Ark Survival Evolved: Crafting System, Resources, and Efficient Gathering Techniques

Ark Survival Evolved: Crafting System, Resources, and Efficient Gathering Techniques

Crafting is the lifeblood of Ark: Survival Evolved. From the simplest stone pickaxe to the most sophisticated technological contraptions, crafting is an integral part of your survival journey in Ark. This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough of the crafting system, including the resources needed for different items and strategies for efficient resource gathering.

Understanding the Crafting System

Crafting in Ark: Survival Evolved is based on a tier system, and as you level up, you unlock engrams that allow you to craft more advanced items. Here's a basic rundown of the crafting process:

  1. Unlock Engrams: As you gain experience and level up, you earn points that you can use to unlock engrams, which are essentially crafting recipes. The engrams you unlock should align with your survival strategy and your role in your tribe, if applicable.
  2. Gather Resources: All crafting in Ark requires resources. These can range from the basic such as wood, stone, and hide, to more complex ones like metal and obsidian.
  3. Craft the Item: Once you have all the necessary resources and have unlocked the relevant engram, you can create the item. Early game items can be crafted directly from your inventory, while more advanced items require specific crafting stations.

Necessary Resources for Different Items

Resources in Ark are diverse, and different items require different resources. Here are some examples:

  • Tools and Weapons: Basic tools and weapons like a pickaxe or a spear need common resources such as wood, stone, and flint.
  • Clothing and Armor: Items like cloth shirts or hide boots require fiber and hide, gathered from plants and hunted animals, respectively. More advanced armor might need metal or even rare resources like silica pearls.
  • Structures: Building components are typically made from wood, thatch, stone, or metal, depending on the level of the building.
  • Advanced Technology: High-tier items like firearms or electronics require more complex resources, such as metal ingots, polymer, or electronics.

Efficient Resource Gathering

Here are some tips to gather resources efficiently:

  • Use the Right Tool: Different tools yield different resources. For example, using a pickaxe on a tree will yield more thatch, while an axe will yield more wood.
  • Tame Resource Gatherers: Many creatures in Ark can help gather resources more efficiently. A Trike is great for gathering berries, a Doedicurus can gather stone, and an Ankylosaurus is excellent for flint and metal.
  • Craft Resource Carriers: Items like the Wooden Raft or Argentavis can help transport large quantities of resources.
  • Use the Environment: Different areas of the Ark map have different resource concentrations. Learn these locations for efficient resource farming.

Crafting in Ark: Survival Evolved might seem overwhelming due to its complexity and depth, but understanding its mechanics and strategies can make your survival journey significantly easier and more enjoyable. Remember, surviving in Ark is a marathon, not a sprint. So, take your time to understand the crafting system and gather resources efficiently. Happy crafting, survivor!

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