Valheim Ultimate Boss Guide. How To Defeat Them

Valheim Ultimate Boss Guide. How To Defeat Them

Valheim Ultimate Boss Guide

I. Introduction to our Valheim Boss Guide

The Norse-themed survival game, Valheim, offers a compelling blend of exploration, crafting, and combat set within a vast, procedurally-generated realm. Central to the game are epic encounters with mythical creatures known as the forsaken, monumental battles against powerful foes that test players' skills, strategies, and preparation. Each forsaken presents a unique challenge, tied intricately to its respective biome, and every encounter is an opportunity to uncover more of the lore that permeates the world of Valheim.

This article delves into each of these climactic battles, from the storm-charged challenge of Eikthyr, the stag-like first forsaken, to the fiery confrontation with Yagluth, the skeletal final boss. We'll explore their lore, abilities, the strategies for defeating them, and the rewards reaped from their defeat. Strap on your helmets, pick up your weapons, and prepare to embark on an odyssey through the mythical Norse realms of Valheim.

1. Eikthyr: The First Test of Courage

The journey of every Viking warrior in Valheim begins with a primal confrontation against Eikthyr, the first of the forsaken, a formidable deer-like creature with branching antlers that crackle with the fury of a thunderstorm. Defeating Eikthyr serves as a rite of passage, a challenge that initiates you into the mysterious world of Valheim, honing your survival and combat skills, and preparing you for the greater battles that lie ahead.


Lore and Appearance

The name Eikthyrnir, from which Eikthyr is derived, hails from Norse mythology. Eikthyrnir is a stag that stands upon Valhalla, eating the leaves of the world tree, Yggdrasil. From its antlers, rivers flow into the world below, signifying life and fertility. In Valheim, the interpretation of Eikthyr is more ominous. Etched in runestones, the forsaken Eikthyr is depicted with chains around its antlers, signifying a fallen creature now in servitude to Odin.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

Eikthyr utilizes two primary attacks against players: a melee attack and an AoE (Area of Effect) lightning attack. The melee attack sees Eikthyr charging at the player with its antlers, dealing substantial damage. The lightning attack sends out a shockwave of electricity, affecting all players in its radius. Eikthyr will telegraph this AoE attack, giving players a moment to brace or dodge. Understanding these attack patterns is crucial to defeating Eikthyr.

Strategies for Defeat

Before attempting to summon Eikthyr, make sure you are well prepared. Firstly, you must gather deer trophies, acquired from hunting deer around the Meadows biome, to summon Eikthyr at its mysterious altar.

Armor and weapons are crucial. A full set of leather armor can provide some necessary defense against Eikthyr's attacks. For weapons, a bow proves to be very effective. Crafting a crude bow with some wood and leather scraps, along with a plentiful supply of arrows, can help you maintain a safe distance while dealing consistent damage.

The terrain can also be used to your advantage. Using large rocks as natural barriers between you and Eikthyr can protect you from its charges. When Eikthyr starts its AoE attack, distance yourself quickly to avoid damage.

Reward and Power

Defeating Eikthyr rewards players with the Hard Antler, which can be used to craft the Antler Pickaxe, an essential tool for mining ores. You also receive Eikthyr's trophy, which can be hung on the Sacrificial Stones to grant you Eikthyr's forsaken power. This power, when activated, reduces the stamina used when running and jumping, making exploration and escape from danger much easier.

Eikthyr serves as a brilliant introduction to Valheim's boss battles, offering a challenging but fair fight that tests the skills you've learned and gears you up for the trials ahead. As you stand triumphant, gazing upon the fallen Eikthyr, you feel the satisfaction of victory and the thrill of anticipation for the epic battles that await.

2. The Elder: The Ancient Guardian of the Black Forest

As the second boss in the sequence, The Elder represents a significant step up from Eikthyr in terms of both difficulty and mechanics. Residing in the depths of the Black Forest biome, The Elder is an imposing figure standing tall among the ancient trees. Combining elements of treant and ent lore with a touch of Norse mythology, The Elder provides an engaging and epic combat encounter that challenges players' skill and strategic thinking.

the elder

Lore and Appearance

The Elder appears as a colossal creature composed entirely of ancient wood and writhing roots. This design draws on widespread folklore surrounding ents or treants, mythological tree-like beings that act as guardians of the forest. The runestones in Valheim suggest that The Elder is a protector of the forest, with roots digging deep into the earth and branches reaching high into the sky.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

The Elder possesses a distinct set of abilities that differentiate it from Eikthyr, presenting a much greater challenge. These include a melee stomp for close-quarters combat, a ranged root attack, and a summoning ability that brings forth groups of enemies.

