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TCAdmin 2 Advanced WHMCS Module

TCAdmin 2 Advanced WHMCS Module

RCON Discord Bot

RCON Discord Bot - Interact with your game server from Discord.
With this discord bot you will be able to interact with your game servers from your discord server, you can check the player count, list all players, save the world, send a message to all players, kick or ban any player and much more, check a list of the main features below. This discord bot it's also highly customizable, you can set up timed commands, world filters, translate the replies into your own language, add markdown code to customize your discord messages, define commands per roles, in-game commands and a lot of other dozen customizable features to make your bot unique to your community. 
- Cross Chat between servers- Cross Chat between server and discord 
- Run any RCon command- Run any ARK API RCon command- Multiple game servers support- Timed RCON commands with message- Join and leave notifications- Custom bot prefix- Tribe logs- World filter- Translatable to any language- Define commands per role- Create Custom Commands and much more.
Not all features and commands are supported by all games, tested in games like ARK(full support), Conan Exiles, Dark&Light, Rust, Arma3, Atlas, other games may work with basic commands, other games may not work at all, if you want to trial on any game that it's not on the tested games list, please ask us.

  • Main features