Enshrouded Server Hosting

Enshrouded server hosting.  All orders are going on Ryzen 9 7950x due to the resource demand of Ensrhouded. Do not settle for any other CPU, this game demands performance.







Enshrouded Server Hosting FAQ

Enshrouded server hosting is a service tailored for gamers to establish their own dedicated Enshrouded server. This service enables a private, persistent world in Enshrouded, granting players complete control over game settings such as server rules, map configuration, and player capacity. It's ideal for friends or gaming communities seeking an uninterrupted and more personalized gaming experience, away from the constraints of public servers.

One of the primary advantages of using a dedicated hosting service like GTXGaming for Enshrouded is the superior performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The servers are specially optimized for gaming, ensuring minimal latency, high uptime, and fluid gameplay. In addition, GTXGaming provides comprehensive tools and support to streamline server management. This includes assistance with mod installations, backups, and automating tasks like updates and restarts, along with providing technical support.

In essence, Enshrouded server hosting with GTX Gaming delivers a top-tier, customizable gaming experience, enabling players to craft their unique world in Enshrouded, complemented by the benefits of high-performance servers and specialized support.

Renting an Enshrouded server can be confusing, you can check our guide on buying a server.

Slots: This determines the maximum number of players your Enshrouded server can accommodate simultaneously.

Location: The physical location of your Enshrouded game server is crucial. Choosing a location nearer to you or your players results in lower latency. Lower latency, or ping, is the response time of your game server to in-game inputs. The lower this latency, the better your gaming experience.

Extreme Performance Locations: We offer special extreme performance locations. Choosing this option equips your Enshrouded server with a Ryzen 9 7950x CPU, the top-tier CPU currently available. If you opt for an extreme location, the CPU Clock Speed addon becomes redundant, as you already have the best CPU performance.

Memory Allocation: Enshrouded servers can be memory-intensive, especially with large worlds or unoptimized mods. While our base memory allocation is usually sufficient, you might consider upgrading for larger worlds. It’s possible to upgrade memory allocation at any time, and our control panel lets you monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage, including historical data for the past 30 days.

CPU Clock Speed: Our non-extreme locations utilize Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs. We also offer overclocked 5950x CPUs as an addon for enhanced performance. However, for the best experience, our extreme locations with Ryzen 9 7950x CPUs are recommended.

Disk Space: Enshrouded servers generally require minimal disk space. While it’s unnecessary to upgrade, the option is available upon user request.

CPU Priority: Our Enshrouded server hosting operates in a shared environment, meaning multiple servers may run on a single machine. CPU Priority ensures your server gets more processing time over others on the same machine, particularly beneficial during high resource usage periods.

VIP Ticket Priority Support: This addon places your support tickets at the top of our queue, ensuring faster responses, especially during busy periods or outages. Our standard response time is already quick, typically 1-15 minutes, so this is a luxury addon.

Our pricing plans for new orders of Enshrouded server hosting are subject to change due to currency fluctuations. To view the latest prices, simply click the order link above, or click here. Rest assured, once you place your order, the price is fixed and will not be subject to further fluctuations.

At GTXGaming, our commitment to quality and performance is unwavering, particularly for our Enshrouded server hosting. We use the latest CPUs, DDR5 memory, and motherboards to ensure our hosting services are top-notch.

Maintenance: We conduct regular maintenance during non-peak hours. This includes applying Windows updates, security fixes, and upgrades, guaranteeing that your Enshrouded game server operates at optimal performance consistently.

DDoS Protection: Our servers are equipped with the industry's leading DDoS protection. This advanced security measure ensures that cyber attacks are detected and neutralized before they can even reach your Enshrouded server. We view DDoS attacks as relics of the past, not a concern for our clients.

Hardware: Our pride lies in utilizing cutting-edge server technology. This encompasses superior quality switches, routers, dedicated servers, CAT8 cables, and edge firewalls. Our custom-designed gaming network is built for unmatched performance and reliability, offering our customers the best possible latency.

Software: For hosting Enshrouded game servers, we use the latest generation of Windows Server, 2022. Our control panel, refined with over 100,000 hours of development, simplifies the hosting process, making it incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, we employ server monitoring software to ensure all our dedicated servers are functioning at their best. Any issues regarding resource usage are promptly addressed to maintain peak performance.

There is no confirmed information about the price of Keen Games' upcoming title from the developers themselves. However, there is speculation suggesting that the game might be priced between $20 and $40. Since the game is set to release on Steam Early Access, it is anticipated that the price might be on the lower end of the scale. Despite this, given that 'Enshrouded' is being labeled as a AAA game, a higher price point in the range of $60 to $70 would not be a shock.

Enshrouded will be out on Steam from 24th January 2024. 

Yes, you can seamlessly transfer any Enshrouded server world to our platform. Regardless of whether your world is currently hosted on a local PC or with another provider, the migration process is straightforward and simple. If you anticipate any challenges, we are here to assist you or can even handle the entire migration process on your behalf.

We offer an exceptional backup system for Enshrouded. Your Enshrouded server will automatically create daily backups. Additionally, you have the flexibility to perform manual backups and restorations at your convenience, and you can even download these backups directly to your PC.

You can cancel your 'Enshrouded' game server at any time by navigating to the My Services page in the client area. You have the option to either cancel the server immediately or schedule the cancellation for the end of the current billing cycle.

Yes, Enshrouded does have dedicated servers. The dedicated server Steam app ID is 2278520. This means that anyone can host it, including communities, private individuals, and companies. A dedicated server means that you can use a command line to run the server without launching into the game's GUI. 

Enshrouded Server Hosting Control Panel Gallery

Discover the intuitive control panel of our Enshrouded server hosting in this gallery. Meticulously developed to provide essential tools for seamless management, it's designed to accommodate both novice and seasoned hosts. This collection of screenshots showcases its cutting-edge features and sophisticated design.

Enshrouded Server Hosting Features

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Enshrouded server support is always open, night or day, public holidays, weekends, come rain or shine we are here to answer any queries you may have.


    All of our Enshrouded game servers have enterprise-level DDoS protection. Your Enshrouded server will never get attacked and taken down at GTXGaming. 


    You can order Enshrouded hosting in Los Angeles, USA; Dallas, USA, New York, USA, Oregon USA, Charlotte USA, Miami Florida, Quebec Canada, London, England, Paris France, Madrid Spain, Frankfurt Germany, Moscow Russia, Stockholm Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sydney in Australia.


    If, for some reason, you are unhappy with your Enshrouded game server, we will simply refund you.  Enjoy your no-risk purchase.


    Our Enshrouded game servers are run on Ryzen 9 CPUs, either the default Ryzen 9 5950x or if you choose an extreme location, a 7950x. We are using the most up-to-date hardware to ensure your server performs optimally.


    We have a world management system where you can backup and restore your Enshrouded server. You can also download the Enshrouded server backups to your PC or laptop. You can also schedule a backup task under the scheduled tasks button to do backups when you want and as many as you want.

Enshrouded Server Ping Tester

You have the option to determine which Enshrouded server location is nearest to you. This enables you to select a location that is most convenient for you and your participants.


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Ping Tester

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New-york, USA??? ms
Washington, USA??? ms
Quebec, Canada??? ms
Charlotte, USA??? ms
Dallas, USA??? ms
Portland, USA??? ms
Singapore, Malaysia??? ms
Sydney, Australia??? ms

Last Updated: February 5, 2024