The stomp attack is straightforward but potent, dealing high damage to anyone too close to The Elder's feet. The root attack involves The Elder launching a barrage of roots at the player, which can be dodged by keeping mobile.

Perhaps the most challenging ability of The Elder is its summoning ability. The Elder can call forth minions, usually greydwarves, to aid it in battle. This adds another level of complexity to the fight, as players must balance dealing with these additional threats and focusing their attacks on The Elder.

Strategies for Defeat

The Elder can be summoned at a mystical altar in the Black Forest biome, using three ancient seeds. These seeds are typically dropped by brutes and shamans, which inhabit the same biome.

As with Eikthyr, it's essential to come well-prepared. Fire is a key element in this battle, as The Elder, being a creature of wood and root, is vulnerable to fire damage. Fire arrows are highly effective and can be crafted with some wood, feathers, resin, and flint.

Try to maintain your distance from The Elder, as its stomp attack is powerful and can quickly diminish your health. Use the pillars around the summoning area for cover, popping out to launch your fire arrows.

Dealing with The Elder's minions quickly is crucial. They can easily overwhelm you if left unchecked. Having a melee weapon on hand to deal with them swiftly is a good strategy.

Reward and Power

Victory over The Elder yields the key to the Swamp biome – the Swamp Key, which allows you access to Sunken Crypts where valuable resources like iron can be found. You'll also receive The Elder trophy, which when hung on the Sacrificial Stones, grants you The Elder's forsaken power. This power increases your ability to cut down trees, a helpful boon when gathering resources.

The fight against The Elder is an adrenaline-filled battle of flames and roots. Defeating The Elder signifies your mastery over the Black Forest and unlocks the mysteries of the Swamp biome, setting you on your path deeper into the Norse realms of Valheim. The Elder, with its complex mechanics and epic scale, is an engaging and challenging boss fight that leaves players with a sense of accomplishment and awe.

3. Bonemass: The Putrid Horror of the Swamps

After the towering presence of The Elder in the dense Black Forest, you must face Bonemass, the third forsaken lurking within the eerie Swamps of Valheim. A grotesque and abhorrent beast, Bonemass offers one of the most challenging and intricate battles in the game, requiring well-planned strategies and strong nerves.


Lore and Appearance

Bonemass is a giant, glowing blob-like creature, made of rotting remains and exuding a nauseating stench. Its name and appearance could be inspired by "Níðhöggr", a dragon/serpent in Norse mythology that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree, feasting on corpses to sustain itself. This gives Bonemass a fitting home in the swamps, amid draugr and leeches.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

Bonemass presents a multi-faceted combat encounter with an array of dangerous abilities. Its primary attack is a close-range melee swipe with its massive arm. This attack deals substantial damage and can easily take players by surprise due to its deceptively large range.

Bonemass also boasts two unique abilities. One involves spewing a poisonous cloud in an AoE attack, which lingers for a while and can cause significant damage over time. The second involves summoning minions, including blobs and skeletons, to swarm and distract you during the fight.

Strategies for Defeat

You summon Bonemass with ten withered bones at a sacrificial altar deep within the Swamp biome. But before you do that, preparation is key.

Firstly, due to Bonemass' poisonous attacks, having poison resistance is crucial. You can brew poison resistance mead at your fermenter using honey, thistle, neck tail, and coal, which will greatly increase your survivability.

Bonemass is highly resistant to most forms of physical damage, including arrows and slashing weapons. The notable exception to this is blunt damage – weapons like maces and hammers prove to be most effective against Bonemass.

Equally essential is a good shield to block its powerful melee attacks. A banded shield or an iron tower shield can be invaluable during this battle.

