Palworld Difficulty Settings Explained & How to Change

Palworld Difficulty Settings Explained & How to Change

Palworld has made its debut in early access, and one of the initial tasks upon starting is to determine the most suitable difficulty settings for your gameplay. We not only elucidate the various options available but also guide you on how to modify them post-selection.

The game revolves around capturing wild creatures known as Pals to assist in your survival journey. Challenges such as harsh environmental conditions, hostile Pals, hunger, and more will test your skills on your Palworld server hosting. However, for those who prefer a less demanding experience, adjusting to an easier difficulty setting is always an option.

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Difficulty settings in Palworld are categorized into three levels, as detailed below:


This setting emphasizes exploration, capturing Pals, and base-building, with a focus on reduced survival challenges. Interestingly, on this difficulty, you retain all your gear even after death - a unique feature.


Striking a balance between difficulty and challenge, this setting requires players to manage various survival aspects. Upon death, you drop your items and must retrieve them upon respawn.


Tailored for hardcore survival enthusiasts, this mode intensifies all challenges. Upon death, you lose both items and Pals, raising the stakes significantly.

Additionally, Palworld offers a Custom option, allowing players to tweak specific game elements, making certain aspects either easier or more challenging. For instance, adjusting the ease of capturing Pals while slowing down their health regeneration.

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How to change difficulty in Palworld

Modifying the difficulty setting within your in-game world is not possible. If you wish to lower the difficulty, you must exit to the main menu and then re-enter your world.

To alter difficulty settings in Palworld, follow these steps:

  1. Before entering the world, navigate to Change World Settings.
  2. Select this option.
  3. Scroll down to Difficulty Options and adjust the slider according to your preference.
  4. If further customization is desired, access Custom Difficulty, located one level below.

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