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Our Unturned game server hosting is geared towards making it as easy as possible to host your own server. We have 24 hour support so if you ever need any help at all we are here for you.

Unturned is a free to play single/multiplayer apocalypse survival game utilising simple but functional Minecraft-esque artwork and design. As it’s among the top 10 most played games on steam it seems like this is just fine for nearly everyone. It doesn’t just focus on being an MMO it also provides players with some simple to use approaches to survive the forthcoming zombie nightmare along with their close friends. During a ‘normal’, so to speak, adventure teams of friends will employ various tactics including: strengthening positions and areas, seeking supplies, scouring the land for resources and parleying with other individuals. Unturned is updated frequently with constant feedback from the community being taken into consideration by the ever present and vocal developer. There are many things to enjoy whilst playing the game:

Players have the ability to create buildings out of the structural building blocks, or extend smaller properties in the world with barricades. You and your team of friends will be able to create traps and craft complex and intricate electronic security systems. This list is being expanded on all the time by the dev who listens closely to what the community requests. You are able to dwell in the wilderness by harvesting, fishing, farming and hunting all the wild animals. Again this is being expanded by the dev depending on what the community are asking for. There are many community maps available but there are some core maps including Yukon and Prince Edward Island and Washington. You may choose player vs. player in order to steal another player’s loot. Banditry is supported with the availability of plenty of weapons and sneaky spy devices.

Players are able to enter the PVP world servers and join together to easily make clans with their online buddies to explore the world. Maybe stop some pesky bandits. Yay. Unturned’s level editor now offers support and integration for the HTC Vive. You are able to construct the visual parts of your worlds utilising the Vive’s motion controllers with modes that offer the same support and functionality of the desktop editor, along with awesomely awesome abilities like throwing things. Current support for data entry, navigation baking and spawn management as of the time of writing this supportive document still requires the desktop editor app.