When Bonemass summons its minions, use a weapon with sweeping attacks to deal with them quickly. Prioritize blobs as they can poison you.

Reward and Power

Upon defeating Bonemass, you are rewarded with the Wishbone. This unique item allows you to locate hidden objects and treasures underground, such as silver veins or buried treasure. It's essential for progression into the Mountain biome, where silver is a key resource.

In addition, you get the Bonemass trophy, which when offered at the Sacrificial Stones, gives you Bonemass' forsaken power. This power reduces damage taken by a significant amount, making it extremely useful in surviving against the aggressive creatures of Valheim.

The Bonemass battle encapsulates the essence of the Swamps – a grotesque, toxic challenge that requires careful preparation, quick reactions, and strategic thinking. Defeating Bonemass signifies your mastery over the putrid swamps and ushers you into the icy chill of the mountains, one step closer to your ultimate goal as a Viking warrior in Valheim.

4. Moder: The Icy Matriarch of the Mountains

The fourth forsaken you encounter in Valheim is a formidable and majestic beast - Moder, the dragon. Ascending from the toxic swamps to the icy peaks of the Mountain biome, you will face this aerial menace. With her icy breath and commanding presence, Moder presents a unique and thrilling battle, testing your courage, aim, and agility.


Lore and Appearance

Moder, a word meaning "mother" in several Scandinavian languages, is a colossal dragon, both elegant and menacing. Her name and form could be a nod to several different figures from Norse mythology, including Níðhöggr, a dragon that gnaws at the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, or Jormungandr, the massive sea serpent.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

Moder's abilities reflect her nature as a dragon and her icy home. She has a devastating frost breath attack, capable of causing substantial damage in a wide cone in front of her. Moder can also summon a barrage of ice crystals from the sky that explode upon impact, causing area damage. When on the ground, she can lash out with a powerful swipe of her claws or a bite.

Strategies for Defeat

To summon Moder, you need to gather three dragon eggs, which can be found throughout the Mountain biome. Each egg weighs 200 units, so transporting them can be quite a challenge.

Before you summon Moder, make sure you have prepared for the fight. Firstly, the freezing climate of the Mountain biome requires you to have frost resistance. This can be achieved by brewing frost resistance mead, made with honey, thistle, bloodbag, and greydwarf eye.

Moder is a flying enemy, so a good bow and plenty of arrows are critical. Obsidian arrows or needle arrows are recommended due to their high piercing damage.

Moder alternates between flying and ground phases. When she's airborne, focus on evasion and taking potshots when possible. When she lands, this is your opportunity to attack. Unleash as many arrows as you can, but be ready to dodge her close-range attacks.

If you are fighting in a group, having a player with a strong shield to draw Moder's attention can be beneficial, allowing others to attack more freely.

Reward and Power

After a hard-fought battle, defeating Moder brings valuable rewards. She drops dragon tears, a material necessary for crafting the Artisan Table, which is the gateway to creating more advanced technology, like the Spinning Wheel and the Blast Furnace.

Offering Moder's trophy at the Sacrificial Stones will grant you the power of Moder - a significant reduction in stamina usage for running and jumping, incredibly useful for the exploration and combat that lies ahead.

Facing and defeating Moder is a monumental task, a thrilling aerial battle that requires preparation, skill, and bravery. But the reward is a satisfying victory over one of the game's most majestic creatures and access to new technology and tools. As you stand victorious against the backdrop of the icy mountains, you are one step closer to conquering the enigmatic world of Valheim.

5. Yagluth: The Final Forsaken of the Plains

Towering above the golden plains, Yagluth is the fifth and final forsaken you encounter in your journey through Valheim. This skeletal monstrosity offers the ultimate test of your skills and strategies, and defeating Yagluth is a testament to your mastery of the game.


Lore and Appearance

Yagluth is a giant skeletal figure, partially embedded in the earth, only his torso and arms visible above ground. His name could be derived from Yggdrasil, the world tree central to Norse cosmology, and "luth", possibly related to the old Norse word "lúðr", meaning "coffin". This implies Yagluth may represent death or the end of things, fitting for the game's final boss.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

Yagluth is equipped with formidable abilities that make him a terrifying opponent. He has a melee attack where he punches the ground, dealing significant damage to those in close proximity. In addition to this, he can rain down meteors from the sky, causing fiery explosions upon impact. His most dangerous attack, though, is a forward-facing breath attack that causes continuous damage to anyone caught in it.

