7 Days to Die Server Hosting

7 Days To Die Server hosting. We are constantly and relentlessly updating our 7 Days to Die control panel templates, adding new functionality requested by our users, and keeping up with all the new features the amazing developers at The Fun Pimps. Please take a glance at all the features detailed below.  We also offer a 24-hour refund policy if you are not entirely satisfied so test us out risk-free. We have 7 Days To Die servers available in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia.








7 Days To Die Server Hosting FAQ

7 Days To Die server hosting is a service that allows gamers to host their own dedicated 7 Days To Die server. With a hosted server, players can enjoy a private and persistent world in 7 Days To Die, where they have full control over the game settings, including server rules, map configuration, and player capacity. This allows for a more customized and stable gaming experience, especially for groups of friends or 7 Days To Die communities who want to play together without the interruptions or limitations imposed by public servers.

A key benefit of using a dedicated hosting service like GTXGaming for 7 Days To Die is the enhanced performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our servers are optimized for gaming, ensuring low latency, high uptime, and smooth gameplay. Additionally, we provide tools and support to help you easily manage your server, including mod installations, backups, scheduled tasks like updates and restarts, and provide you with technical assistance.

In summary, 7 Days To Die server hosting with GTX Gaming offers a premium, customizable gaming experience for players who want to create their own world in 7 Days To Die, with the added advantages of high-performance servers and dedicated support.

Simply click the order link above and choose your server options. Here is a brief explanation of each option and what it means:


This is the maximum number of players your 7 Days To Die server can accommodate at once.


This is the physical location of your 7 Days To Die game server. Selecting a location closer to where you or your players are based will result in lower latency. Lower latency, also known as ping, is the reaction time of your game server to your inputs in the game. The lower the game server latency, the better.

Extreme Performance locations:

We provide some extreme locations. This means you get a Ryzen 9 7950x CPU for your 7 Days To Die server, which is currently the best CPU available. If you want the best, select an extreme location. Note that if you choose this option, the CPU Clock Speed addon becomes unnecessary.

Memory Allocation:

7 Days To Die server hosting can consume a significant amount of memory, due to the world's size or poorly optimized mods. Usually, the lowest option we offer is sufficient, but for larger worlds, you might consider upgrading to a higher memory limit. Remember, you can always upgrade your memory allocation, so starting at the lowest is wise if you're unsure.

Disk Space:

You can upgrade your hard disk space if you need more storage. 7 Days To Die game servers use very little disk space, and upgrading is usually not required, but the option is available.

CPU Priority:

For our 7 Days To Die server hosting, we use a shared hosting environment, meaning multiple game servers may run on one machine. The CPU priority gives your server more priority over others on the same machine. This ensures better performance, especially during periods of heavy resource usage.

VIP Ticket Priority Support:

We offer an option for priority support ticket handling. While we strive to answer tickets quickly and have staff available 24 hours, during busy periods or outages, your ticket will be prioritized. This is a luxury addon, and while not necessary due to our fast response times, it's available for those who desire it.

 Our pricing plans for new orders do change based on currency fluctuations. To check the most recent prices for our 7 Days To Die server hosting, simply click the order link above, or click here. Once you order the price stays the same and does not fluctuate. 

At GTXGaming, we are passionate about quality and performance, which is why we use the latest CPUs, DDR5 memory, and motherboards for our 7 Days To Die hosting, ensuring it's the best it can possibly be.

Maintenance: We regularly maintain our servers during non-peak hours, performing Windows updates, security fixes, and upgrades. This is to ensure your 7 Days To Die game server runs at peak performance at all times.

DDoS Protection: We employ the industry's leading DDoS protection measures to safeguard your server against the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Attacks are detected and filtered before reaching your 7 Days To Die server, making DDoS attacks a concern of the past.

Hardware: We take pride in using the latest and most powerful server technology for our 7 Days To Die server hosting. This includes state-of-the-art switches, routers, dedicated servers, CAT8 cables, and edge firewalls. Our custom-designed gaming network ensures unparalleled performance and reliability, offering the best latency possible for our customers.

Software: We utilize the latest generation of Windows Server 2022, to host our 7 Days To Die game servers. Our control panel, with over 100,000 hours of development, makes hosting a 7 Days To Die server straightforward. We also use server monitoring software to ensure all our dedicated servers are running at peak performance, addressing any resource usage issues promptly.

Certainly, you can transfer any 7 Days To Die server world to our service. It doesn't matter if your world is currently hosted locally on your PC or with another provider, the migration process is straightforward. If you find it challenging or are unsure how to proceed, we're here to assist. We can provide guidance or even handle the entire migration process for you.

