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Palworld Server Hosting

XBOX Server Hosting from 27th June

Palworld server hosting in the Australia. Available exclusively for PC Steam servers. We offer Palworld game servers in Syndey, Australia and more locations around the world.




  • 24/7 SUPPORT




$18.95 AUD /Month
  • 10 Player Slots
  • 10 GB Memory RAM
  • Normal CPU Priority
  • 100GB NVMe Storage


$41.59 AUD /Month
  • 16 Player Slots
  • 12 GB Memory RAM
  • Normal CPU Priority
  • 100GB NVMe Storage


$63.06 AUD /Month
  • 32 Player Slots
  • 16 GB Memory RAM
  • Normal CPU Priority
  • 100GB NVMe Storage


?? /Month
  • Choose Player Slots
  • Choose Memory RAM
  • Choose CPU Priority
  • Choose NVMe Storage

Our control panel has had thousands of hours of coding and development. Whether you are new to game hosting or a veteran our control panel dashboard has the tools and features you need to make your Palworld game server successful.

Palworld Server Hosting FAQ

Here we answer some of the most common questions we get on our Palworld game hosting.

Palworld server hosting offers an exciting opportunity for gamers to create their own exclusive Palworld server. This service allows players to construct a private, consistent Palworld environment, where they have full control over various game aspects such as server rules, map configurations, and player capacity. It's an ideal solution for friends and gaming groups who prefer a customized gaming experience, away from the potential interruptions and limitations of public servers.

Opting for a specialized hosting service like GTXGaming for Palworld servers presents multiple benefits. These include improved performance, dependability, and cost efficiency. Our servers are specifically optimized for gaming, ensuring low latency, consistent uptime, and smooth gameplay experiences. Additionally, we provide a suite of management tools and support designed to make server management effortless. Features include straightforward mod installation, regular data backups, and automated processes like updates and restarts. Our technical support team is also readily available for assistance.

Overall, choosing GTX Gaming for Palworld server hosting is a great decision for players aiming to craft their distinct Palworld experience. They can enjoy the enhanced capabilities of our gaming-optimized servers and the comprehensive support we provide, making their gaming journey in Palworld uniquely satisfying.

  1. Player Capacity:

Defines the maximum number of concurrent players your Palworld server can support.

  1. Server Location:

Select the geographic location of your Palworld server. Choosing a location nearer to you or your player base reduces latency for quicker in-game responses, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  1. High-Performance Locations:

Our premium locations are equipped with the advanced Ryzen 9 7950x CPU, offering top-notch performance for gaming servers. Opting for these locations guarantees superior performance, rendering the CPU Clock Speed enhancement unnecessary.

  1. RAM Allocation:

Depending on the world size or mods, Palworld servers have varying RAM requirements. Our standard option is adequate for most, but larger worlds may require additional RAM. Upgrades are available, and you can track CPU, RAM, and disk usage via our control panel.

  1. CPU Clock Speed Upgrade:

Our base servers are powered by Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs. An upgrade to an overclocked version is available for improved performance. Yet, for optimal gaming, our high-performance locations with Ryzen 9 7950x are recommended.

  1. Storage Options:

You can request additional storage for your Palworld server if necessary. Generally, Palworld servers need minimal storage, but upgrades are available.

  1. CPU Priority:

In our shared server environment, we host multiple Palworld servers on a single machine. The CPU Priority option ensures your server receives higher processing priority, especially useful during periods of high resource demand.

  1. VIP Support Priority:

Choose priority support for faster ticket response times. Our standard response time is quick (1-15 minutes), but this add-on ensures your issues are prioritized during peak times or server outages. It's a luxury service, given our commitment to fast standard support.

These features are designed to offer a tailored and efficient experience in hosting your Palworld server.

Be aware that our pricing for Palworld server hosting may change in response to currency exchange rate fluctuations. To view the most current pricing details, simply click on the order link provided above.

At GTXGaming, our focus is on delivering unmatched quality and performance. Our Palworld hosting servers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the latest CPUs, DDR5 memory, and advanced motherboards, to provide an exceptional Palworld gaming experience.

Maintenance Practices: We conduct routine maintenance activities during off-peak hours. These include updating Windows, applying security patches, and performing hardware upgrades to ensure your Palworld server performs optimally.

DDoS Protection: Our servers are fortified with premier DDoS protection. We proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats, safeguarding your Palworld server from these attacks. Our robust measures effectively neutralize DDoS threats.

