Palworld Farming With Pals: A Beginner’s Guide

Palworld Farming With Pals: A Beginner’s Guide

Farming in Palworld

Pal buddies to the rescue! One of the best parts of Palworld is farming with your Pals. It's a great way to produce handy items on your Palworld server hosting, like food, crafting materials, and more.palworld wheat seeds

  • First up, you'll need to find some seeds or crop starters to get growing. Keep an eye out when exploring - seeds can be found in chests or dropped by enemies. Wheat Seeds are pretty common early on.
  • Next, pick a Pal suited for the job. Pals like Bristla are hard workers when it comes to tilling soil and planting seeds. Others like Dumud excel at watering duty. Mix and match to take advantage of your Pals' strengths!
  • Once your crops are growing, certain Pals can speed things up. And for harvesting, Fenglope's stretchy arms come in, well, handy!

With a little teamwork, you'll have a thriving farm in no time. Just remember to keep your Pals happy and they'll be eager to lend a hand (or paw, or tentacle). Farming with your pals makes producing essentials fun and rewarding.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Farming in Palworld

Farming with Pals in Palworld takes some strategy to maximize your yields. Here are some tips to help your crops and critters thrive:

Work Suitability

palworld woolipopChoose Pals with Work Suitability for Planting, Watering, Farming, and Gathering. They'll level up faster and work more efficiently on your farm. Look for Pals like Woolipop, Melpaca, and Caprity.



Monitor your inventory and keep Health Restoration Items stocked. Berries, fruits, and vegetables restore Pal health over time. Let tired Pals rest while others work.

Enclosurespalworld melpaca

Build enclosures and set Work Zones to delegate tasks. Keep Planting Pals near crops, Watering Pals near fields, and Gatherers collecting items.

Planting and Watering

Plant high value crops like Dragon Fruits, Golden Apples, and Money Trees. The rarer the crop, the more it sells for.

Construct irrigation to automatically water crops. Runs pipes from a lake or river to fields. Set up sprinklers for hands-free watering.


palworld caprity

Learn breeding at the Ranch to produce Woolipop lambs, and Caprity kids. Young animals sell for big profits at the market.

Palworld Farming FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

Check abandoned structures and loot chests in grassy biomes to find wheat seeds, which are needed to build a Wheat Plantation. You can also buy seeds from trading posts.

Pals with Planting, Watering, Farming, and Gathering skills make the best farmers. Recruit and deploy them to automate crop harvesting.

Most crops need to be watered every 1-2 days. Make sure to assign enough Watering Pals to keep up with demand.

Yes! Put up fences to protect your crops from wild creatures that may eat them. Wooden fences or stone walls work well.


Use fertilizer to boost growth. Plant crops in neat rows to maximize space. Stagger planting times so crops are always ready to harvest.

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