Enshrouded: Weapons, Sharpen your Steel!

Enshrouded: Weapons, Sharpen your Steel!

Weapons in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, various weapons cater to different combat styles, essential for tackling the game's challenges. It's important to understand each weapon type's functionality and suitability for specific situations. Mastery of these weapons, aligning with your combat style, is key to success in the treacherous world of Enshrouded server hosting.

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Enshrouded: Weapons Types


Category Weapon Type Description
Melee Weapons Swords Offer a balance of speed and power, ideal for agile combat.
Axes Provide powerful, though slower, strikes.
Spears Offer extended reach, effective against oncoming foes.
Daggers Enable quick, stealthy attacks for critical damage.
Range Weapons Bows Require patience, allowing stealthy long-range attacks.
Crossbows Offer more power with slower reload times.
Throwing Weapons Enable quick, ranged assaults.
Magic Weapons Staves Ideal for area-of-effect and elemental spells.
Wands Offer rapid, less energy-consuming magical attacks.
Elemental Melee Weapons Combine physical strikes with magical effects.
Defensive Gear Shields Range from light bucklers for agility to heavy shields for maximum protection.
Magical Barriers Provide defense through artefacts and enchanted items.


Melee Weapons: Swords, Axes, Clubs.

Enshrouded features an array of melee weapons for close-quarters combat. Light melee weapons like swords, daggers, and axes allow for quick attacks, while heavy melee options such as warhammers and maces deal greater damage at the cost of speed.

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Swords are dual-edged, blade-based weapons designed specifically for killing humans. The most well-known types are longswords, broadswords, and rapiers. Swords allow for quick attacks and parries but require ample skill to wield effectively.


Axes have a wedge-shaped blade on a handle and were originally tools for chopping wood. In combat, axes can deliver crushing blows and pierce armor. Battle axes have longer handles and blades than woodcutting axes, enabling powerful swings. Poleaxes have even longer handles, allowing attacks from farther away. Axes require significant strength and can be slower than swords.


Enshrouded warrior large hammerClubs are blunt weapons, like maces, war hammers, and flails. They are simple to make and use but can deliver devastating strikes by bashing and smashing opponents. Maces have a metal head with flanges on a stick. War hammers have a blunt hammer head and a spike for piercing armor. Flails have a spiked metal head attached to a handle by a chain, enabling strikes from multiple angles. Clubs do not require as much skill as edged weapons but still need strength and practice to wield efficiently.

In summary, melee weapons in Enshrouded provide a variety of options for close-quarters combat, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and skill requirements. Choose wisely based on your character's abilities and fighting style. With practice, any weapon can be mastered to defeat foes on the battlefield.

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Enshrouded Range Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, and Slings

When engaging enemies from a distance in Enshrouded, you have three primary options for ranged weapons: bows, crossbows, and slings. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages you must consider based on your character build and combat style.


Bows in Enshrouded offer tactical variety with different arrow types for long-range combat. Standard arrows inflict direct damage, while fire, poison, and explosive arrows have unique effects. Mastering a bow allows hitting targets up to 200 meters away, but demands precise aiming. The early demo features an auto-aim mechanic for ease, which will be removed later, making skillful trajectory management essential.

Bows are perfect for stealth attacks, enabling one-hit kills from hidden positions before enemies detect the player. This suits stealth-focused players who seek vantage points for sniping. However, reloading arrows after each shot limits the firing rate.

In summary, bows in Enshrouded demand skill for long-distance accuracy and offer varied arrow types for diverse combat strategies. They blend high damage potential with stealth, providing a customizable archery experience. This overview aims to encapsulate the bow mechanics detailed in the game's transcripts. Feedback for further refinement is welcome.

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Slings provide the fastest, most flexible ranged attacks. You can hurl stones and other projectiles up to 200 meters every few seconds with little effort. Slings do not need to be reloaded and the ammunition is easily found. However, sling projectiles typically cause less damage than arrows or bolts and require a high degree of proficiency to aim accurately. Due to their speed and flexibility, slings work best as a supplemental ranged weapon or when facing large groups of lightly-armored enemies.

Magic Weapons

For players preferring to attack from a distance, Enshrouded offers basic ranged magic weapons such as staves and wands. These weapons channel arcane energies to damage opponents from afar using spells like firebolt, ice spike, and chain lightning. Ranged magic weapons typically have lower damage potential than melee weapons but provide safer engagement options.

Enshrouded Magic Weapons: Staves, Wands, and Spells

As a beginner in Enshrouded, two of the primary types of weapons you will encounter are staves and wands. These magic weapons allow players to cast offensive and defensive spells to defeat enemies or assist allies.

Magic Weapons With Area Damage

In addition to direct damage spells, some of the magic weapons like certain elemental staves allow wielders to unleash blasts affecting multiple enemies at once. For example, a Staff of Storms may summon a lightning storm covering an entire region. This enables mages to tip battles against groups of foes, as the damage from spells like chain lightning, fireburst, and even healing rain impacts allies and enemies in an area simultaneously.


Two-handed weapons that provide bonuses to spell power and mana regeneration. They are better suited for spellcasters that rely on long casting times and area-of-effect spells. Examples of staves include the Staff of Storms, which increases lightning damage, and the Staff of Restoration, which improves healing spells.


One-handed weapons that provide bonuses to critical strike chance and haste. They are ideal for spellcasters that rely on faster casting times and direct damage spells. Some wands you may discover are the Wand of Fireballs, which boosts fire damage, and the Wand of Polymorph, which improves transmutation spells.


Off-hand weapons that provide bonuses to spell power, critical strike chance, and mana regeneration. They are used by spellcasters in conjunction with either a staff or wand to maximize spell effectiveness.

To utilize these magic weapons, you must meet level and proficiency requirements. Staves and wands additionally require charges that are consumed with each use. Charges replenish over time, but weapons with higher rarity and power typically have lower charge regeneration rates.

With the variety of magic weapons in Enshrouded, you can customize your spellcaster to achieve maximum effectiveness for your preferred playstyle. Experiment with different combinations of staves, wands to unleash your full potential as a master of the arcane arts.

Weapon Customization and Crafting:

Enshrouded features an extensive customization system, allowing weapon forging, enchantments for added effects, and upgrades to enhance weapon attributes.

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As you've learned, there are many types of devastating weapons in the world of Enshrouded. From blades to bows to staves, you now have the knowledge to choose a weapon that suits your particular fighting style and skills. Whether you prefer to attack from a distance, up close, or with magic, there is a weapon ready for you to master. Now it is up to you to forge your weapon, hone your technique, and use your newfound skills to defend the realm. The enemies of Enshrouded grow stronger each day, so take up your arms - the kingdom's survival depends on you.

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