High-Quality Hardware: Our dedication to quality is evident in our hardware selection. We use only top-grade switches, routers, dedicated servers, CAT8 cables, and cutting-edge edge firewalls. This superior combination ensures unparalleled performance and reliability in our gaming network, providing our customers with the best latency experience.

Sophisticated Software: GTXGaming's Palworld servers run on the latest Windows Server 2022. Our control panel, perfected with over 100,000 hours of development, offers a streamlined Palworld hosting process. Furthermore, we employ advanced server monitoring tools to maintain peak performance, quickly and efficiently resolving any resource-related issues.

Yes your Palworld server will be on 24 hours a day, even if you turn off your home PC your server continues to run in our datacenter. 


  1. Go to your game panel and stop your Palworld Server hosting
  2. Go to Configuration Files, edit Start.bat file, and be sure the Community Server option is enabled
  3. Go to Configuration Files, edit the PalWorldSettings.ini file, and define a nice and unique name
  4. Start your server and wait a few minutes to go online
  5. Open the Palworld game and go to the Join Multiplayer Game menu
  6. Click on the Community Servers tab and search for your server name on the top search box


  1. Start your server and wait a few minutes to go online
  2. Open the Palworld game and go to the Join Multiplayer Game menu
  3. Type your server Connection Info IP:PORT on box at the bottom and press Connect

Certainly, you can move your Palworld server's world to our service, regardless of its current location, be it on your local PC or with a different hosting provider. The process of transferring your world to our servers is simple and user-friendly. If you encounter any difficulties, our team is ready to offer assistance or even manage the entire migration process for you.

GTX Gaming provides an extensive range of customer support services to assist with server-related issues. Their offerings include:

24/7 Technical Support: Access continuous assistance with their 24/7 technical support, ideal for promptly addressing server issues.

Live Chat Support: Quickly connect with a support representative through live chat for immediate responses to simple queries and basic troubleshooting. This is often used for sales questions and straightforward issues.

Support Ticket System: For more complex challenges, you can submit a support ticket. These tickets are addressed by skilled technicians who offer comprehensive assistance and follow-up.

Knowledge Base and Help Guides: On their website, GTX Gaming features a broad collection of self-help materials, covering frequent issues and questions.

Discord Community Access: Join the GTX Gaming community on Discord to receive advice and find solutions from experienced users.

Email Support: Reach out via [email protected] Emails automatically create a support ticket and link to your client area if you have an account.

Updates and Maintenance Alerts: Keep up-to-date with regular notifications about scheduled maintenance or updates that could affect server performance.

Each of these support channels is tailored to provide quick and effective solutions, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. For the most current and detailed information about their support services, it's best to visit the GTX Gaming website or contact them directly.

Our service includes a superior backup system for Palworld servers. Your server will automatically generate backups daily. Furthermore, you have the option to manually initiate backups and perform restorations whenever necessary. For added security and convenience, these backups can also be downloaded to your personal computer.

You are empowered to cancel your Palworld game server at any point. To do so, just navigate to the "My Services" page within the client area. There, you have the choice to either terminate the server immediately or schedule the cancellation for the end of your ongoing billing cycle.

To setup your own Palworld server hosting using SteamCMD, follow these steps. This guide is tailored for individuals with a foundational understanding of SteamCMD and server management.

palworld dedicated server downloading on SteamCMD

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Install SteamCMD:
    • Download and install SteamCMD if you haven't already.
  2. Run SteamCMD:
    • Launch SteamCMD by double-clicking it. On its first run, it will update.
    • Once updated, log in as "anonymous". Type: login anonymous.
  3. Set the Installation Directory:
    • Use force_install_dir c:Palworld_server to set your preferred directory for Palworld server files.
  4. Download The Palworld Files:
    • Use the app_update command with Palworld's dedicated server Steam appid (1623730).
    • Example: app_update 2394010 validate.
    • This downloads the files to your chosen directory.
  5. Files Downloaded:
    • After downloading, your files should be in the specified directory.
  6. Start The Server To Generate Files:
    • Run palworld_server.exe in your installation path. This creates a new file named PalWorldMainSettings.ini.
  7. Configure Your Palworld Game Server Settings:
    • Open PalWorldMainSettings.ini with a text editor. It includes the settings.
  8. Launching the Server:
    • Start the server with PalServer.exe in your server directory.
    • Consider a batch file or script for easier management.
  9. Firewall and Port Forwarding:
    • Adjust your firewall to allow traffic through the chosen server port.
    • Set up port forwarding for external connections if using a router.
  10. Maintaining and Updating the Server:
    • Regularly check for updates using SteamCMD.
    • Update with app_update 2394010.
  11. Troubleshooting and Support:
    • For issues, consult Palworld support forums and SteamCMD documentation.
  12. Invite Players:
    • Once set up, invite friends or promote your server to the Palworld community.

