Minecraft features a user-friendly control panel tailored to Minecraft's unique requirements. Our services simplify setting up and expanding Minecraft servers, enhanced with intuitive controls like text editors and sliders, as well as live chat support for assistance.

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Minecraft FAQ

Minecraft server hosting is a specialized service that allows you to host a Minecraft game server on a dedicated external server. This service provides several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance: With powerful servers designed to handle Minecraft’s demands, hosting ensures smoother gameplay and consistent uptime.
  • Worldwide Access: Hosted servers can be accessed globally, allowing players from different locations to connect and play together.
  • Customization Options: You gain extensive control over your server settings, including the ability to add modifications and manage player access.
  • Technical Support: Hosting services typically offer support for setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting, which is invaluable for users regardless of their technical skills.
  • Reduced Personal Hardware Strain: By using external servers, your own computer’s resources are not taxed, ensuring better overall performance.

Minecraft server hosting is ideal for players or communities looking for a private, reliable, and customizable gaming experience.

Absolutely, you can, infact we have 1000's of pre-installed mods ready to install at any time. Check out this youtube video we made to illustrate how many we have.


Simply click the order link above to select your Minecraft server options. Here's a quick guide to each option and what it entails:


We give unlimited slots to all Minecraft servers so you do not get to select the amount of player slots on the order form. 


The physical location of your Minecraft game server is crucial. Choosing a server closer to you or your players can significantly lower latency, which is the response time between your in-game actions and the server's reaction. The lower the latency (or ping), the smoother your gaming experience.

Extreme Performance Locations

Our extreme performance options mean your Minecraft server is powered by a Ryzen 9 7950x CPU, the best available. Choosing an extreme location ensures top-tier performance, making the CPU Clock Speed addon unnecessary.

Memory Allocation

Minecraft servers, especially those with large worlds or numerous mods, can be memory-intensive. While our base memory allocation is usually sufficient, larger servers may need more. Remember, you can upgrade memory allocation anytime, and our control panel allows you to monitor CPU, Memory, and disk usage, even historically over the past 30 days.

CPU Clock Speed

All our standard servers use Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs. With an addon, you can upgrade to an overclocked Ryzen 5950x for enhanced performance. However, for the best experience, we recommend our extreme locations with the Ryzen 9 7950x CPU.

Disk Space

You have the option to increase disk space, though Minecraft servers typically require minimal storage. This upgrade is available upon request from our users.

CPU Priority

In our shared hosting environment, multiple Minecraft servers may operate on a single machine. Opting for CPU Priority ensures your server gets more processing priority, especially during high resource demand periods, enhancing performance.

VIP Ticket Priority Support

This addon prioritizes your support tickets. While we strive for rapid response times (usually 1-15 minutes), this option ensures your queries are addressed first, especially during busy periods or outages. It's a luxury option, given our general speed in responding to support needs.

Our pricing plans for new Minecraft server hosting orders are subject to change due to currency fluctuations. To view the latest prices, simply click the order link provided above, or you can click here for direct access. Rest assured, once you place your order, the price you pay will remain constant and will not be affected by future currency changes.

At GTXGaming, we prioritize quality and performance in our Minecraft server hosting. Our servers are equipped with the latest CPUs, DDR5 memory, and motherboards to ensure the highest level of performance for Minecraft gameplay.


To guarantee that your Minecraft server operates at peak efficiency, we conduct regular maintenance during off-peak hours. This includes updating Windows, applying security patches, and performing hardware upgrades.

DDoS Protection

Our Minecraft servers are protected by leading DDoS protection technologies. We proactively detect and filter out cyber threats, ensuring your Minecraft server remains safe and uninterrupted. With our advanced measures, DDoS attacks are effectively a non-issue.


We take pride in using state-of-the-art technology for Minecraft server hosting. Our setup includes high-end switches, routers, dedicated servers, CAT8 cables, and advanced firewalls. This superior hardware configuration ensures outstanding performance and reliability, offering our customers the best possible gaming latency.


Our Minecraft servers run on the latest Windows Server 2022, ensuring a stable and efficient hosting environment. The control panel, perfected with over 100,000 hours of development, simplifies Minecraft server management. Additionally, our server monitoring software keeps our dedicated servers at their optimum, quickly addressing any resource usage concerns.

Hosting a Minecraft server can either be free or incur costs, depending on the approach you choose:

  1. Self-Hosting (Free): You can set up a Minecraft server on your own computer at no cost. This method involves using your own hardware and internet connection to run the server. While it's free, it has limitations, such as requiring your computer to be on and connected to the internet whenever you want the server to be accessible. Additionally, the server's performance and player capacity may be limited by your computer's capabilities and your internet bandwidth.

