Enshrouded: Gameplay Overview

Enshrouded: Gameplay Overview

The Enshrouded early access has told us a lot about the Enshrouded Gameplay, which masterfully blends exploration, combat, and team play into an immersive environment that consistently captivates its players. Set in a vast world filled with mystery and danger, players are thrust into the remnants of a grand kingdom, where scavenging for resources is key to survival amidst the corrupt mists.

Enshrouded Boss monster swing evaded


The game is renowned for its intense boss fights, challenging players' combat skills and strategic thinking. These battles, especially in cooperative play supporting up to 16 players an an Enshrouded server hosting, strengthen the game's community aspect, fostering teamwork in the face of formidable foes.

Crafting and Survival:

Enshrouded further enriches the survival gameplay with elements of crafting and building. Players craft powerful weapons and construct robust structures, blending creativity and survival skills. These elements are intricately linked to the game's main storyline, adding depth to each crafted item and built structure in the saga of the Flameborn.

nshrouded in Steam Next Fest 4

A Blend of Worlds:

Encapsulating the essence of games like Valheim, meets Minecraft, this game's gameplay experience is offered so that is both challenging and rewarding. Each session is a unique adventure, where players face shadowy terrors and strive to free the kingdom, engaging in a narrative that's as thrilling as it is profound. See also our Article on Building and Terraforming. Additionally, players can enhance their experience with Enshrouded Server Hosting.

Is Enshrouded An MMO?

Yes, Enshrouded can be categorized as an MMO; it combines survival elements with intense online multiplayer action RPG gameplay. Set in Embervale's expansive, block-based world, players explore various landscapes like mountains and deserts, creating their own paths and discovering concealed stories. So it most fits the genre of "Action RPG combat."

Enshrouded is not strictly an MMO; it is best categorized as an Action RPG combat.

Enshrouded can be played with up to 16 players. You can rent a dedicated server, or you can host it on your local PC, but the maximum that can play on any one server is 16. It is possible mods will be released that allow server admins to increase the amount of players, this has been seen with other similar games. 

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