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Space Engineers is a space exploration game with a range of goals. Featuring open world survival in a sandbox universe, it allows you to construct bases and ships, planetary outposts, and even space stations. Players can explore distance planets through the use of ships, and seamlessly land on them to explore and gather resources, all of which will be needed not only to survive, but in order to begin building and engineering new items that will help you survive and expand.

The game has sold over 1.7 million copies thus far, and has even won the title of best indie game of 2015 (IndieDB). This may be in part due to the fact that the game has almost endless possibilities. With its volumetric-based physics engine, players can quite literally break and build at will. Add on the great multiplayer component and you have an award winning game that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

Marek Rosa originally had the idea for Space Engineers back in 2002 when he realized that his childhood LEGO and LEGO TECHNIC toys would make a great basis for a physics-sandbox game that allowed players to create and build in a grid-based environment. However, the technology needed for such an approach did not exist. So to begin with, Marek focused on creating dynamic voxel terrain. This led to the first game by the studio, called "Miner Wars 2081".

Space Engineers is the next step. Based on how physics work in real life, the game aims to replicate this through accurate game mechanics representing the use of technology that is feasible in the not too distant future. However, for the sake of enjoyable and interactive gameplay, some changes have been made which are not as "realistic" as they could be. These have been made in order to make the game more enjoyable through fun mechanics. The game isn't aimed at being a survival pvp shooter, however it can be played like this. The main focus of development is to make a game aimed at building and construction. It is more about the machinery and marvels that you build as opposed to the number of players you beat in combat.

Currently available on Steam Early Access, the game is going through a cycle of constant development and improvement, with new features being added regularly. It will remain in this state until enough feedback has been taken into consideration and implemented. Optimization and bug fixes will be a regular occurrence, and players can expect to find such bugs whilst playing. New content and features will also be added frequently, until the game reaches a point in which it can be released as a full game. All features are subject to change.

Space Engineers uses the engine VRAGE 2.0, which was developed by Keen Software House. The engine stands for "volumetric rage" and/or "voxel rage". More information can be found at


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