Rent a VPS server in the United States of America and Paris with full root access and a huge choice of operating systems. High end machines deliver cutting edge quality.

(Please note, FiveM will not work with our VPS due to a monopoly situation and banning of IP's)

Solid State Drives

We only use NVME drives for our VPS servers. This means the highest IO rates you can expect from a VPS server. 

Instant Setup

We have instant automated setup. Your VPS will be up within seconds. Your server is waiting for you.

Windows VPS

You get full remote desktop with all of our Windows Server distributions.

Linux VPS

Choose from many builds of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific and Suse.


With our built-in HTML5 KVM, you do not need Java or any downloaded software to connect. Simply click, and it loads into your browser.

Full Control

With our service, you can stop, start, reinstall your VPS. You can change OS, change password all from within our portal.

A VPS Server Built For Gamers

VPS Servers from GTXGaming, we provide you with a specialized VPS (virtual private server) built to handle the needs of game servers. Host your own game servers and upgrade/downgrade as necessary.  Our VPS servers come with Windows or Linux distributions so whether it's web hosting, a development project, a business server or game server hosting machine you need, GTX has got you covered. Our 24-Hour support is more than willing to help you get set up and can provide expert advice. Our VPS are alsoperfect for Cryptocurrency Master Nodes.

vps server

A VPS fit for 2021

Our VPS are built for gaming.

vps server

Fast Transfer Rates

With a 1GB connection,  you will not be short of bandwidth. You can use our boxes to host game servers, a seedbox, web server, Teamspeak3 server, or all the above on the same machine. It's your choice. Contact us for any more information.

No Overselling

Unlike a lot of VPS providers, we do not allow overselling, Every VPS server with GTX gets dedicated cores, memory and HD space.

The Latest Hardware

We use the latest generation of CPU so the VPS runs as smoothly as possible. Memory is DDR4 and SSD's for fast IO.  We are always changing our dedicated server offerings to keep up with the demands of modern gaming, web hosting and application development. 

24 Hour Support

We are always here to support you with whatever you need. You can be sure you will reach your goals with a GTX VPS service.