments upon your position there are many melee weapons you can introduce personally to your would be opponents. Please be cautious however because killing others adds to your infamy bar which could be punishing to your equipment stash should you perish.

Farmable Plants – Locate some wild seeds and remove to your home and plant.

Hunting Neutral and Hostile Animals – The environment is filled with wildlife. Help yourself to an animal lunch but be sure to not let them put you on their plate for their lunch.

Town Ruins and Relics with Random Loot – These can be locations for valuable loot but please be cautious of the radiation......, and the mutated animals that are upset with everything and the other players who are after the same loot as you.

Dynamic Day/Night + Weather – Time your sand crossings well and definitely watch out for the sand storms.

Stat Simulation – Be careful what you do with your items. Meat may become frozen in your back pack if you are too long in the cold (at least it will take longer to go rotten though). Wooden chests with valuable contents stored too near a fire might end up providing a little extra warmth but little else.

Drastically Different Biomes –Explore this entire harsh world. Take a journey from the beautiful snow forests of the north to the picturesque Parrot Tokars of the red desert. Take note that support items suitable for one biome may well contribute towards your death in the different biome. Game players who have a home advantage will probably be much better prepared to deal with their local problems more proficiently than their foreign counterparts.

The farming yield that a player can have will be directly dependent on the amount of territory they control. If an unlucky player tries to plunder the limited resources surrounding your base you can relieve them of their life to claim back your resources without completely messing their day up.

Infamy System The team are testing this new system. This idea should change the way that you lose your items for the fairer. By default any secured gear that is equipped in your main inventory including tools, guns and clothes will not drop on death. If your infamy level is above zero there is a chance on death, for each point of infamy that you currently hold, that you may lose one of your precious equipped items. This bar increase by 1 each time you murder another player. The infamy bar does fall slowly over time however so it isn’t permanent but may feel like it if you have been a bit trigger happy and now have exceptional equipment.

This is hoped to have the following effects: All players will be encouraged to use their best gear at all times. Newly spawned characters have less to lose than any veteran who would prey on the new. The veterans would be setting themselves up for losing their equipment for not much gain as some of their good gear would probably be up for grabs if someone manages to finish them. This should hopefully also create some interesting encounters.

PVP & Gunplay

Obviously Hurtworld is an FPS and has this at its heart. Although violence is not the only option when you do want to use it it should be a fair system with adequate reward. The gear cap is to be kept low on PVP items so a player with 150 hours of playtime and super loot cannot just “faceroll” their selves around with map with seeming invincibility. The better gear will enable you to survive in more dangerous environments and take on more ferocious creatures but it will not, however, stop a bullet to your face from causing you a bad day.

This is an early access game but it has been in development for over 18 months and over that time great plans have been built and they will stand upon those foundation that have been crafted over this time. There was a closed alpha run for three months which allowed the development team to streamline and optimise client and server performance and eliminate those evil game breaking bugs that we all know and love. Thus was the team was able to organically grow the game with the player base involved. Now the ground work is done please join the community and help to define a game with limitless possibilities.

By the end of 2016 the game should be out of early access as currently the Devs feel they are not even breaking the skin of the features an adventure that can be had with this IP. Following the game release the Devs will continue to produce further DLC content long after.

Although not the final version, as said above the foundations have been solidly laid and the difficult engine work out of the way so now the team are going to try and add more features in the near future.

Don’t forget though that if you have an idea please post it on Reddit. The team encourage new ideas and say that they have no ego to upset. All members of the dev team are very active on Reddit and each member of the team outlines what they are planning for that week which usually opens a discussion thread..

We have made our Hurtworld server hosting as easy as possible to install mods and configure your server so even novice users can get a server running in no time. We have 24 hour game server support so you will always have the help you need, if you need it.

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