GTXGaming Terms and conditions

1. Definitions.

GTXGaming ('Us', 'We', GTX, GTXGaming, provide hosting services ('services', 'server', 'game server', 'dedicated server') to the customer ('You', 'Your', 'Customer', 'Client', 'User').

2. Conditions

By purchasing any of GTXGaming's services you agree to the terms and conditions laid out in this document.

3. Services

3.1. The cost of a server subscription is valid through the entire rental of the server, subject to fair consumer price index increases.

3.2. All subscription users have the option to transfer to different products/services.

3.3. Dedicated servers may take up to 24 hours to set up but we hope that typically these should be set up in 12.
3.3.1. Dedicated server co-ownership is not possible. The owner of any dedicated server hosted with GTX will be the last known payer of any invoice older than 7 days, be that by card, paypal, crypto, or any other means. Transfer of ownership will require proof of idenitfication by both parties.

3.4. GTXGaming does not install add-ons for all games but GTXGaming support staff may help under certain circumstances and with certain games. Some help is achieved by support staff, that play the game, offering their own time-saving scripts to others. GTXGaming and staff members take no responsibility for the use of these scripts. Please use it at your own risk.

3.5. Service downgrades are nonrefundable. Downgrades occur the instant you make them.  Making downgrades towards then end of the month would be ideal.

3.6 Domain names held and registered by GTXGaming will be subject to a transfer out admin fee of 100% the cost of a 1-year registration. All domain names are held by GTXGaming on behalf of the client.  If your domain name is not renewed the client will get a 30-day cooling-off period in which to renew after which any party can re-register the domain name.

3.7. Uptime of 99.7% is guaranteed and any network or power outage that exceeds this over the course of 30 days will be redeemable in form of a partial refund.

3.8. We will terminate any service that is 4 days overdue on payment. We do keep backups for all game servers and web hosting, so in most cases your server can still be restored after the 4 days.

4. Payment

4.1. All game server(s)/dedicated server(s) are paid for in advance. Failure to keep up monthly payments on your server can result in suspension and, ultimately, deletion of your game server(s).

4.2. If you decide to cancel a subscription with us, please also remember to cancel your PayPal subscription, which in some cases does not auto-cancel. GTXGaming can refund all overpayments if the subscription cancellation script fails.

4.3. Should you need to raise a PayPal dispute, the suspension of your service may need to be implemented whilst the investigation is progressing.

4.4. GTXGaming retains no personal credit or debit card details.

4.5. A monthly order counts as 30 days, and GTXGaming provides a cooling-off period of 24 hours; if the service is somehow not right for you, we can refund you (excluding dedicated servers which we cannot refund unless there are hardware issues). After the 24 hours cooling-off period, refunds can be denied unless a manager feels a refund is justified. We always try to be fair in refund decisions, so give us as much information as possible.

4.6. Due to price fluctuations caused by currency exchange rate changes, or price increases, or decreases for any reason, upgrades and downgrades are calculated using the latest price listed on our website; upgrades or downgrades done at any time are calculated based on today's prices for any given service.

4.7. Store credit is refundable at GTXGaming's discretion. Donations can only be refunded to the original donator's PayPal account. Credit in your GTXGaming account can not be transferred outside of GTX's platform, and can only be refunded to the original donator PayPal account.

4.8. Cancellations must be made via our portal. Go to My Services, choose the service you wish to cancel, and request a cancellation. Cancellations made after the subscription renewal date cannot be refunded. Please cancel your service in time to avoid an unwanted renewal.

4.9. Early cancellations on quarterly, semi-annually, and annual orders will be subject to a £10 early cancellation fee. This is for the admin required to account for the refund and calculate and process of early cancellation refund.

4.9.1. Credit stored on GTXGaming's billing area will automatically pay invoices that are due on any service that is not cancelled using this procedure

4.9.2. Cancellations before the end of the contract will cause the discount (5% Monthly, 10% Semi-Annually, 15% Annually) to be rescinded and added to the total cost of the server. Domains renewed cannot be refunded as we pay Nominet the instant a domain is renewed.

4.9.3. We refuse to pay out affiliate payments to sites hosting coupon codes. Coupon sites often use out-of-date coupons. Therefore we find they only waste our customers time, and we ask you to refrain from adding us to any coupon or discount sites.