Recommended Hardware for Hosting a Palworld Server:

  • For a Small Group (4-6 Players):
    • CPU: Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz or similar AMD, 6 Cores (12 Threads).
    • RAM: 16 GB.
    • Storage: SSD with 30 GB free space, plus up to 100 MB per extra world.
    • Internet: 2 Mbit/sec upload per player.
  • For a Full Server (Up to 16 Players):
    • CPU: Stronger CPU like Intel Core i7 3.7 GHz or similar AMD, 8 Cores (16 Threads).
    • RAM: 16 GB.
    • Storage: SSD with 30 GB free space, additional space for worlds.
    • Internet: 2 Mbit/sec upload per player.

Hosting a server requires technical knowledge, especially for troubleshooting. Ensure you are comfortable with these aspects before starting your Palworld adventure!

Our Palworld server hosting includes comprehensive DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) protection to ensure the stability and security of your gaming experience. Here are the key features of our DDoS protection:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Our servers are equipped with real-time monitoring tools that continuously check for suspicious activity and potential DDoS attacks, allowing us to respond swiftly to any threats.

  2. Automated Mitigation: When a DDoS attack is detected, our automated systems immediately activate to mitigate the attack, minimizing any disruption to your server. This includes filtering out malicious traffic while allowing legitimate player connections to continue unhindered.

  3. Scalable Defense: Our DDoS protection infrastructure can handle attacks of varying sizes and complexities. Whether it's a small-scale attempt or a large, sophisticated attack, our systems are designed to adapt and provide robust defense.

  4. Global Protection Network: We utilize a network of data centers around the world to distribute traffic and absorb the impact of DDoS attacks. This global approach not only improves latency for players but also strengthens our ability to defend against distributed attacks.

  5. Regular Security Updates: Our security protocols are continuously updated to stay ahead of new threats. We implement the latest industry best practices and technologies to ensure that our DDoS protection remains effective against evolving attack methods.

By providing these advanced DDoS protection features, we ensure that your Palworld server remains secure and available, allowing you and your players to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.


Palworld server hosting involves is renting a dedicated server to host the multiplayer game Palworld, which allows players to control and manage their own game environment.

This setup is particularly useful for those who want to customize their gameplay experience, manage player interactions, and ensure a stable and lag-free environment for their gaming community. You control the server, your rules, your community, your way.

Palworld Steam Store Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1623730/Palworld/
Palworld Official Website: https://www.pocketpair.jp/palworld

Palworld Server Hosting Features

    Our support team is available 24/7, regardless of public holidays, weekends, or weather conditions, ready to assist with any questions you might have about your Palworld hosting.


    Our Palworld game servers are fortified with a high-grade DDOS protection, ensuring they remain online consistently.


    You can find our Palworld game servers in various global locations including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Miami, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, Sydney, and more.


    On our Palworld game hosting, we utilize a range of Intel and Ryzen CPUs, including Intel models like the 2288G and 13900K, and Ryzen models from 5800x up to 79503DX.


    If you're not satisfied with your Palworld server for any reason, we offer a straightforward refund policy for a risk-free purchase experience.


    We support all Palworld server maps and promptly add new ones as they are released, without any need for requests.


    Our Palworld server hosting includes a world management system, enabling you to backup and restore your server backups, with the option to download them to your PC. You can also set up scheduled backup tasks.


    Get started with our Palworld servers instantly after ordering. You'll be playing in minutes, and our getting started guide will walk you through the login process right after your purchase.

Palworld Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  • Order a Palworld server from GTXGaming.
  • Any slots, billing cycles, and additional options (e.g., CPU, memory) are eligible.
  • Refunded servers will not be entered into the giveaway.
  • Follow the new GTXGaming official Twitter page.
  • $1000 USD or the equivalent local currency sent via Paypal/Bank.
Draw Date:
  • The winner will be randomly selected on August 31, 2024.
Stay Updated:
  • Follow the new Official GTXGaming Twitter page for updates and announcements.

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