GTX Gaming offers a comprehensive range of customer support options for 7 Days To Die server issues. Their support system includes:

24/7 Technical Support: Round-the-clock technical support ensures any server issues are promptly addressed, regardless of the time.

Live Chat: Instantly connect with a support representative for quick queries and troubleshooting. This is mainly used for sales questions and simpler issues.

Support Tickets: For more complex issues, you can submit a support ticket. These are addressed by experienced technicians who provide detailed assistance and follow-ups.

Knowledge Base and Help Guides: An extensive collection of self-help resources on their website covers common issues and questions specific to 7 Days To Die.

Discord Community: Join the Discord community to seek advice and solutions from experienced 7 Days To Die users and GTX Gaming community members.

Email Support: Emailing [email protected] automatically creates a support ticket, linked to your client area account if you're registered.

Regular Updates and Maintenance Notifications: Stay informed about scheduled maintenance or updates that might impact server performance.

Each support channel aims to provide a responsive and effective solution to any 7 Days To Die server-related issues, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. For the most accurate and current information about their customer support, it's recommended to check their website or contact them directly.

We offer an excellent backup system for 7 Days To Die servers. Your server will automatically create a daily backup. In addition to this, you have the option to manually create backups and restore them whenever necessary. You can also download these backups to your PC for extra security and peace of mind.

You can cancel your 7 Days To Die game server at any time by visiting the 'My Services' page in the client area. You have the option to cancel the server immediately or schedule the cancellation for the end of your current billing cycle.

7 Days To Die Server Hosting Features

GTXGaming already hosts over 1000+ 7 Days To Die game server.


    All of our data centres have an enterprise-level of DDOS protection to ensure your 7 Days To Die server is always online.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Our support is always open, night or day, on public holidays, weekends, come rain or shine we are here to answer any problems you have with your 7 Days Too Die server.


    We cover the entire globe. Los Angeles, USA, Dallas, USA, New York, USA, Oregon, USA, Charlotte, USA, Miami, Florida, Quebec, Canada, London, England, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Frankfurt, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Stockholm, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Sydney, Australia.


    We make extensive use of the Intel and Ryzen CPU Range. We have implemented models such as the 2288G and 13900K for Intel then Ryzen we range from 5800x all the way up to the 79503DX.


    Your account will be setup instantly, and you will be playing your 7 Days To Die server in seconds. 


    You can bring a 7 Days To Die world from another hosting provider or even from your own PC. Its very easy but we can help you if you get stuck. 


    We have a 7 Days To Die world management system where you can backup and restore your server backups from. you can also download them to your pc if required. You can also schedule a backup task under the scheduled tasks button.


    If for some reason you are unhappy with your 7 Days To Die server, we will simply refund you.  Enjoy your no-risk purchase.


    We support all 7 Days To Die maps, and if a new one is released we add it immediately without anyone have to ask us. 

7 Days To Die Hosting Control Panel Gallery

Our intuitive 7 Days To Die server hosting control panel in this gallery. Developed with extensive input, it provides vital tools for efficient management, suitable for both novice and experienced server hosts. The screenshots showcase its advanced features and streamlined design, highlighting how user-friendly and effective it is for managing your 7 Days To Die server.

Server Locations And Ping Tester

You can check which location is closer to you. Bare in mind that not all of your users will be in the same city, so get them to try our ping tester and pick a location that best suits your members.

World Game Server Location Map

London, England
Paris, France
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
Miami, USA
Chicago, USA
Denver, USA
Charlotte, USA
Dallas, USA
Portland, USA
Quebec, Canada
Singapore, Malaysia
Sydney, Australia
Sau Paulo, Brazil
Bangkok, Thailand

All Locations Layer 4/7
DDoS Protected

London, England

Portland, USA

Paris, France

Frankfurt, Germany

Sydney, Australia

Singapore, Malaysia

New York, USA

Charlotte, USA

Dallas, USA

Quebec, Canada

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Stockholm, Sweden

Miami, USA

Denver, Colorado

Chicago, USA

The ping data has been copied to your clipboard

Ping Tester

copy image
tooltip image
refresh button
London, England ??? ms
Paris, France??? ms
Frankfurt, Germany??? ms
New-york, USA??? ms
Washington, USA??? ms
Quebec, Canada??? ms
Charlotte, USA??? ms
Dallas, USA??? ms
Portland, USA??? ms
Singapore, Malaysia??? ms
Sydney, Australia??? ms

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Last Updated: January 31, 2024