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Introducing Our Rack Space and Colocation Services

Are you looking for rack space within the United Kingdom with advanced DDOS protection,
We have provided some options below withsome basic prices, but we recommend getting a custom quote for your specific needs. Please send us an email with our contact us form and request a phone call consultation, all rack space cusgtomers will get a dedicated phone line to call.

Colocation Summary: Coloation is where you send us your machine that you own or have bought to send to us and we host it in our rack for you with all the benefits of 800Gbp DDOS protection and 100% uptime, redundent power and bleeding edge latency of our gaming network.

Rack Space Summary: Rack Space is where you rent one of our cabinets or a portion of one of our cabinets consisting of a quarter rack 10u, half rack 21u, and a full rack 42u. You can visit the datacenter 24 hours a day to do work, or have us do it remotely with free remote hands. The data center is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You beneift from our extreme gaming network in all rack cabinets no matter what size, plus 100% uptime and 800Gbps DDOS protection.

Upgrades to bandwidth and power available (up to 64 amps per rack). Please contact us for a bespoke quote. We can call you to dicuss.

2016 Rack Space And Colocation Plans

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