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Here we will post news articles that are relevant to GTXGaming. Sometimes it will be about industry news; some will be about games we host and updates we do the GTXGaming service.

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Palworld Difficulty Settings Explained & How to Change

Palworld has made its debut in early access, and one of the initial tasks upon starting is to determine the most suitable difficulty settings for your gameplay. We not only elucidate the various options available but also guide you on how to modify them post-selection….

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How to connect to your Palworld game server

SEARCHING ON THE COMMUNITY SERVER Go to your game panel and stop your Palworld Server hosting Go to Configuration Files, edit Start.bat file, and be sure the Community Server option is enabled Go to Configuration Files, edit the PalWorldSettings.ini file, and define a nice and unique name Start your server and wait a few…

palworld sells 2 million units

Palworld Sells 2 Million Copies In 24 Hours

UPDATE: Palworld has now sold 8 million copies.  Palworld, the latest gaming phenomenon, has achieved an incredible milestone by selling 2 million copies within the first 24 hours of its release. This extraordinary achievement is even more remarkable considering the game had already sold 1…

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Palworld v0.1.2.0 Patch Notes

Palworld’s Latest Patch v0.1.2.0: Key Updates and Improvements Palworld is continuously evolving, and the latest patch v0.1.2.0 brings some significant updates. Here’s a rundown of the key changes implemented in the recent patch, aimed at refining gameplay and addressing critical issues. Non-Buildable Zones Around Alpha…

Palworld Controls: Master the Adventure on Any Platform

Ditch the keyboard fumbles, tame the wilds of Palworld! Whether you’re a controller connoisseur or a keyboard crusader, this guide unlocks your true potential. Master combat combos, easily build empires, and wrangle Pals like a pro-no matter your platform. Get ready to conquer with precision…

Palworld Mastery: How to Assign the Perfect Job to Your Pal

An Introduction to Jobs in Palworld Forget Poké Balls, capture Pals! In Palworld, your quirky companions aren’t just pets, they’re your workforce. But with over 100 unique pals, each a skill-stuffed treasure trove, who gets what job? Fear not, Pal-entrepreneur! This guide unlocks your furry…

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Palworld Farming With Pals: A Beginner’s Guide

Farming in Palworld Pal buddies to the rescue! One of the best parts of Palworld is farming with your Pals. It’s a great way to produce handy items on your Palworld server hosting, like food, crafting materials, and more. First up, you’ll need to find…

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Palworld Weapons 101: Your Go-to Guide for Firepower

An Introduction to Weapons in Palworld Welcome to the wild world of Palworld firearms! This game packs some serious heat, so let’s break down the basics of building your arsenal. As a new player, you’ll start out on your Palworld server hosting with primitive options…

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Palworld Fighting Guide: Get Ready for Fisticuffs!

An Introduction to Fighting in Palworld Get ready to rumble, folks! Fighting is a big part of the Palworld experience, so let’s break down the basics. When you encounter enemies on your Palworld server hosting, you’ll go into third-person combat mode. Move your character with…

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Palworld Fast Travel Guide: Getting Around Quickly

What Is Fast Travel in Palworld? Fast travel allows you to quickly zip around the vast open world of Palworld! Instead of hoofing it on foot everywhere you go, fast travel lets you teleport instantly between unlocked locations within your Palworld server hosting. It’s a… - 15 Years of Hosting Experience

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