Palworld: Mounts – Glide, Fly, Ride

Palworld: Mounts – Glide, Fly, Ride

Palworlds: An Introduction to Mounts

Palworld Mounts, players on their Palworld game servers can utilize their collected Pals as "mounts" to aid exploration and transportation. Each Pal acts as a different mount, allowing you to ride, swim, fly, glide thought the world quickly, giving you both speed and safety. The following article covers the types of mounts for each Pal, along with some examples of the crafting items needed to mount.

Note:  I will use Pals with mounts / the term Mounts as a Pal with a mount, interchangeably in this article.

Types of Mounts

There are several categories of mounts that players can acquire in Palworld:

Terrestrial Mounts: These include creatures are the land based Pals. Allow you to build a saddle / harness mount for the Pals, that enable faster overland movement. Players have to craft and equip them with saddles / reigns / harnesses to be able to ride.

Melpaca Saddle:

The Melpaca is a valuable early game Pal to saddle up. Its saddle is easy to make. Its quick and easy to catch.

Crafting Materials:

Leather x3
Wool x5
Paldium Fragment x5

palworld melpaca riding saddle


Flying Mounts:

All flying Pals, with winges can be used to either fly or glide across the world, Some gliding mounts require gloves to be crafted, but again mostly saddles, harnesses and reigns. Flying will allow you to scouts to survey the landscape from the skies! Along with attacking and spotting and reaching places of interest.

Flying Controls:

Default controls for the PC;

Rise:                          Space
Descend:                   Ctrl
Mount/Dismount:     F

palworld flying controls

Aquatic Mounts:

For traversing rivers and oceans, most water pals will allow your to ride and swim with them. They allow accessing hard to reach underwater areas.

palworld surfent riding saddle

Rare Mounts:

Rare fantasy creatures can also be found and tamed. These include dragons capable of long-distance flight and fire breathing, as well as giant tortoises that can bear heavy loads.

palworld jet dragon

Acquiring and Caring for Pals as Mounts

Pals can be found wandering the environments of Palworld and approached peacefully. Players need to capture then level up their mount's including feeding and caring. Building a bond and showing respect to these creatures, and once the individual mount is crafted for theor Pals, lead to riding and utilizing their abilities.

It's important to continue caring for bonded mounts by grooming, feeding, housing and healing them when needed. Treating mounts ethically improves performance and unlocks unique traits through progression. If neglected, they may rebel against players. Overall, building positive relationships with mounts is deeply interwoven with the gameplay of Palworld. Neglect them and they will revolt and or just end up sleeping all day, or worse die!


Uses For Mounts

Mounts confer major mobility advantages for traversing Palworld's diverse biomes like dense forests, tall mountains and vast deserts. They aid immensely in foraging expeditions to collect crucial resources. Mounts can also directly participate in combat and defense of player bases with the right training. Furthermore, raising mounts from infancy and observing them mature can be a fulfilling meta-game in itself for those inclined.

palworld cat spa

As highlighted, mounts promise to provide a fun and rewarding supplementary gameplay system in Palworld. From the thrill of flying over landscapes on a giant eagle to forming bonds with fantasy creatures, mounts help realize Palworld's ambitious visions. Their addition brings more depth and scope for emergent moments driven by AI behaviors. One can expect rich, unscripted experiences from scouting the world alongside these quirky animal partners.

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