Free Game Server Trial Information and Terms and Conditions.



Free Trial Information and Terms

*Not all game servers have a free trial, if it does not say so on the game page the there is no free trial.

Our game server Free trial system works like this.  Order a server like normal (Please order the slots and package you are willing to pay for, do not order 250 slots just for the sake of it or you will not be able to downgrade), your server will setup automatically when you get to the invoice page, note, you do not need to pay the invoice unless you are 100% sure you will be keeping the server. You have then until 7am GMT/1am EST the next day to pay that invoice, or the server will be suspended. You can still pay the invoice after the suspension and your server will be exactly the same in both files and configuration.  If you do not want to keep your server it will be automatically terminated within 24 hours of the suspension. If you like the server and wish to keep it, you must simply pay the unpaid invoice for that service. The invoices page is here.

In Brief
1. Order A Server.
2. Get to the invoice page to activate the trial and your server will setup.
3. Go back to our client area and 'My Services' to get your username and password to our Control Panel.


* The later you pay the invoice does not affect the due date which will always be the same date you ordered the trial, for instance, if you order the server on the 1st of the month, your due date next month will always be the 1st.

* Please order the slots and package you are willing to pay for, do not order 250 slots just for the sake of it as you will not be able to downgrade until the invoice is paid.

* After the suspension of any service during an unpaid trial period, any files uploaded to your service cannot be requested. To get access back to the server and files you will need to pay the invoice.

* The trial of any service is limited to one per user. If multiple trial orders are processed concurrently or consecutively we reserve the right to cancel the trial with immediate effect. The trial system is there for users to test our service, it is not a means to get a free server for 24 hours and we will be constantly monitoring for abuse of the trial system.