4.9.4. Affiliate payout methods are only as follows. PayPal.

5. Communications

5.1. GTXGaming support staff are here to assist you. They will do their utmost to help within the confines of the support service guidelines (sometimes a little more). Please treat them with respect, it's much harder to fix an issue with overly abusive individuals. Under that kind of pressure, it's hard to help to the best of our ability. In the unlikely event they cannot help you they may be able to point you in the direction of information that you can then research yourself.

5.2. GTXGaming will contact you via your email to inform you of any downtime or maintenance required on your server. Please also note that there are scheduled restarts of our machines once a week although we do perform this at times of least use, normally 6 am, and they will be down only for the time it takes to reboot. Servers will restart automatically.

6. Hardware and backups

6.1. Not all hardware is created equal and there will, inevitably, be some failures. GTXGaming has offsite backup stores and backups are performed at regular intervals. To help protect your files auto backup systems are in place and can be retrieved after a hardware failure.

6.2. There are script functions coded by GTXGaming in your control panel that you can use to manually back up your files or you can store your worlds locally with FTP access. GTXGaming cannot be held responsible for the loss or corruption of your files although GTXGaming will do everything possible to recover data in the unlikely event of a failure. GTXGaming also advises local backups.

7. Advertising

7.1. GTXGaming's de-branding is free and will remain free.

7.2. may occasionally send you relevant promotional material to your email address if you have opted in to marketing emails. You may stop these by replying back with "Unsubscribe" in the subject and main text. If you opt-out of marketing emails, you will not receive competition emails or notifications of new games available.

7.3. Affiliates proving traffic referrals to GTXGaming's website must be providing some form of value to the visitors of their site. For instance, a coupon site with incorrect or out-of-date coupons provides no value and only wastes the time of a user. Similarly, a site that lists us with no particular information of value is also not providing value to a user. Therefore we reserve the right not to pay out these types of affiliate links. If you want to know if your site meets our criteria, please open a support ticket.

8. Teamspeak.

GTXGaming provides Teamspeak servers and is an officially licensed ATHP provider with TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. Teamspeak servers abide by all of the same terms and conditions as regular game servers.

9. Prohibited Use

9.1. Any unlawful activity carried out by you or a third party on your rented dedicated servers or game servers can result in an immediate and non-refundable termination of services and, in extreme cases, legal action.  This includes copyrighted materials, illicit pornography of children under the legal age, and illegal material or data of any kind.

9.2. The Customer must defend and pay any damages, fees, judgments and costs incurred by GTXGaming due to the customer breaching clause 9.

9.3. GTXGaming reserve the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason if we deem it correct to do so. Reasons for this could be abuse, libel, insults, and unreasonable behavior of any kind.

9.4. We do not allow any type of crypto mining or email spam and unsolicited email material on our dedicated servers, VPS or game servers. If this happens your server can be suspended or terminated without notice.

10. Privacy Policy

10.1. When users signup for our service, they must actively opt-in to marketing emails like competition and new game/product emails.

10.2. We only hold your data in our database like name, address, email address, and phone number for our own use and do not share data with any 3rd parties.

10.3. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list you only need to log in to our client area go to your user profile and opt out of these emails.

11. Web Hosting

11.1. Web hosting services provided by must abide by local and international law. Any copyright infringement, illegal materials not only including adult material, copyright infringement tools, DDoS tools and scripts, phishing sites, and data harvesters can be removed without notice, and suspension or termination is highly likely.

11.2. All of our web hosting services, including our unlimited plans, have fair usage policies applied. File servers are not allowed, and using our hosting as storage is also not allowed. The term 'unlimited' refers to critical web hosting files only, not stored files for personal or commercial use.

11.3. If in the unfortunate circumstance that your bill is not paid, we terminate your web hosting within four days, but we keep up to 180 days of daily backups of your site and are able to easily and quickly restore your account.

11.4. We cannot guarantee that our backup system will work if your web hosting account exceeds 30GB of used disk space. Any accounts above 30GB should create regular manual backups and download them. Alternatively, reduce the size of your account.

12. Cookies

11.1. You will be asked upon visiting our website be asked on a banner at the bottom if you accept the use of cookies. We do not make extensive use of cookies on our website, but we use cookies on our client area to remember your login status and in (if you came to us from an affiliate) a tracking id so we can pay out the affiliate that linked you. The affiliate cookie expires after three months.

11.2. We log the IP address of all logins to our client area for the security of your account. If at any such time you wish your data to be deleted, you can request this via our support or by email, we can delete your account along with all emails, personal data, invoice history, log history, and ticket history, all data will be destroyed.