Strategies for Defeat

Yagluth can be summoned using five Fuling totems, which are found in Fuling villages in the Plains biome. It's advisable to clear the surrounding area of any Fulings before summoning Yagluth to avoid additional threats during the battle.

Before taking on Yagluth, ensure you are wearing the best armor available, ideally padded armor. This will provide the necessary protection from Yagluth's devastating attacks.

Due to Yagluth's fire-based abilities, having fire resistance is crucial. This can be achieved by brewing fire resistance mead, using barley, cloudberries, and a neck tail.

Your choice of weapon is crucial here, and the Blackmetal Atgeir is a good choice for melee attackers due to its high piercing damage and sweeping secondary attack. Alternatively, for ranged attackers, needle arrows or obsidian arrows paired with a fully upgraded Draugr Fang bow is recommended.

During the fight, keep an eye on Yagluth's movements. When he raises his arm, he's about to smash the ground, so you should back away. If he begins to glow, he's preparing his meteor shower, and it's advisable to take cover or keep moving to avoid the blasts. If he kneels and begins inhaling, he's preparing his breath attack, and you should move to his side or behind him to avoid it.

Reward and Power

Defeating Yagluth rewards you with Yagluth's trophy and Yagluth drops. The latter can be used to craft powerful gear, but as of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, their exact use hadn't been implemented in the game.

Offering Yagluth's trophy at the Sacrificial Stones will grant you Yagluth's forsaken power, which reduces incoming elemental damage, providing valuable protection in all your adventures ahead.

Emerging victorious from the battle with Yagluth signifies the culmination of your journey through the mystical lands of Valheim. It's a testament to your perseverance, courage, and skill, as you stand triumphant over the fallen final forsaken, ready for the uncharted realms that await in future updates of Valheim.

6. The Queen

How to Summon and Defeat The Queen in Valheim

The Queen is the sixth and final boss of Valheim, and the ruler of the Seekers that infest the Mistlands. She is a formidable foe that requires a lot of preparation and skill to defeat. This guide will cover her lore and appearance, her abilities and attack patterns, some strategies for defeating her, and the reward and power you get for slaying her.

the queen

Lore and Appearance

The Queen is a monstrous bee-like creature that was born in armor and became the mother of many Seekers. She was once the queen without crown, ruling beneath the Mistlands, until she was imprisoned by the Dvergr in a sealed citadel. She has been waiting for someone to break the seal and challenge her ever since.

The Queen's appearance differs substantially from other Seekers. Her body is larva-like, similar to Seeker Broods, her four "arms" are all located near her head, and she has a distinctive mouth lined with small, sharp teeth. Some features she shares with other Seekers are a set of large mandibles like the Seeker Soldier, antennae like regular Seekers, and thin, wispy hair like both Seeker types.

Abilities and Attack Patterns

The Queen has a huge health bar of around 12,500, and deals very high damage with her physical and poison attacks. She also summons her brood of Seekers to swarm you throughout the fight. Here are some of her abilities and attack patterns:

• Slash - The Queen can slash you with her left or right arms in a 1-3 combo. This attack inflicts significant knockback, even when parried.

• Lunging Bite - The Queen can extend her head forward and bite you, which also inflicts poison damage.

• Ground Stab - The Queen can stab the ground nearby with all four arms, creating a shockwave that damages you if you are close enough.

• Burrow - The Queen can burrow herself into the ground and emerge elsewhere after a short while. She usually does this when she is low on health or when you are too far away from her.

• Spew - The Queen can shoot multiple projectiles that deal physical and poison damage. When these projectiles make contact with you or the terrain, they explode, spawning a Seeker Brood each. This attack will also inflict the Slimed Effect for a short duration, which reduces your movement speed.

• Roar - The Queen can stop and roar, which spawns two Seekers from nearby holes in the walls and pillars. She will always roar before she summons them, so that's your sign to prepare for a wave of Seeker enemies.

