Ark Survival Evolved Engrams: A Detailed Examination of the Engram System

Ark Survival Evolved Engrams: A Detailed Examination of the Engram System

Ark: Survival Evolved is a complex game with a multitude of systems to understand, one of the most crucial being the Engram system. Engrams are essentially the "blueprints" of the game, unlocking the ability to craft a vast array of items, structures, and tools. This article provides an in-depth look at the Engram system, offers tips for prioritizing Engrams, and outlines the most beneficial Engrams for various gameplay styles.

Understanding the Engram System

What are Engrams?

In Ark: Survival Evolved, Engrams represent the knowledge your survivor has acquired to craft certain items or structures. When you level up, you gain Engram Points (EP) that you can spend to learn new Engrams.

How to Unlock Engrams

To unlock an Engram, simply navigate to the Engram page in your survivor's inventory, find the Engram you wish to learn, and click on it. Provided you have enough EP and meet the level requirement, the Engram will be unlocked and available for crafting.

The Tech Tree

The Engram system in Ark follows a tech tree structure. This means that to unlock certain Engrams, you first need to unlock prerequisite Engrams. For example, to unlock the Stone Foundation Engram, you must first learn the Thatch Foundation Engram.

Tips for Prioritizing Engrams

Understand Your Needs

Before spending your hard-earned EP, consider your immediate needs. Are you constantly struggling with hunger? Perhaps learning the campfire and cooking pot Engrams should be a priority. Are predatory dinosaurs giving you trouble? The spear or bow Engrams might be vital for survival.

Save Points for Higher Levels

Some Engrams, especially at higher levels, require a substantial amount of EP. Therefore, it's wise to save your EP for these crucial Engrams, especially if you're playing in a tribe where responsibilities can be shared and not everyone needs to learn every Engram.

Use Blueprints

Blueprints are special items that allow you to craft specific items without learning their corresponding Engrams. Blueprints can be found in supply drops, deep-sea loot crates, and beaver dams. Utilizing blueprints can save you EP for other important Engrams.

Beneficial Engrams for Different Gameplay Styles

PvE (Player vs Environment) Gameplay Style

For a PvE focused player, survivability and sustainability are key. Engrams related to farming, cooking, and base building should be prioritized. Some useful Engrams include the Waterskin, Mortar and Pestle, Narcotic, Large Crop Plot, Stone Structures, and Cooking Pot.

PvP (Player vs Player) Gameplay Style

In a PvP setting, Engrams related to weapons, defenses, and raiding are paramount. Spear, Bow, Stone Structures, Metal Structures, Pike, Longneck Rifle, Flak Armor, and various explosives are valuable Engrams for PvP players.

Explorer Gameplay Style

For players who wish to explore the vast world of Ark, mobility and survival items are crucial. The Parachute, Bola, Grappling Hook, Saddle Engrams, and SCUBA gear can significantly enhance your exploration capabilities.

Taming Gameplay Style

If your primary focus is on taming and breeding dinosaurs, certain Engrams will be extremely beneficial. The Slingshot, Bola, Tranquilizer Arrow, and various Kibble Engrams are crucial for efficient taming.

Understanding the Engram system in Ark: Survival Evolved is crucial to your survival and success. It's important to plan your Engram progression based on your immediate needs, future goals, and gameplay style. Remember, the knowledge you choose to gain can significantly shape your Ark experience. Good luck, survivors!

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