How To Play ARK Survival Evolved With Friends

How To Play ARK Survival Evolved With Friends

You’ve just downloaded ARK: Survival Evolved and are ready to dive in, but playing alone on a massive island filled with dinosaurs and other dangers just isn't your idea of fun. The good news is this open-world survival game is built to be enjoyed with friends. Teaming up with other players is the best way to stay alive, build awesome bases, tame ferocious beasts and ultimately dominate your server. This guide will show you how to get started, find your friends, build a tribe and work together to overcome everything the Ark throws at you. Playing with friends is what this game is all about, so grab some buddies, hop on a server and get ready for an adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come. The Ark is harsh, but together you can overcome.

Choosing the Right Server Type to Play ARK With Friends

ARK: Survival Evolved is best experienced with friends, and the game offers several multiplayer options to choose from. The server type you select depends on how you want to play.

Official PVP and PVE Servers

For a standard ARK experience, official PVP (player versus player) and PVE (player versus environment) servers are a great place to start. PVP servers allow raiding and looting other players, while PVE removes player damage and structure destruction. Both server types can hold up to 70 survivors simultaneously.

Unofficial Servers

If you want more control over settings and mods, unofficial servers are the way to go. These include:

  • Dedicated servers: Renting ARK server hosting from a company gives you a game server that can be customized to your specifications. Perfect for a private server with just you and your friends.
  • Non-dedicated servers: Hosted by one of the players on their own device. Free but performance depends on the host’s specs. Only the host needs to be online for others to play.
  • Player-hosted servers: One player hosts the server on their device and also plays on it. Requires a fast, stable internet connection and PC. All players must be online at the same time.

No matter which type you choose, playing ARK with friends is an adventure you’ll never forget. Group up, build a base, tame dinos, and conquer the ARK together! The multiplayer experience enhances the game in so many ways, allowing you to team up to take on challenges too difficult to face alone. What are you waiting for? Grab some buddies, pick a server, and get surviving!

Joining Your Friends in an Existing ARK World

Once you and your friends have ARK: Survival Evolved installed, it’s time to meet up in the game! There are a few ways to join your friends in an existing ARK world:

Join a Server

The easiest way is for you all to join the same public server. Browse the server list to find one that suits your playstyle (PVE, PVP, RP, etc.) and has space for all of your group. Connect to the server and spawn in - then meet up with your friends and get to work building a base, taming dinos and exploring!

Join an Undedicated Session

If one of you has already started a single player world, they can turn that into an “undedicated session” to allow friends to join. In the host menu, select “Host/Local” and then “Start Non-Dedicated Session”. Have your friends search for the session name in the server list and join in. You’ll all share the same world, with a tether distance from the host.

Rent Your Own Server

For the best experience playing with friends, you may want to rent your own private ARK server. That way you can choose your own settings, mods, and not have to worry about other players interfering. Renting a server does cost money, but divides the cost between your whole group. Look for server rental services that specialize in ARK to find the best deals.

Once you’ve all joined the same world, get together, start a tribe, build a base and defend it from predators and enemies. The real fun of ARK is teaming up with your friends to tame dinosaurs, explore caves, defeat bosses and advance through the game together! With the right planning and cooperation, you’ll be thriving on the ARK in no time.

Top Tips for Surviving Together in ARK: Survival Evolved

Playing ARK: Survival Evolved with friends can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Working together, you can achieve feats that would be nearly impossible alone. Here are some top tips for surviving on the island as a tribe:

Divide and conquer

Split up responsibilities within your tribe to maximize productivity. Have some members focus on resource gathering, building, taming creatures, planting crops, or exploring the island. Share maps, notes and discoveries with each other to stay coordinated.

Safety in numbers

There is strength in unity. Travel and explore together, especially in dangerous areas. Watch each other's backs during combat and have tribe members swoop in for backup if needed. Larger tames like Brontos can also help protect tribespeople if ridden or kept on passive.

Share the load

Don't weigh yourself down by carrying more than you need. Share items, resources and storage boxes with your tribe so no one has to carry everything themselves. Unlock weight-reducing engrams as soon as possible.

Build a base

Establish a central shelter where your tribe can meet, sleep, craft items, and store resources. Start with a small wooden shelter, then expand from there as your tribe grows and acquires better building materials and engrams. Include essential facilities like a smithy, mortar and pestle, campfire, beds, storage, and perimeter walls.

Stay in communication

Use voice chat to stay in constant communication with your tribe. Call out for help if attacked, alert others if you spot an aggressive dino, and report any discoveries or events. You can also use messaging tools within the game to leave notes for offline tribe members.

Working together with your tribe in ARK: Survival Evolved can help ensure your dominance and success on the island. Watch each other's backs, share responsibilities, build a communal base, and maintain open communication to overcome any challenge. The strength of the wolf is the pack!


ARK Survival Evolved is all about banding together with friends and fellow survivors to explore a dangerous world. With a few tips on coordination and communication, you and your friends can have an absolute blast in ARK. Get out there, build a base together, tame some dinosaurs, craft gear, and explore the island. The challenges will make the successes even sweeter when you achieve them as a team. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun - that's what playing with friends is all about! With the right mindset, you'll be ruling your own little empire on the ARK in no time. Now get out there and show this prehistoric paradise who's boss!

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