• Crawl - The Queen can rush in a straight line, slashing her arms in a wide arc. This attack covers a lot of distance and can be hard to dodge.

Strategies for Defeat

The Queen is not an easy boss to defeat, so you will need to bring your best gear, food, potions, and skills to the fight. Here are some tips and strategies that might help you:

• Before you can fight the Queen, you will need to craft a Sealbreaker from nine Sealbreaker Fragments that are found in Infested Mines in the Mistlands. You will also need to craft a Galdr Table from 20 Yggdrasil Wood , 10 Black Metal , 5 Black Core , and 5 Refined Eitr . You can use the Sealbreaker to open the door to the Infested Citadel where the Queen is located.

• You should equip a Feather Cape before entering the Infested Citadel. The Queen's arena is very vertical with many sets of stairs leading upwards. With a Feather Cape, you can safely jump to the lower floors without taking damage.

• You should bring food that grants Eitr , such as Seeker Aspic , which can be crafted from 2 Honey , 2 Raw Meat , 2 Thistle , and 1 Eitr . Eitr increases your health regeneration by 50% for 10 minutes, which can be very useful in this fight.

• You should also bring potions that boost your resistance to poison , such as Mead base: Poison resistance or Mead base: Medium poison resistance . These potions can reduce or negate the poison damage from the Queen's bite and spew attacks.

• You should use a weapon that deals high Pierce damage, such as the Black Metal Needle or the Black Metal Atgeir . The Queen is resistant to Slash and Blunt damage, but vulnerable to Pierce damage. You can also use a bow, such as the Draugr Fang or the Black Metal Bow , to deal damage from a distance, but be careful of her spew attack.

• You should avoid staying too close to the Queen, as her melee attacks can deal a lot of damage and knockback. You should also avoid staying too far away, as she might burrow and surprise you. Try to keep a moderate distance and dodge or block her attacks when possible.

• You should focus on killing the Seekers that she summons as soon as possible, as they can overwhelm you if you ignore them. You can use an AoE weapon, such as the Black Metal Atgeir or the Black Metal Hammer , to deal with multiple Seekers at once. You can also use a staff, such as the Staff of Fire or the Staff of Frost , to deal elemental damage to them.

• You should use the terrain to your advantage, as there are many pillars and walls that can block the Queen's attacks. You can also use the stairs to gain height and jump over her attacks. However, be careful of the holes in the walls and pillars, as they can spawn Seekers when she roars.

Reward and Power

When you defeat the Queen, you will get 3 Queen Drops and 1 The Queen Trophy . You can use the Queen Drops to craft The Queen's Sting , a powerful staff that shoots homing bees that deal Pierce and Poison damage. You can also use The Queen Trophy to activate The Queen's Power at the Sacrificial Stones . The Queen's Power allows you to fly for 5 minutes, which can be very useful for exploring and building.

You will also unlock new events after defeating the Queen, such as:

• The Swarm - A horde of Seekers will attack your base.

• The Mist - A thick fog will cover your surroundings, making it harder to see and navigate.

• The Hive - A giant hive will spawn in the Mistlands, containing rare resources and enemies.


II. Conclusion

Valheim's forsaken are formidable adversaries, presenting a spectrum of challenges that require players to employ strategic planning, clever combat techniques, and efficient use of resources. From the thunderous charge of Eikthyr to the bone-chilling frost breath of Moder, each forsaken adds a new layer of complexity and adventure to the game.

Now you have an idea on how to defeat the bosses why not read up on Crafting in Valheim: From Basic Tools to Legendary Weapons and Viking Cuisine: Understanding and Mastering Valheim’s Food and Cooking System to build the weapons, food and potions you're going to need.

The triumph over these bosses not only serves as a marker of progression but also awards players with unique powers and valuable resources, facilitating further exploration and survival in the ever-challenging biomes of Valheim.

From the Meadows to the Plains, every fight against a forsaken embodies the thrilling essence of Valheim - a survival game that combines combat, crafting, and exploration in a deeply immersive Norse mythology-inspired setting. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a novice adventurer, there's always a new challenge awaiting in the vast, mystical landscapes of Valheim. As you stand victorious over the fallen forsaken, you're not just surviving; you're truly living the life of a Viking in Valheim.

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