Enshrouded Release Date

Enshrouded Release Date

Mark Your Calendars 'Enshrouded' Announces Release Date

Gear up, gamers! 'Enshrouded' is almost here, set to launch on 24th January 2024. This game promises a mix of action, compelling storytelling, and an immersive world, sparking excitement in the gaming community. Created by Keen Games, it blends fantasy, mystery, and action. Showcased at Steam Next Fest, 'Enshrouded' offered a trial version, allowing players to contribute feedback for final enhancements.

What to expect in the game

Innovative features include a refined voxel-based building system, allowing detailed environment customization. The game also offers a rich, choice-driven narrative, diverse gameplay mechanics like exploration, puzzles, and combat. There's high anticipation for how 'Enshrouded' will integrate its building system and narrative, potentially setting new standards in interactive storytelling and world creation. GTX will be hosting Enshrouded on day one of the release.

Will Enshrouded Be Released On PS5 and Xbox?

Keen Games will release Enshrouded on PS5 and Xbox S|X, but it won't be on January 24th. They plan to release it much later. We estimate this would be around September 2024. The workload on the development team could be substantial as Enshrodued is expected to be very popular on PC/Steam, and the workload could cause significant delays in the port over to PS5 and Xbox. We will update when we know any more.

Enshrouded will be released on January 24th 2024.

Enshroudeds release date is 24th January 2024.

You can play Enshrouded on its release date of 24th January 2024. You can buy it on Steam

Yes, Enshrdoued will be released on PS5 but later in the year than the PC/Steam version. 

Yes, Enshrdoued will be released on Xbox S|X but later in the year than the PC/Steam version. 

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