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Here we will post news articles that are relevant to GTXGaming. Sometimes it will be about industry news; some will be about games we host and updates we do the GTXGaming service.

7 days to die top 10 mods

7 Days to Die Mods Top 10

The zombie apocalypse is a relentless test of survival, and in 7 Days to Die, the stakes are higher than ever. But why simply survive when you can thrive? With the power of modding and your own dedicated 7 Days to Die server hosting, you’re…

Palworld’s Bright Future: An Inside Look at the Roadmap

Dive into Palworld’s Future: Exciting Adventures and Updates Await! Palworld‘s vibrant landscapes and whimsical creature-collecting mechanics have already captured the hearts of players worldwide. But the developers at Pocketpair haven’t been resting on their laurels. They have a thrilling roadmap packed with new features, improvements,…

Enshrouded Live Updates

Enshrouded Live Updates

Live Updates.. Here, we will list all the developments with the new Enshrouded release. If you want to host your own Enshrouded world, you can order our amazing Enshrouded server hosting. We still have stock for Enshrouded. We have had to increase our prices for…

Person by the campfire

Enshrouded: Loot for Beginners

One of the big fundamentals for Enshrouded is loot, it’s how you get anywhere in your journey. Looting weapons, materials chests and so much more in your Enshrouded server hosting. So with the upcoming game, not much is known outside of trailers and footage from…

Palworld: How to Access the Secret Custom Difficulty Menu

Unleash your inner architect within the wilds of Palworld! Crave a hardcore hunt where predators chomp through steel armor like popcorn? Or yearn for a chill crafting haven where Pixions queue up for your gourmet potato mash? The wait is over! Custom difficulty settings are…

Palworld’s Wooly Secrets: A Guide to Gathering Wool

Ah, wool. The soft, versatile fiber that warms your Palworld explorer and fuels your crafting ambitions. But where do you get this precious resource? Fear not, intrepid adventurer, for this guide unlocks the secrets of wool acquisition! And once you’re mastering wool gathering, why not…

Palworld Mastery: Create Your World, Tame Your Wilds

Forget pre-built worlds, craft your own! Palworld beckons adventurers to sculpt unique paradises, from bustling hubs to solo havens. Secure your ultimate playground with Palworld server hosting – conquer lag, share triumphs, and savor seamless solo adventures. Unleash your vision, craft your legend. Get your…

Palworld Performance Settings Guide: Get More FPS Now

Tired of Palworld chugging like a grumpy Pug? Fear not, brave pal-tamer! This guide is your potion to smooth-as-butter gameplay. We’ll show you how a few simple tweaks can turn your world from stuttery mess to frame rate fiesta. Shadows got you down? We’ll show…

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Palworld: How to Create and Join Guilds

In Palworld, the process of establishing or joining Guilds, which enables you to share your bases with friends, lacks clear explanations. Luckily, setting up and joining Guilds in your Palworld server hosting is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it….

Palworld Banner With all pals

Palworld Official Troubleshooting Guide

This is the Palworld official troubleshooting guide provided by Palworld development team for Palworld server hosting 1. Intro Thank you for purchasing the Early Access version of Palworld. Palworld is currently in development (Early Access), and there are various issues, bugs, and unfinished elements. We… - 15 Years of Hosting Experience

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