Conan Exiles Beginner’s Guide

Conan Exiles Beginner’s Guide

You've just awakened, half-starved and parched, in a harsh desert wasteland. The burning sun beats down on your bare skin as you struggle to comprehend your surroundings. But don't panic - you've just begun your journey in the Exiled Lands, a savage world filled with danger, mystery, and opportunity. With a bit of grit and determination, you'll rally your strength, gather resources, and build a new life in this unforgiving yet rewarding place.

This land may seem bleak at first, but adventure awaits around every sun-bleached rock and scrubby bush. Dare to explore mysterious ruins, encounter exotic beasts, and uncover long-lost secrets as you carve your destiny. While the risks are real, the rewards of survival and conquest in this timeless world are rich indeed. So steel yourself, exile - glory and ruin await! With this guide at your side, you'll endure the trials of the Exiled Lands and build a kingdom to stand the test of time. Survival is just the first step - your grand adventure starts now!

An Introduction to Conan Exiles

Welcome Exile!

You've been thrown into the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian with nothing but the clothes on your back. Fear not! This guide will show you the ropes and have you surviving and thriving in no time.

First, get your bearings. Look for nearby resources like stones, branches and plant fiber to craft basic tools and weapons. Find a source of water, then explore to locate animals, enemies and friendly NPC camps.

(-) Craft essential gear. A stone pick, ax, and skinning knife should be top priorities. Weave plant fiber into clothing and bandages.

(-) Build a basic shelter. Look for natural shelters to start, then create a bedroll, campfire, and eventually a small hut.

(-) Stay fed and hydrated. Hunt animals, fish, and gather plants. Make drying racks to preserve extra meat.

(-) Learn combat. Craft a bow, spear or club and practice on weak enemies. Toughen up - you’ll need fighting skills!

There’s so much to discover in this unforgiving yet exciting world. Form alliances, dominate enemies, build epic fortresses and conquer dungeons! But first, focus on surviving. Stay alert, move cautiously, and always be ready to defend yourself. Most importantly, don’t lose hope - you’ve got this, exile! The open world of Conan Exiles awaits. Now go forth and prosper!

Choosing the Best Starting Location in Conan Exiles

If you're just starting your adventure in the Exiled Lands, choosing where to begin building your empire is one of the most important decisions you'll make! Some locations are safer, while others offer more resources to get you started. Here are a few of the best starting locations in Conan Exiles:

The river valley in the center of the map is ideal for new exiles. It's lush, green, and full of basic resources like stone, wood, and plant fiber to craft your first weapons and shelter. The wildlife is less dangerous here too, so you can hunt, explore, and level up at your own pace without fear of demonic crocodiles or sabertooth tigers shredding you to bits!

Want to dive right into the action? Head to Sepermeru, the City of the Relic Hunters. This busy trading outpost in the east has vendors that sell iron tools, weapons, and building materials to accelerate your progress. You'll need to watch out for the Relic Hunter patrols, but the rewards are well worth the risk for fierce exiles seeking glory and battle.

Prefer a more private paradise? Sail south to the jungle biome. Exotic birds, colorful flowers, and sprawling ancient ruins dot the landscape. Striped tigers and gorillas pose some threat, but you'll have an easier time avoiding them in the dense forest. Build your base high in the trees or among the ruins for safety and solitude. This verdant tropical zone has everything a budding exile needs to thrive in beauty and seclusion.

The options for starting your journey in the Exiled Lands are as varied as the landscape itself. Whether you seek adventure, resources, or refuge, there's a perfect place for you to plant your flag and start building your legacy! Now get out there, exiles - your destiny awaits!

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

Gathering Resources and Crafting Tools in the Exiled Lands

Welcome to the Exiled Lands, exile! To survive in this harsh world, you’ll need to gather resources and craft tools. Let’s get started!

Gathering Resources

There are tons of resources scattered throughout the Exiled Lands. Keep an eye out for:

  • Fiber - Harvest bushes for plant fiber to make basic tools and clothing.
  • Stone - Mine rock formations for stone to craft weapons, building pieces, and campfires.
  • Wood - Chop down trees for wood which is essential for crafting, building, and fueling fires.
  • Food - Hunt animals, fish, or harvest plants like insects, berries, and mushrooms to stay fed.
  • Water - Find refreshing springs, lakes or rivers to quench your thirst. Boil the water first to purify it.

Explore the lush forests, sweeping deserts and fertile grasslands to discover all the Exiled Lands have to offer. The more you gather, the more you can craft to aid in your survival!

