Client Testimonials.

We have thousands of happy customers and many still with us years later.  Please read through a few of them that we handpicked, all are recent as of June 2018.


Jim Pattenson, Dallas

GTX Servers and Customer support.

I have a Conan Exiles server and I have nothing but praise for the server and the customer support that I've received. Many times I've asked for help with my server. From settings, to adding mods, to switching it to other games that aren't part of the game switcher option. The service has always been exemplary and fast. I can't stress the FAST part enough. They always reply in a prompt manner. Jim Pattenson, Dallas, Texas. 

Martin Hatton, Maryland Georgia

Excellect service and servers

I had an excellent time with GTX Gaming. The servers they provide are brilliant and for so many different games plus you have options to customize what you need then upgrade if needed. They were quick to answer any question you have and reply really quick very friendly and helpful, I would recommend this company to family and friends. Maryland Georgia

Tim Campbell, New York

Great company and very great servers

Great company and very great servers. When I was starting my server up (I'm in the US) I had some issues with my card getting accepted since they are based in the UK. They provided great support to help me through the process quickly and efficiently. We ran into no problems at all the entire time we had the server running. I will continue to use GTXGaming for all my server needs. Tim Campbell, New York.

LackLP, Los Angeles, California

Best Rust Host

This is hands down the best host I have ever worked with. Their customer support is insanely good, with every single ticket response time being under 5 minutes. Most were in less than 2 minutes. They helped me a ton with setting up my server (Rust) and even went through the hassle of moving the server to another computer since it wasn't showing up in the server list. Would highly recommend.  LackLP, Los Angeles, California

Araytha, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

One of the best hosting services out there!

GTX has to have one of the best services out there, they are quick with information and the services are as cheap as you would hope for, The team are amazing and fast at responding to clients, If you're looking to start or switch to a host then you should consider checking out Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Dan Read, Reno, Nevada.

One of the best hosting services out there!

fantastic so so helpful. I have had some minor problem with setting up mods on a exile server as I am bit of a newbie. I ask for help from GTXGaming support team and in no time at all they tell me how to solve the problem, I don't know what I would do without them, some forums are a bit hard to understand. I recommend GTXGaming to anyone thinking about owning a gaming server. 
Dan Read, Reno, Nevada.