Exciting news everyone! We just release a big update on our ARK: Survival Evolved product with a lot of new and unique features, optimized tools, restyled icons, new ARK commands, and a lot more, check out below!  

ARK: Survival Evolved REV4 Changelog

  • Converted ARK Remote to manual start (*)
    • Now ARK Remote only starts when you want by pressing a button on the control panel, this way your server resources get optimized and you don't need to restart server to apply changes
  • Optimized ARK Mod Updater (**)
    • We optimized how ARK Mod Updater works to check up and download faster your mods, also kills any duplicated process running in case of failure
  • Numeric settings converted to numeric fields
    • All settings that have numeric values are now converted to numeric fields, this way you can setup better and correctly the values of your numeric settings without mistakes and easily
  • Combobox settings converted to True and False
    • All optional combobox settings got converted from Enabled and Disabled to True and False to avoid more confusion with certain variables that use "enable" in the variable name
  • Scheduled restart messages, broadcast messages and rcon commands
    • We added one of the most requested features, the restart messages, you can now setup a restart message to warn your players some time before the restart, this restart message will automatically save your world to, also you can schedule broadcast messages to advert your community site for example and rcon commands for anything you may need
  • Reviewed all ARK settings individually
    • We reviewed all ARK settings one by one, we removed some old and outdated ones and we added all new ones till last ARK patch,  if you find any setting missing just tell us
  • Reorganized settings with new descriptions
    • All settings across all settings files got ordered and logically organized so you can easily setup your server, also all settings now have the default and original descriptions given by ARK official wiki, just mouse over them to get more information about each one
  • Reviewed all mods, maps and total conversions in Mod Manager
    • We reviewed all mods, maps and total conversions in mod manager, we removed some old and outdated ones, we added the most popular ones at this moment and we changed a bit the description style to be more clear and informative
  • Dynamic settings and features
    • Start line settings and other features like restore, rollback, wipe server, server details, etc will dynamically change depending if you have cross travel enabled or disabled, if you have it disabled you will see individual server settings and features, if you have it enabled you will see extra features to manage and administrate the cluster server
  • Better Cross Travel support
    • Now you can do a lot more from your cluster server, you can setup some individual settings on your primary or cluster server, easily enable or disable cross travel, backup, restore, rollback or wipe individually your primary or cluster server, directly connect to each server from control panel, check individual server informations, etc
  • Backup and Restore systems restyled
    • We improved our backup, restore, rollback and wipe systems, they are now called "Server" instead of "World", they have new icons, they are optimized for better performance and they now support single server or cross travel servers, if you have cross travel enabled you can now select which server you want to interact, your primary or cluster one
  • Improved Workshop Mod Manager
    • Workshop Mod Manager is now dynamic, both download and upload fields and settings will now show dynamically depending on the task you select, converting this tool a lot more clean and less confusing to operate
  • Custom predefined XP Levels
    • You can now select some predefined XP levels easily in configuration files, although this are really simple XP ramp levels, you can do your own and more complex ones following our step by step custom xp level guide
  • New and renamed icons
    • Some icons got restyled and others renamed to be more user friendly and easy to spot
  • New and restyled help guides
    • A lot of new guides were added and others restyled, you will have new step by step guides to cover new features, and others adapted to support cross travel instructions on existent features
  • A lot lot more features and changes
    • I believe i covered most of the changes we made, but theres always lot of underground changes and optimizations made along the update process that don't go on the changelog but count for the final product
(*) ARK REMOTE CHANGES (READ IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH ARK REMOTE)Since we changed ARK remote to run manually now instead of the old automatic method, you need to follow this steps to convert and make it work with the new manual method to keep using it
  1. Stop server
  2. Go to Mod Manager
  3. Uninstall and then install back ARK Remote from Tools section
  4. Go to Configuration Files
  5. Edit Config.bat with CONFIGURATION EDITOR option and just Save it to apply new values
  6. Start server
(**) ARK MOD UPDATER CHANGES (READ IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH ARK MOD UPDATER)Since we changed how ARK Mod Updater works, you may have troubles and errors downloading / updating your mods using ARK Mod Updater button, you need to follow this steps to convert it to new working method and keep using it
  1. Stop server
  2. Go to Mod Manager
  3. Uninstall and install back ARK Mod Updater from Tools section
  4. Start server
  Check below some screenshots of the new updated control panel  

   If you have any questions regarding this update or anything feel free to submit us a support ticket! Hope you enjoyed this update and new features, have fun with your ARK server! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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