Crafting Tools

Once you’ve gathered resources, you can craft tools at your campfire or at certain crafting stations in settlements. Some must-have tools include:

  • Pickaxe - Mine stone and metal ores. Craft with wood and stone.
  • Hatchet - Chop down trees for wood. Craft with wood and stone.
  • Skinning Knife - Skin animals for hides, meat and other resources. Craft with stone and wood.
  • Campfire - Cook food and boil water. Craft with wood and plant fiber.
  • Bedroll - Provides shelter so you can rest. Craft with plant fiber and leather.

Keep crafting tools, weapons and building pieces to establish a base, defend yourself, and thrive in this unforgiving land of exiles. May your explorations lead to prosperity! The Exiled Lands await, so get out there and craft your destiny!

Building Your First Base Camp

Building your first base in Conan Exiles is an exciting milestone! Now that you’ve got the hang of surviving in the Exiled Lands, it’s time to establish a place to call home.

Pick a picturesque location

Choose a spot with resources like stone, wood, and plant fiber nearby so you can easily build and upgrade your base. Find a source of fresh water like a river or lake—your character will thank you for it! Select a location with natural defenses, such as cliffs, rocks or a canyon. This will make your base easier to protect from invaders.

Start small then expand

Don’t aim to build a massive city right away. Begin with a simple shack or hut to provide shelter. You can then gradually improve it by building new rooms and upgrading the materials from twigs and thatch to stone and wood. Focus on crafting essential gear like a campfire, bedroll, and storage chests.

Build a perimeter wall

Once you have the basics set up, construct a wall around your base to keep out enemies and wild animals. Use foundations to outline the wall, then fill in the gaps with walls, doors, and gateways. Position archer thralls on the wall to defend your base from a distance.

Craft stations and defenses

As your base grows, you’ll want crafting stations like a blacksmith bench, tannery, and apothecary table. Set up defenses like traps, fencing, and guard towers with more archer thralls. Build a stable, animal pen, and planters so you can raise your own livestock and grow crops.

Establishing your first base in Conan Exiles is challenging but rewarding. Take your time exploring locations, gathering resources, and gradually expanding your base. Before you know it, you’ll have a thriving outpost in the Exiled Lands to call home! Keep at it, exile, and good luck building your base camp.

Top 5 Tips for Surviving Your First Few Nights

Surviving your first few nights in the Exiled Lands is no easy feat, but follow these top tips and you'll be well on your way to becoming a hardened survivor.

1. Stay on the move.

Don't settle in one spot right away. Keep exploring the area around you to gain valuable knowledge about the location of resources and potential threats. Set up a temporary shelter each night as you move around the map. Stock up on plant fiber, wood, and stone as you go to craft essential gear and weapons.

2. Find a source of food and water.

Your hunger and thirst bars will start dropping fast, so locate a source of sustenance immediately. Look for bushes with edible berries, patches of fiber plants, or streams to fill your waterskin. Kill some wildlife like rabbits or deer for meat and hides. A full belly and hydrated body will give you the energy to build up your strength.

3. Gear up for defense and offense.

Craft a stone sword, ax, and bow as soon as you are able. You'll need them to hunt for food and fend off dangerous enemies. Make heavy armor from leather or steel to protect yourself from attacks. Stock up on arrows for your bow, and keep your weapons repaired and ready for combat.

4. Build a sturdy shelter.

Once you've explored the area and have resources stockpiled, find a defensible location to construct a sturdy shelter. A large shack with multiple rooms, a fence, and a gate will serve as a good first base. Fill it with comforts like bedrolls, campfires, and storage chests. Your shelter will keep you protected from harsh weather and allow you to rest comfortably at night.

5. Prepare for purges.

Every 7 days, your server will experience a purge where waves of difficult enemies will attack anything in sight. Build defenses like palisades, archer towers, and traps around your shelter to help defeat the invading hordes. Stock up on healing potions and repair kits in case your gear takes damage. Surviving the purge will earn you great rewards!

Following these tips will turn you into a master survivalist in no time. Stay vigilant, expand your territory, and conquer the Exiled Lands! Good luck!


You've learned the basics to get started as an exile in the brutal lands of Conan Exiles. Now it's time to forge your own destiny! Go forth, explore the mysterious ruins and dungeons, slay vicious beasts and savage human enemies. Build a home that stands the test of time and the harsh elements. Dominate your server and rule over your enemies with an iron fist from your mighty fortress. The opportunities for adventure, glory and infamy are endless. What legends will you create? What monuments will you erect? How will you shape this unforgiving yet rewarding world? The future is yours to seize, exile. May your exploits become the stuff of legend! Now go - adventure awaits! You can also get Conan Exiles server hosting to make playing Conan Exiles even more awesome.

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