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What is a PayPal E-cheque?

A PayPal echeque is all about what you use as a funding source when paying for a service. An echeque uses your actual bank account direct debit you have set up previously with PayPal. 

E-Cheque's take longer than a credit card, debit card or PayPal balance payment which are all instant. This is because the money is direct debited from your personal bank account, it can take from 3-10 days depending on the bank and a lot of users make this mistake when ordering. The service will not be set up until the payment is cleared.

How to avoid making an echeque payment?

When you pay for any item/service online using PayPal, you will get the option to choose the funding source. Always choose either the PayPal balance (if you have money inside PayPal) or choose one of your debit or credit cards. You can also change your default funding source in the PayPal preferences. You can also change the funding source for a subscription, find the subscription in PayPal and choose change funding source for this merchant. 


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