  2. Using a Hosting Service (Paid): Companies like GTXGaming offer dedicated Minecraft server hosting for a fee. These services provide servers with better performance, higher uptime, and global accessibility and include additional features like DDoS protection, technical support, and easy mod installation. The cost varies depending on the options you choose such as CPU and memory limits, and additional features you choose.

  3. Minecraft Realms (Subscription-Based): Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, offer a subscription-based service called Minecraft Realms. It's an easy way to host a server directly through the game, but with fewer customization options compared to third-party hosting services. The cost of Realms varies depending on the number of players you want to allow and the subscription duration.

In summary, hosting a Minecraft server can be free if you do it yourself, but for better performance and more features, paid hosting services or Minecraft Realms are available options.

Yes, you can easily migrate your Minecraft server's world to us. Whether your world is currently hosted on your local PC or with another provider, the process of transferring it to our servers is straightforward. If you're concerned about the migration process being complex, don't worry – we're here to assist you or can even handle the entire migration for you.

We've chosen to offer unlimited player slots for our Minecraft hosting services. Since Minecraft hosting is primarily billed based on memory usage, we believe it's better to provide unrestricted access to player slots instead of limiting the size of your player base.

GTXGaming offers a variety of customer support options tailored for Minecraft server issues, including:

24/7 Technical Support: GTX Gaming provides continuous technical support, ensuring timely assistance for any Minecraft server issues, regardless of when they occur.

Live Chat: This feature allows immediate connection with a support representative for quick queries and troubleshooting, often used for sales questions and straightforward issues.

Support Tickets: For complex Minecraft server issues, submitting a support ticket is recommended. These tickets are handled by skilled technicians for in-depth assistance and follow-ups.

Knowledge Base and Help Guides: A comprehensive collection of self-help resources is available on GTX Gaming's website, addressing common Minecraft server issues and questions.

Discord Community: Join the Discord community for advice and solutions from other experienced Minecraft users and GTX Gaming members.

Email Support: Sending an email to [email protected] automatically creates a support ticket linked to your client account, if registered.

Updates and Maintenance Notifications: GTX Gaming keeps customers informed about scheduled maintenance or updates that could impact server performance.

Each support avenue aims to provide prompt and effective solutions for Minecraft server issues, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. For the latest and most detailed information on their customer support, visit GTX Gaming's website or contact them directly.

We have a fantastic backup system for Valheim. Your valheim server will make a daily backup automatically. On top of that, you can make manual backups and restorations whenever you want and even download them to your PC.

You can cancel your Minecraft game server at any time by visiting the My Services page in the client area. You have the option to either cancel the server immediately or schedule the cancellation for the end of the billing cycle.

Our Minecraft Server Hosting offers complete customization. You get full FTP access along with an integrated file manager. This allows you to change the Java version and install any mod or plugin for Minecraft, ensuring our servers meet all your specific needs.

Minecraft Control Panel Gallery

Explore our user-friendly Minecraft server hosting control panel in this gallery. This control panel, extensively developed, provides essential tools for efficient server management, suitable for both novice and experienced server administrators. The screenshots showcase its advanced features and sleek design, tailored for the Minecraft hosting environment.

Server Locations And Ping Tester

You can check which location is closer to you. Bare in mind that not all of your users will be in the same city, so get them to try our ping tester and pick a location that best suits your members.

World Game Server Location Map

London, England
Paris, France
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
Miami, USA
Chicago, USA
Denver, USA
Charlotte, USA
Dallas, USA
Portland, USA
Quebec, Canada
Singapore, Malaysia
Sydney, Australia
Sau Paulo, Brazil
Bangkok, Thailand

All Locations Layer 4/7
DDoS Protected

London, England

Portland, USA

Paris, France

Frankfurt, Germany

Sydney, Australia

Singapore, Malaysia

New York, USA

Charlotte, USA

Dallas, USA

Quebec, Canada

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Stockholm, Sweden

Miami, USA

Denver, Colorado

Chicago, USA

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Ping Tester

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London, England ??? ms
Paris, France??? ms
Frankfurt, Germany??? ms
New-york, USA??? ms
Washington, USA??? ms
Quebec, Canada??? ms
Charlotte, USA??? ms
Dallas, USA??? ms
Portland, USA??? ms
Singapore, Malaysia??? ms
Sydney, Australia??? ms



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