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    We are extremely experienced in hosting game servers, we have been open for over ten years, you can trust us with your server.


    We have a beautifully designed mobile control panel so you can easily administer your server on the road or from work. Go to our home site on your mobile browser, then under Game Panel at the top select Mobile.


    Our network has been carefully designed and selected for gaming.  Low pings 10GB connections.


    We are always the first to get games running. On day 1 of launch we have our templates ready to make your hosting experience as easy as possible.


    Our support is always open so you will never have to wait to get help.


    We make full backups of your Ark server every day, you will never lose data at GTX.


    We update our hardware every year to keep up with the demands of modern online gaming. 


ark survival evolved

Ark Survival Evolved

The best ark hosting online. Starting from only $16

Pixark Game Server Hosting


The best PixARK servers online. 




Rust hosting from as little as $10

exile mod

Arma 3 Exile Mod

Arma 3 Exile Mod from only $18



Unturned hosting starting from $8


7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die for only $10


Game Servers Deployed


Current Happy Customers


Dedicated Servers Deployed


Data Centers Worldwide

*data correct as of October 2018


We sponsor many projects we believe in and use in our services. This means we donate to them on a regular basis to ensure these amazing projects continue.

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Why Choose

At we pride ourselves on having the most dynamic gaming servers available. We are constantly improving our GUI interface and scripts to give the best hosting functionality to all of our clients. Gaming is our passion and for eight years we have provided the community with up to date game servers and dedicated servers.

Right now we are focusing hard on Ark Survival Evolved Server HostingConan Exiles hosting.



    We have every hour of the day covered. Welcome to the highest rated support. We want you playing your games not waiting to play your games. 


    Our game servers come with game switching, so if you get bored of a particular game you can easily change it with our server game switching tool.


    All of GTXGaming game servers are hosted on SSD hard drives for ultra-fast loading times. SSDs are known to have extremely high I/O.


    We have server locations all over the world, but if you would like a specific location added please contact us.


    We never charge for Debranding on any of our game servers, dedicated servers or Teamspeaks.

i7 Machines

We have now started hosting our game servers exclusivly on i7 4.2Ghz processors. This gives truly unparallelled quality and performance.

Clan Pay

Get your own unique clan pay URL to share with your player-base. They can donate easily, Check out the Screenshot of ClanPay

Full DDOS Protection

Our servers are hosted on 1GB ports in a 10GB fibre network. DDOS protection in all locations. Those locations are London UK, New York USA, Dallas Texas, Paris France, Los Angeles California, Stockholm Sweden, Montreal Canada, Sydney Australia

Test Our Amazing Control Panel

Simply click control panel at the top of this page and login as demo/demo to test our control panel.

Multiple 10GB Fibre

We have two 10GB fibres going into our London and US locations. Giving us unparalleled redundancy.

Redundancy Power

Redundant power, in-case of a power outage, advanced generators which switch on as soon as they detect a power outage. But with a direct connection to the electrical grid, power cuts are almost impossible.

Elegant Web Interface

With GTX you get full control of your game server via our beautiful web interface. 


Drop down menus and elegant sliders make configuring your server a pleasure.


Experts can utilize our text editors and full FTP access to configure their server manually if they choose.


Want a friend to help you manage your game server? No problem, simply create sub-user and give them the permissions you choose.

Join the game hosting revolution.

At GTXGaming we are changing game server hosting for the better with
our easy to use game templates and fast control panel.

We're best known for our awesome ARK Survival Evolved hosting and exclusive Dayz All In One Product,
but we are also known for hosting many more games besides.
From Teamspeak 3 Servers, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domains, SSL certificates
to Slot Bundles, Reseller Game Servers, Reseller Web Hosting. We've always got your hosting needs covered.

All this and more, all with instant setup.

Frequently asked questions


Still have a few things you'd like to clear up? We've put together the following answers to questions frequently but rarely asked.

How does game server hosting work?

We host your server on our dedicated servers in highly specialized data centers around the world 24 hours a day. We have a specifically built control panel for you to make changes and stop and start your server.

I found a cheaper host, why are you not as cheap as them?

In the hosting world, as in any industry, you get what you pay for. We know we are not the cheapest but we are certain we are the best at support and server quality. With us you might pay a little extra and get a much better quality product.

Should i just host my own server from a dedicated server?

When choosing between hosting with a company and hosting on your own or a rented dedi server. The key thing is price. Renting a full dedicated server is around five times as expensive as renting a single game server. But you do get greater control.

What if i don't like my server, will you give me money back?

If for some reason you are not happy we will refund you without a fuss in the first 24 hours. But check out our reviews on trust pilot and you will see that you are in safe hands with us.

How fast do you setup my server after ordering?

Here at GTXGaming we boast true instant setup. After the payment is received from PayPal our automated setup system kicks into action and creates your user followed by your server, in ARK Survival Evolved for instance the complete server files are 4GB so once steam has download a fresh copy it emails you your login details. This all takes a matter of minutes. Please check your spam if you are waiting any longer than that.

Unique partnerships

We have forged unique partnerships with industry leaders. We sponsor PHPMYADMIN and Oxide plugin.

Attending as many events as we can.  We discuss with other game hosting providers the challenges we face in game hosting in 2018 and devise ways we can better ourselves and our interface to empower the customer further.

Safe & secure

GTXGaming makes extensive use of SSL encryption, database password md5 encryption and two-factor authentication across all of its services. Your personal information is 100% safe with us.

Help & Support

Support is open 24 hours a day, we are here for you and we pride ourselves on our high level of support and response time. Speak to us on live chat for a one to one.

Much more

Due to our investment in ownership, rather than renting, we are able to always give more to our customers than the next provider. Low margins and high quality delivered at very competitive prices. We give you extra.