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Matthew Griffin

CEO & Owner Since 2008
Rui GTXGaming Support

Rui Pedro

Head Engineer Since 2015

Robert Crowley

Staff Manager Since 2016
Steven Wood

Steven Wood

Tech Support Manager Since 2014

Matthew Knott

Technical Support Since 2016
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Jon Carnage

Technical Support Since 2018

Jamie Redpath

Technical Support Since 2018
Stevo Web Developer

Steve Laird

Live Chat Support Since 2018
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Technical Support Since 2022
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Lee Benson

Technical Support Since 2022

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GTXGaming History

GTXGaming's journey, initiated in 2008, has its roots in the personal gaming experiences of its founder, Matthew Griffin, dating back to 2002. Engrossed in the world of Counter-Strike 1.5, Griffin's passion for gaming laid the groundwork for what would eventually become GTXGaming. His early days, marked by a simple lifestyle sustained by toast and Pot Noodles, were enriched by the friendships and connections formed within the gaming community, some leading to lifelong bonds and memorable occasions like weddings.

The pivotal moment in this journey was the discovery of game server hosting. Leveraging rented dedicated machines, Griffin experimented with hosting his own Counter-Strike server community, utilizing tools like Sourcemod and Metamod. This experience not only honed his technical skills but also highlighted the potential of server hosting as a viable business model.

Recognizing an opportunity, Griffin expanded his services to acquaintances, helping to offset the costs of his rented machines. This initiative marked the genesis of in 2008. The company's inception was marked by a significant investment in owned dedicated servers, establishing a firm foundation in a dedicated data centre.

Griffin's dedication to creating the best possible gaming hosting platform was evident in his commitment, often working 18-hour days at a time when many tasks required manual intervention due to the limited availability of automation tools. The company's growth trajectory was rapid, consistently selling out its server capacity and necessitating further investment, often financed through loans from family members. This expansion led to GTXGaming managing over 20 dedicated servers, enabling the company to bring on additional staff to manage its burgeoning success.

Over the years, GTXGaming has assembled a team of skilled engineers, technical support staff, stock management, and security specialists, steadily working towards operational perfection. The company's ethos is focused on striving for excellence and being the best in the internet hosting space. This relentless pursuit of perfection is a testament to the team's dedication and commitment to achieving their goals, placing GTXGaming at the forefront of the game hosting industry.

me in 2009
This is me in 2008 shortly after the formation of

At our key objectives are


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Data Centers Worldwide

*data correct as of May 2022

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The simplest and easiest way is to email us at [email protected], which will automatically open a support ticket, which our staff will respond to within minutes. Or is it better to go to our portal and open a support ticket while logged in, as then we have all of your history and services listed.

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